Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You to Everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone who's stuck out the journey with Jon and Trish-it's been a long haul, but hopefully a good one! I've enjoyed writing the story, but the comments have been such a welcome reward! There were many times I might have quit writing if not for your encouragement and support. This story would not have been possible without that as well as the contributions so many have made along the way. I want to thank all the folks who've assisted with detailed information on places and names in countries I've never visited (the Aussies and Kiwis) and the German folks who rekindled my memories of their beautiful country. I'm also grateful for the support and advice on those chapters that dealt with the time changes and I'll be forever in debt to Heike for the wiener schnitzel recipe! (I make it often) I'm especially grateful to those folks who shared their interest in Wicca with me and I learned early on that it wasn't appealing to a number of folks. I miss my friend, Sunstreaked, and her witty and valuable comments along the way and I hope she'll be back online with us soon. I'm grateful to Alice for agreeing to be my model for the catsitter character despite her allergies to the little beasts! And Bayaderra, for enlightening me to David's charms as well as those of Jon and Richie! I'm of course grateful to Jon and the Jovi boys for providing the initial motivation to start writing and I marvel at the tremendous talent they share with us still. I also want to thank my friends and my boyfriend who have served as sounding boards and technical advisors for various pieces in the story and especially those, including my cats, who have inspired parts of some of the characters. But most of all, I want to thank my tireless and dedicated editor, Carla, who has been there for most of the journey (from the day that we met) and has selflessly combed every chapter for any grammatical error or typo-you'll notice the grammar and spelling improved quite a bit in the later 2/3 of this story. Carla, thank you so much for being both editor and advisor and for telling me when I wasn't making any sense, LOL! Thanks to you, I can rest assured that the points I wanted to make actually came through in the story, but mostly thank you for being my friend. Your loyalty and encouragement has meant more than you know! And if there are any typos in this last post, don't blame Carla-she didn't get to see this part yet! Lastly, I wanted to acknowledge the host of other talented Fan Fic writers who inspire us with their tales-there are so many, but I especially wanted to mention Jilliane K who wrote what I still consider to be the cadillac of Fan Fic-The Layover. I credit her with my introduction to the genre and for a model of quality I will always envy. For anyone thinking of writing their own Fan Fic, I strongly encourage you to give it a go and follow your muse which we all have. I've learned a lot and grown in many ways thanks to trusting the inner wisdom that comes from following, rather than leading, my muse!
Blessed Be,

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Anonymous said...

And I would like to personally thank you, Opester, for taking me along on this incredible journey.
I happened to find you through Topix. You had posted an invitation (sometime in February 2008) to read your story; you had me intrigued and once I started reading it, you had me hooked. The detail, I just love the detail. I always felt like I was right there!
Along the way, I have made a friend, someone I can talk to about anything and everything and for that I cannot thank you enough; you've always been there. And, you've introduced me to Wicca (have always wondered about it but had no one to ask).
You've allowed me to be a part of this most AMAZING story.
Thank you.