Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sauna Part 293

I woke to the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee and a bed covered with warm, purring cats who were lazily sprawled alongside me in their usual spots. All appeared normal now. Last night’s homecoming had been quite a reunion and after a brief show of apathy and indifference, the spoiled little brats had relented and began to beg for attention. I’d held each one in turn, snuggling my face against their soft, fuzzy bodies before we engaged in a rousing session of “fetch” with their new toys. Needless to say, we were all quite exhausted, and after a brief phone call to Jon to tell him we’d both arrived safely, I fell into bed with a sigh. I was asleep within minutes, Eddie curled up against me, snugly content and buried under the covers.

Eva was still fast asleep as I made my way down to the kitchen where Alice was reading the paper and sipping her first cup of coffee. She grinned and made ready to get up, but I waived her to sit back down as I poured myself a cup of the heavenly brew. I certainly didn’t expect her to wait on me in my own house.

“Mmmnnn, Goddess that’s good” I purred, taking a sip. “I missed my Timmy’s” I smiled.

“Would you like some breakfast? I’ve got eggs and bacon and I just bought fresh bagels at the market yesterday” she offered enthusiastically.

“Alice, relax-it’s been ages since I’ve even cooked. How about if I make you some breakfast?” I suggested.

“Are you sure? It’s your first day home and I don’t mind cooking” she replied.

“No, really, let me make you some bacon and eggs. It’ll be good to get into a routine again” I replied as I opened the door of the frig and pulled out supplies. “Omelettes?”

“Sure, sounds good. There’s shredded cheese and I’ll chop the onions” she agreed and I nodded.

We chatted amiably as we worked together, preparing the food, and I made a bit extra in case Eva decided to join us. The kitchen was soon full of the aromas of breakfast and I felt a cold nose nudge my leg as Eddie mewed for his breakfast. Alice was on it and I smiled affectionately as I watched my boys chowing down, each taking turns as they surrounded the food bowls.

I heard footsteps accompanied by something unintelligible and I turned around to see Eva shuffling into the kitchen. I waived a chipper good morning and she glowered at me from beneath her long lashes and grunted.

“Morning” Eva muttered, moving in a zombie-like fashion towards the mug near the coffee.

“Breakfast?” I asked.

“After coffee. Otherwise I run the risk of stabbing myself with the fork” she growled.

“I know what you mean. This time change is rough-it’s the middle of the night still in New Zealand” I acknowledged.

“Where are the guys now? Are they in Japan yet?” Alice asked and I nodded.

“They flew out after we did, but Jon was there when I talked to him late last night. There’s a sixteen hour time difference, so it’s already tomorrow where they are” I explained.

“I could never get used to this shit. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. That’s why I don’t usually go on the tours” Eva grumbled.

I slipped a few pieces of bacon to the cats and they eagerly snarfed it up as Alice shook her head.

“Momma’s home” she giggled.

“I’m still trying to win them back over” I winked.

Alice began brewing the second pot of coffee and Eva’s appetite had finally awakened as she nibbled on a piece of crisp bacon. I added the eggs to the pan and turned down the heat and sprinkled cheese, sauteed onions and sour cream over the top. Eva refilled our mugs and sat down to wait while the omelettes finished cooking.

“Trish, now that you’re home, I was planning to fly out later this afternoon. There’s a flight into NYC later today unless you need me to stay?” Alice asked anxiously.

“Alice, you’re certainly welcome to stay, but I know it’s hard being away for so long. I just want to thank you for taking such wonderful care of my boys-they couldn’t possibly have had a better nanny than you!” I beamed as I dished up the eggs.

“I didn’t mind at all, really! It was kind of like a vacation to tell you the truth, but I would like to get home if you don’t mind” she replied.

“Of course not! We’ll drive you to the airport this afternoon” I assured her.

“No, no-no need for that. I’ve already got a car arranged. You just stay here and relax and pamper the kids” she smiled, raising a forkful of eggs to her mouth. “Dayum! These are good” she grinned, ending the debate.

After breakfast Alice set about packing while Eva and I did the opposite. I was beginning to feel settled in a bit more when the car arrived to take Alice back home and I hugged her goodbye and stuffed a check in her pocket.

“What’s this?” she asked, retrieving the crumpled paper and unfolding it.

“It’s a ‘thank you’ for all that you’ve done, silly! And don’t say a word-I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer” I countered as she started to object.

“Really, Trish, it’s not necessary. I had a grand time and I’m happy to babysit whenever you need me” she argued, trying to hand me the check.

“No ma’am, you take it and treat yourself well. Resistance is futile” I grinned in my best imitation of a Borg and she shook her head.

“Thank you, my dear. Seriously, anytime you need me, okay?” she relented.

“Consider yourself on retainer” I laughed.

The limo beeped the horn yet again and I opened the door and waived to the driver. Joe, the same driver who’d picked up Eva and me late last night, waived back and hurried up the steps to take Alice’s bags. I hugged her again and thanked her for making it possible for me to join Jon on the tour.

“Thank you for watching out for Uncle Hughey. I’m glad you were there and I’m sure he was too” she smiled, squeezing my hand before scurrying off to hop in the limo. Eva and I watched as they drove away, Alice waiving one final time before the limo pulled out of the driveway.

“Close that door! It’s freezing out there!” Eva chided.

“So, girlfriend, what would you like to do tonight?” I asked as we settled down in front of the fireplace.

“Let’s order some food, rent some trashy movies and polish our nails or something equally girly” she giggled. “It’s been way too long since I’ve been to a slumber party” she cackled.

“Sounds like an excellent plan” I agreed.


Eva and I spent the evening munching on subs and painting our nails as we did our best to drain every bottle of Moet Chandon that I found in the cupboard. Between the cats and the champagne, I fully expected a trip to the beauty parlor would be next on the agenda, but we managed a passable pedicure and manicure by the end of the night. We watched ‘Dirty Dancing’ which I had on tape and we both cried at the most poignant moments. There are some things that only girls understand.

We were both pretty well on our way to a good drunk when Eva’s cell and my phone rang simultaneously. Our boys were checking in with their women and we made them miss us even more by the time we were done. Eva was fairly graphic as she shared her plans for Tico when he came home, but I was more subtle and teased Jon relentlessly with implied innuendos.

“I see a cold shower in my very near future” he lamented after a particularly lusty exchange.

“Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder” I replied sweetly with a bit of a slur.

“It ain’t my heart that’s growing out of my pants, babe” he explained.

“Ooohhh, and I haven’t had my dessert yet” I purred, increasing the discomfort he was already experiencing.

“Dammit, woman! I’ll never last out the week if you keep this up” he said in a voice hoarse with passion.

“It’s Lil’ Jon who I’m trying to keep up” I giggled.

“Lil’ Jon’s wide awake now, thanks. Just how much wine have you had?” he asked with curiosity.

“How many bottles have we got in that pile?” I shouted to Eva.

“Looks like three to me, but this one’s nearly gone. Have we got any more?” Eva yelled back.

“It looks like we’ll need to restock the champagne, love” I burped, followed by another giggle.

“Shit. Alright, as long as you aren’t out driving around …” Jon began.

“I may not even make it up the stairs” I laughed.

“Okay, baby, I’ll say goodnight. I love you and I miss you so much…” he said with regret.

“I miss you too…and Lil’ Jon” I whispered into the phone. “And I love you too, baby. Say ‘Hi’ to Teek and the guys for me, ’k?”

“Will do. ’Night, darlin’. Sleep tight and dream about me, will ya?” he said finally.

“You know it” I grinned as I hung up the phone.

“Should we call it a night?” I asked, turning to Eva but she’d already fallen asleep on the couch.

I covered her up with a throw and drained the last of the champagne in my glass. I looked around and surveyed the wreckage-awww, hell, it’ll be there tomorrow I thought to myself. I headed unsteadily toward the staircase with four cats in attendance, weaving my way towards the bedroom.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sauna Part 292

The short flight to the airport passed by quickly and soon we were ready to board the plane that would take us “home” to the States. It didn’t feel much like going home when I was leaving behind the people I thought of as family and I turned to Jon for our final goodbye.

“It won’t be too long now, babe. Just a few shows in Japan and I’ll be on my way straight home to you” Jon smiled thinly and I nodded.

“Hey, I’ll keep her so busy she won’t even have time to miss you” Eva chimed in.

“Just try not to spend everything I made on this tour now, okay?” Tico added with a wry smile and Eva giggled.

“I’m gonna miss you so much” I said, my lips trembling as I tried hold back the tears. “Keep an eye on him, Teek, and don’t let him get into too much trouble, okay” I grinned, forcing a smile.

“No worries, Carita-I’ll have him in bed by midnight-you have my word” Tico smiled with genuine affection as he hugged me for the last time.

He released me right into Jon’s arms and turned his attention to Eva while Jon and I shared a few moments in private. The security guard cleared his throat and we stepped aside from the line to allow the other passengers to pass through the checkpoint while my carry on bag and my boots passed through to the other side. Jon wiped the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes and kissed me soundly as he whispered endearingly into my ear.

“Don’t let Eva wear you out too much, baby. After a week, I’ll be missing you bad” he warned in a voice that already sounded husky with desire.

“Ditto!” I actually laughed.

We kissed one final time before I turned to pass through security, Jon’s taste still fresh in my mouth and his scent still lingering in my nostrils. I waived goodbye after I’d pulled on my boots and collected my bags and Eva took my hand as she pulled me along excitedly towards the gate.

“We haven’t got that much time, Trish, and there’s a store on this side I want you to see” she squealed with delight and off we went as Tico and Jon turned to leave.

“This is the part about touring that I hate the most” Jon sighed as they made their way through the throng of travelers headed toward the security checkpoint.

“I know, man, I know. And it never gets easier” Tico grumbled in reply.

Eva and I made it to our gate with no time to spare, loaded up with several more bags from her favorite store. I had to admit, when it came to shopping, she had me beat and I wondered how she had known about this particular place.

“I saw it when I flew in and I’d wanted to check it out then, but I didn’t have time” she replied to my question as we boarded the plane.

“Thank Goddess we’re in first class-the luggage compartments are much bigger up here” I observed.

Soon we were settled into our seats for the long ride to the States. When we reached the hub in Atlanta, Eva would need to exchange her ticket for Florida and I hoped she could still get a seat with me on the flight to Colorado, but we’d figure it out then. We had nothing to do for the next several hours besides sleep and plan what we wanted to do in Colorado.


We managed the ticket exchange without difficulty in Atlanta and I called Alice to let her know I was bringing company. She filled me in on everything that my boys had been up to and assured me that they were eager to see their Mom. I managed to find a store that sold gourmet pet treats in the Atlanta airport and breathed a sigh of relief that I was prepared with a peace offering if they were miffed after my absence.

The time change was hard to adjust to and despite having slept on the plane, Eva and I were both pretty fatigued. The weather was a big change as well, but harder for Eva as she was used to the mild temperatures in Florida at this time of year. I was glad we had a limo waiting when we arrived as Eva didn’t have much in the way of warm clothes and most of the stuff I had in my carry on was too big to fit her. She looked like a ragamuffin dressed in my clothes and I couldn’t help laughing as she tried to appear graceful and elegant as we made our way to the baggage claim area.

“Not exactly a fashion plate at the moment, eh?” she remarked with a wink.

“Well, it’s a different look, that’s for sure” I giggled. “What size are you, for God’s sake? You’re swimming in my stuff” I agreed.

“I’m a size two, sometimes a four-it depends on the style” she replied and I shook my head. I couldn’t recall ever having been a size two and I’d always wondered who in the hell could wear such tiny clothes. No wonder she looked like a bag lady right at the moment.

We loaded our bags onto a cart and walked towards the exit when I saw the limo driver holding a sign. I didn’t recognize the young man, but I waived to get his attention and he hurried over to relieve us of our burdens.

“Trish Bongiovi?” he asked and I nodded, grateful to turn over the cart.

“What day is it, Joe?” I asked, reading his name tag.

“Uhm, why it’s Sunday night” he replied quizzically until I explained we’d just come in from New Zealand by way of Atlanta.

I would never get used to gaining and losing time when I traveled between time zones and I was too tired to do the math. I reset my watch to eleven-thirty and tried to wrap my brain around the fact that it was still Sunday night here.

We followed Joe out of the airport and into the night, blasted awake by a gust of frigid cold air. I heard Eva catch her breath at my side and she pulled the oversized, bulky sweater I’d loaned her tighter around her.

“Shit! It’s freezing here!” she lamented. “I can see my breath!”

“Yeah, this is what winter is like outside the south!” I laughed.

“Shit!” she echoed again as Joe helped us into the car before loading our bags into the trunk. “We need to go shopping! Do they sell parkas around here?”

“I’ll give Alice a call and ask her to get a fire started and make sure there’s a pot of hot coffee waiting” I laughed as I dialed the number.

“Trish? Are you in town yet?” Alice asked as she answered my call.

“We’re in the limo and on our way, finally! Should be just under an hour and we’ll be there. How’re my boys?” I asked, getting excited now as we drove closer to home.

“Well, my love, they’re all snoozing right at the moment. I’ve got chili made and I’ll start heating it up right now-is there anything else that you want? You must be exhausted, you poor thing!” Alice exclaimed in her motherly tone.

“Chili sounds wonderful-thank you for being so thoughtful. I’d be really grateful if you could have a pot of fresh coffee ready and maybe start a fire? Eva isn’t used to our winter weather and the sound of her teeth chattering is making it hard to hear!” I teased.

“Not a problem, sweetie! The house will be toasty warm and the coffee is brewing!” she assured me.

“Thanks, Alice! We’ll see you soon” I said, closing the phone.

Eva was gazing out the window at the snow-capped mountains and frozen ground as the limo navigated along icy roads, winding its way into the mountains. She raised her hand to the glass, wiping at the fog that covered the windows, as she peered into the night.

“It’s called snow, Eva. We get that up here in the hills” I smirked.

“Very funny. I know what it is-I just haven’t seen it in quite a few years. I’d forgotten how pretty it is, actually” she observed.

It was a clear night and the moon was high in the sky, illuminating the hillsides so that they looked luminescent. The stars twinkled above us and I smiled, wondering if Jon was looking up at the same sky. It wouldn’t be long before we could stand together, hand in hand, admiring the shimmering cloak of the Goddess.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sauna Part 291

We’d spent the night making love like there’d be no tomorrow, but here it was anyway as the sunshine poured through the window and we greeted the day. Jon pulled me closer and nuzzled his face in my neck, tickling my sensitive skin with his whiskers. I closed my eyes tighter, trying to deny it was morning and time for our eventual separation.

“Babe, we should get up” Jon murmured without any enthusiasm.

“I know, but not yet” I coaxed back.

Jon nodded, holding me tighter, as we snuggled together for the very last time before we faced the inevitable. Twenty minutes went by before either of us spoke and I finally resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t stall any longer.

“Okay, let’s do this now before I totally lose my nerve” I announced with a deep breath.

We rose from the bed and made our way into the shower where we washed one another with ritual attention to detail. It was as though I was trying to memorize every detail; my mind taking snapshots of every scene for later recall. We didn’t speak as there weren’t any words and I was determined not to break down in tears. It was only a brief separation and I kept trying to remind myself of that fact.

“It won’t be long, babe. The tour will be over soon and I’ll be home and we can spend lazy days all alone together. In a few weeks, you’ll be sick of me and wish I was back on the road” he said softly, echoing my own thoughts after a fashion.

“And you’ll be pacing the house, restless and anxious to move on to the next project” I smiled thinly, knowing we were both lying.

“The cats will be glad to have you all to themselves for a little while. I know Floyd won’t be too thrilled to see me” Jon smirked.

“Don’t kid yourself-they miss you too” I grinned, but I had to admit that he was probably right about Floyd.

We stepped out of the shower and toweled off and I began packing my suitcase with whatever items I wouldn’t still need to get ready. I pulled on my jeans and a light sweater and I was leaning over the sink, applying my make-up, when Jon slipped his arms around my waist and brushed my neck with a kiss. I straightened up and smiled at him in the mirror.

“I have something for you, darlin’. Close your eyes” he whispered softly.

I did as he asked and I felt him slip something around my neck as he brushed my hair to the side.

“Okay, open your eyes” he purred.

I opened my eyes and looked at our reflection in the mirror. Lying at the base of my throat, attached to a thin leather cord, was a frosty blue pendant made from what appeared to be beach glass. There was something written on it in shimmering silver letters, but I couldn’t make out what it said until I leaned closer towards the mirror.

“My Love, Always” was scrawled in Jon’s very own hand.

“Oh, Jon, it’s beautiful! How? Where?” I asked as I turned to kiss him.

“I found it on the beach during one of our stops to rest and I thought it was pretty. I asked one of the staff here if they could manage to find someone who could turn it into a necklace and I borrowed the pen from the front desk” he grinned. “I don’t know if the marker is permanent, but the feeling certainly is.”

My eyes glistened with tears as I hugged him against me, completely relinquishing my resolve not to cry. No matter how well I knew Jon, he still managed to surprise me with his thoughtfulness and creativity. He never ceased to amaze me.

“I’m glad you like it. Even if I’m not always there, my love is. You’re always in my heart, baby” he breathed in my ear.

“Oh Jon, I love you so much. You make me so happy. I …” I babbled, giving in to the tears as I clung to his chest.

“There, there, darlin’. It’s okay” he said, stroking my back and soothing me with his strength like he would do for a frightened child.

My tears finally subsided and I kissed him, lingering long on his lips, as time seemed to stand still. There was a loud knock on the door, followed by the sound of Richie’s voice as he bellowed from the adjoining parlor.

“C’mon you two! Rise and shine! Breakfast is waiting!” his voice broke through our trance.

We smiled at each other and with one final kiss, we opened the door and joined Richie, Jim, Hugh and the rest of the guys who were all waiting. Eva and Elena were there too, looking a bit haggard, and I guessed that they both had been well-loved last night by their men. We followed the group out to the terrace where we were greeted with a mouth-watering farewell buffet.

I wasn’t particularly hungry, but the tantalizing display of fresh fruit and cheese, warm breads and eggs florentine, accompanied by the aroma of fresh coffee soon sparked my appetite. Eva and I were flying out in just a few hours, but Elena was taking a later flight this afternoon. The guys would all be leaving late in the evening and they planned to spend much of their flight to Japan asleep on the plane. Tico and Jon were accompanying Eva and I on the helicopter ride to the airport, while the rest would be attending to last minute packing and details.

“Trish, any chance I could talk you into staying with me in Florida for a few days before you head back to Colorado? It would break up the long flight a little bit” Eva coaxed.

“I’d love to, Eva, really I would, but I’m anxious to get home and get settled and take care of some business that’s waiting” I declined. “Would you consider coming with me to Colorado? You could see the new house and I found some great places to shop…” I suggested, dangling the bait.

“Oh no, you said the magic word! Damn, we’re in trouble now, bro” Tico nudged Jon.

“Really? Are you sure, Trish?” Eva beamed, the wheels turning already.

“I’d love it! C’mon, it’ll be fun” I cooed with enthusiasm.

“You got yourself a house guest then” she agreed as she gave Tico a wicked smile.

“Sorry, man. I just didn’t see that one coming” Jon winked at Tico as he shrugged his shoulders with mock helplessness.

We finished our breakfast and headed back to our rooms to finish the packing and soon the time had arrived to finally start saying goodbye. Everyone was assembled in the lobby for a final send off and Eva and I made the rounds, hugging everyone as the staff loaded our bags into the car for the short ride to the heliport.

I hugged Hugh and assured him I’d give Alice his love before moving on to Dave and Elena. I’d never seen Dave look more content and I said so and Elena blushed in response. I knew there’d be some logistics to work through, but I had little doubt that it wouldn’t be long before Elena was packing her bags and moving to Jersey. I also knew that this wouldn’t be our last trip to New Zealand and I suspected that the kiwis would never be neglected again on future tours.

Jim moved in next and gave me a hug and a squeeze as he whispered jokingly in my ear.

“Hey, just make sure my room is ready when the tour’s over” he grinned.

I laughed and assured him he was always welcome to visit, but I knew he was planning to go out and stay with Richie for a while after the tour was over. I wasn’t too sure where things stood between him and Cherie and I suspected he wasn’t sure either. That was another thing I wanted to follow up on once I got home. I hadn’t heard much from her, only an occasional phone call here and there, and whenever I’d returned her calls, she didn’t seem able to talk very long and Cherie didn’t do email. I knew she was still seeing her counselor, but when I had prodded her about Jim, she seemed somewhat evasive.

Next came the hardest goodbye next to Jon. Richie. He swept me up in a great big bear hug and kissed me heartily on the lips. Jon gave a mock scowl while the others hooted and howled, but it all was a show to try and avoid the real pain we both felt. It was hard to imagine life without Richie, but I knew we had to return to our everyday lives. I just wasn’t sure exactly what that really was. My life with Jon had so far been anything but “everyday”.

“Hey, I’ll see you again pretty soon. I know you’re planning something for Jon’s birthday and you can always call me or email me, you know” Richie whispered. “And I’ll call you if Jon’s asshole shows up in the next couple of weeks!” he said a bit louder.

“Hey! I’ve got my asshole right here. It’s name is Sambora!” Jon retorted and we all laughed.

“I’ll be okay, doll. Don’t you worry about me now. Jim’s coming to California to stay with me for a while, so I’ve got a babysitter” Richie smiled softly.

“I’m still gonna miss you, ya big jerk” I smiled, hiding my sadness as I pinched his arm.

“Hey, playing arm, remember!” he reminded me with a laugh. “I’ll miss you too, Trish” he said, finally serious for a moment.

I hugged him again and bit back my tears as Jon looked at his watch and cleared his throat. It was time to leave. We all waved goodbye as we crowded into the jeep and headed off to the heliport.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sauna Part 290

We made it back to the lodge in plenty of time to shower and change, but both Jon and I were reluctant to head down for the barbecue. I didn’t know how I could face Richie and Jim seemed even worse. Even if they never breathed a word, which was pretty unlikely, I just didn’t think I could meet their eyes.

“Richie’s gonna totally torture us, ya know that, right?” Jon winced as he spoke.

“We can’t avoid him forever, ya know that, right?” I grimaced.

“Let’s go get it over with then. I’m freakin’ starving” Jon said, shaking his head.

We’d stalled long enough and when we arrived at the party, the music was blaring and everyone else was already there. I noticed that no one was staring or smirking and I prayed one final time to the Goddess to make Richie merciful. He spotted us instantly and made his way towards us while I grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter, downing it all in one swallow.

“Courage, babe. Here it comes” Jon whispered.

“So you made it, brave souls that you are” Richie cackled.

“Now look, asshole…” Jon began.

“Now, now- relax, Bro’. I’m the epitome of discretion” Richie smiled sweetly and Jon rolled his eyes.

“Yeah. And I just love humble pie” Jon bantered back.

“I hope you’re hungry” Richie said with a gleam in his eye.

“Aaaawww, fuck, man. Whaddya want?” Jon asked with exasperation.

“There ain’t nothing you got that I want bad enough to keep this one a secret” Richie teased.

“Does everyone already know?” I asked, almost dreading the answer.

“Know what?” Dave asked as he joined us.

“How Jon and Trish spent their last day together” Richie offered helpfully.

“Yeah? What did you guys do? Something exciting? We’re all still waiting to hear about Richie and Jim and their big adventure” Dave replied innocently.

“We just spent a lazy day on the beach, nothing exciting. Right Trish?” Jon said, turning to me for confirmation but keeping his eyes on Richie all the while.

“Right, love. Just a lazy day on the beach” I nodded as the rest of the guys came over to join us.

“What about those remarkable birds you told me you saw? You know, the great big ones?” Richie prodded while Jim hid his smile.

“What kind of bird was it? What did it look like? We’re famous for all of our species of birds here-even ones that became extinct elsewhere” Elena piped in enthusiastically.

“Wish these two had been extinct” Jon muttered under his breath and Richie snickered.

“Yeah, Trish, c’mon, tell us about the birds” Jim joined.

“Well, we were on the beach, close to the shore, when all of a sudden I heard a strange cry and I looked overhead…” I began, building the anticipation.

“There up above, I saw two of the ugliest birds I’d ever seen…” I said with a smile, keeping my gaze steady on Richie and Jim who were scowling.

I knew there was no way that Richie and Jim would refrain from sharing this juicy tidbit, so why let them have all the fun? We could play too, I thought, nudging Jon at my side.

“They were hideous, absolutely grotesque. We figured they must’ve been the descendants of Dodo birds or some shit…” Jon joined in with a wry smile.

“Perhaps they were merely stunned by the spectacle they were watching. Humans look so ridiculous when they’re caught in the act” Richie interrupted with a smirk.

David caught on first and doubled over with laughter, but Elena was right behind them as she suddenly realized what must have happened. Tico and Eva were mystified as they scanned each of our faces, but my blushing gave us away.

“Oh my God! It was Richie and Jim in the wing suits! And they saw you two…Oh my God!” Eva shrieked with laughter.

“Yeah, we discovered a new species-Peeping Birds!” Jon added finally. “Rich, you’re an ass!” Jon declared, but even he was smiling as Jim and Richie hooted and high-fived one another.

“Aaaww, shit, am I ever glad I didn’t go with ya. I’ve seen enough of Jon’s ass to last me a lifetime!” Tico said finally.

“Oh no, trust me, Teek, when I tell you this sight was worth seeing! I’m so glad I brought my camera” Richie exploded and I blanched white as a sheet.

“Give me those pictures, you motherfucker!” Jon yelled, tackling Richie to the ground.

Richie was beside himself now, holding his belly and cackling with sheer delight, as Jim joined in the fray. Jon had Richie by the throat, but it did nothing to quench the peals of laughter erupting from Richie as Jim tried desperately to pry Jon away.

“He’s only kidding, man. There aren’t any pictures so don’t kill him! I don’t wanna try a debut as lead guitarist!” Jim laughed.

Jon released Richie’s throat and I could see the tears in his eyes, he was laughing so hard. I breathed a sigh of relief as Jon stood up and brushed himself off and offered his hand to pull Richie up from the ground. Richie was beaming as Jon hoisted him to his feet.

“Alright, you got me. I hate you, Sambora” Jon smirked.

“Seriously, bro, I wish I had had a camera. That was priceless! I still can’t believe we were there” Richie grinned.

“What a story this is gonna make for the book” Jim threatened as he took off running with Jon chasing behind.

“Richie, honestly, how much did you see?” I wanted to know once I’d regained my composure.

“S’okay, darlin’, don’t worry. We weren’t really close enough to see any detail, but we knew it was you two. That flaming red hair of yours and that mop of blond alongside you…we knew immediately who we were watching! But don’t spoil my fun-I haven’t even had the chance to tease Jon about the size of his one-inch wonder worm! Even with binoculars I couldn’t have seen it” Richie chortled.

“Richard, you’re evil and I think you may just have a death wish!” I grinned as I pinched his arm.

“It’s too good not to milk it” he grinned back.

Jim and Jon had returned after Jim promised never to tell. We received even more ribbing as the evening wore on, but the initial embarrassment had faded away and even Jon and I took part in the good-natured teasing. It was wonderful to be among friends and I actually wondered if the guys ever felt sad when a tour finally ended.

“I’m really gonna miss all of this. I’ve never felt so much a part of anything in my life. This time on the road has been really special and I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate being part of this family” I shared, my eyes a bit misty as we began saying goodnight.

“Aaawww, we’re glad to have you, carita. Having you here has actually turned Jon back into a human again” Tico teased.

“It’s only a temporary respite, darlin’. Jon’ll have us back on the road again before you even get settled at home” David assured me as he kissed me goodnight.

“And you two…I hate to admit it, but I’m even gonna miss your shenanigans” I added, as I hugged Jim and Richie.

“Hey, didn’t Jon tell you? I’m moving in when we get back to the States. The price of my silence doesn’t come cheap” Jim joked and Jon rolled his eyes.

“G’night, doll. We’ll all see you off in the morning” Richie said as he hugged me and we took our leave.

“I really meant what I said. I’m gonna miss all of this. Don’t you guys miss each other when it’s all over?” I asked as we walked back to our suite.

“In a way, I s’pose we do, but truthfully, babe, it hasn’t always been as much fun as this tour has been. It’s made a big difference having you here. Tico wasn’t that far off base when he made that comment” Jon replied.

“Really? It’s hard to imagine how anything could drive you guys apart” I answered truthfully.

“Let’s not talk about any of that now, Trish. I don’t wanna spend our last night together talking about those assholes” Jon grinned. “I’ve got better plans.”

Jon closed the door and locked us inside and not another moment was wasted, I can assure you.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sauna Part 289

A light breeze blew in from the Bay, stirring my hair, as Jon and I dismounted and gazed at the expanse of blue water that stretched out before us. We’d ridden the horses down from the lodge and meandered along the shore for quite a distance, finding a rather secluded spot away from the other guests who were sunning themselves on the beach. The horses were gentle and very well-trained, but it felt good to get off and stretch my legs.

Jon took the reins and tethered the animals to an old tree that jutted out from the cliff overhead. They were contentedly nibbling at some vegetation growing out from the rocks as he took my hand and we strolled a bit further down to the shoreline.

“Let’s see what’s around that bend” I suggested, pointing towards a spot where the beach seemed to disappear from view.

Jon nodded eagerly and we scampered off, racing each other to the spot. Jon got there first and was taking off his shoes when I caught up, breathless and panting. I never had been the athletic type and it showed.

“We’ll have to wade through the water to get around this rock” he explained, jerking his head in the direction of the enormous boulder that blocked our path around the bend.

I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants and we carefully stepped out into the water. It was jagged and slippery as we waded in further and the sharp stones bit into the tender soles of my feet.

“Ouch!” I muttered after I stepped on a particularly sharp piece of rock.

Jon stopped and turned around as I followed him out into the water which was just below my knee at that point. He was wearing shorts and wasn’t in danger of getting wet, but my jeans would be soaked if I went any further. He motioned for me to stop and came back to where I was standing.

“You’re gonna get soaked, babe. My shorts will dry, but those jeans won’t. Stay there for a minute” he said, scrambling around to my side.

He scooped me up easily and I threw my arms around his neck, kissing him gratefully. Riding back to the lodge on a horse in wet jeans wasn’t exactly the most thrilling prospect I could imagine right at that moment. Jon carried me out into deeper water, keeping me dry, as he picked his way back through the rocks and stones on the other side, not setting me down until we were once again on dry sand.

“There! Mission accomplished!” he grinned.

“Thanks, baby! But look at you, you’re all wet” I replied, inspecting his shorts which clung to his body, outlining his assets rather conspicuously.

“Easy solution to that” he grinned, stripping them off and flinging them onto a nearby rock to dry in the sun.

“I like that solution” I leered, licking my lips.

The cold water had dampened Lil’ Jon’s enthusiasm, but he recovered pretty rapidly and soon Big Jon was sporting a growing erection. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it after his shorts, smiling proudly.

“Wanna join me, darlin’?” he coaxed.

I glanced around and there was no one in sight. The gigantic rock we’d just maneuvered around effectively kept us hidden from view should any other guests at the lodge decide to wander this far away from the crowd. We were essentially in our own little world, sheltered from prying eyes in our own private cove.

“I am rather hot” I giggled as I fanned my face unconvincingly, feigning an excuse to discard my clothing.

“Yes, you certainly are” Jon agreed with a lecherous laugh as he helped me off with my shirt and fondled my breasts.

I felt myself flush and I had a sudden need to peel off my jeans, naturally with Jon’s assistance. Soon I was naked, standing in the warm summer sun, and reveling in the glorious sight of Jon’s sculpted form which rivaled the breathtaking beauty surrounding us. He stared back at my body, equally mesmerized, as his eyes travelled over every inch of my skin, igniting the flame I felt burning within me.

“God, baby, you’re beautiful. C’mere” he said softly in a voice thick with lust.

I obeyed as if in a trance, my eyes transfixed by the naked desire that shone on his face as he trailed his finger ever so lightly across my waiting lips. He pulled me roughly against him, crushing me to his chest and I succumbed willingly, caught in his spell. His flesh was warm and soft and I ached to feel him inside me, completing me in every sense of the word.

My nostrils flared, inhaling the scent of the sea mixed with Jon’s musk, and I pressed my hips forward, grinding against him in invitation. His lips found my throat and I felt myself melting as he whispered hotly against my blistering skin.

“Easy baby, I’m in no rush” he chuckled, stroking my glistening lips with his finger.

I groaned as his finger slipped up and down, massaging the pearl inside my oyster. Soft moans escaped me as he lowered his mouth to my breasts, gently suckling and nipping as his finger continued to probe a bit deeper. I was almost past gone and my voice quivered as I rasped out his name.

“J-o-o-o-n-n-n, aahhhh”

“Ssshhhh” he grinned, withdrawing his finger and placing it to his lips, watching me as he licked off my juices.

I wasn’t above begging, but he gave me no choice as he covered my mouth with his lips. I felt his hands grasp hold of my hips as he lifted me onto a ledge in the rock, stepping in closer between my now trembling legs which he placed on his shoulders.

“Aahhh, that’s better” he growled, moistening his lips with his tongue.

I leaned back on my arms as he buried his head in my warmth, groaning with pleasure as he drank from my well. I closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything more than the feel of his tongue as it circled my throbbing hood, relentlessly pressing me higher and higher. My hands clenched as I gripped the edge of the rock, holding myself steady while the spasms ripped me asunder, bathing Jon in the flood of my honey.

From somewhere off in the distance, I began to hear sounds again as my mind drifted slowly back to my body. My eyes fluttered as I tried to focus on the clouds overhead, searching the sky for the source of the cry, barely audible above the sound of the surf as it crashed on the shore. I became dimly aware of the sun on my face and my lips curled into a satisfied smile as I lowered my eyes, searching for Jon’s, but he was staring up at the sky, his mouth hanging open.

I followed his eyes, expecting to see some prehistoric pterodactyl, judging from his expression. I shielded my eyes from the blinding sunshine and then I saw it too. Jon yelled and shook his fist in the air as I stared speechlessly at the sight overhead. Richie flew past us, hooting and hollering, while Jon cussed rather loudly and shot him the bird. He hoisted me down from the rock just before Jim followed behind him, gliding along like an eagle, surveying his kingdom.

My laughter broke loose like an avalanche and I just couldn’t help it. Jon was still grumbling, but when he saw my response, he started to chuckle along with me.

“Damn son of a bitch! Of all the friggin’ stupid…” he started, dissolving in laughter himself as the sheer absurdity of the situation finally struck him.

We could still hear the shouts and howls from Richie and Jim as they disappeared off in the distance and Jon and I collapsed on the ground, almost hysterical.

“I’ll strangle that motherfucker with my bare hands if he even thinks about telling this story at dinner” Jon sputtered with amusement as the giggling subsided and we sat there grinning like idiots.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sauna Part 288

“Caro! Mi Amore, what’s this?” Tico cried when he saw Eva, her ankle wrapped in an Ace bandage and an ice pack resting above it.

“It’s nothing, baby, nothing at all. Just a sprain. I twisted my ankle when we landed, that’s all. This is just a precaution” she replied, dismissing it with a wave of her hand.

“Really, she’ll be fine, but she should stay off it as much as much as possible for the next few days” Elena assured him.

“Teek, baby, I wish you’d have come! It was… just… the most thrilling experience you could imagine!” Eva began, taking his hand as we recounted our tales.

“I can’t believe I chose golfing instead” Jim lamented.

“Hey, there’s always tomorrow if the weather stays good” Dave prodded.

Jim looked at Tico and Hugh, but they shook their heads. None of our stories were enough to convince either of them to take to the air.

“If I’d been meant to fly, I’d have been born with a pair of wings” Tico declared resolutely.

“Hey man, if you wanna give it a go tomorrow, I’m game for another round” Richie grinned, nudging Jim sympathetically.

“Yeah, definitely. It’s a date” Jim smiled in response.

Tomorrow was my last day with the guys, and, more importantly, with Jon. I was heading home Sunday while the guys went on to Japan for the final shows of the tour. I wasn’t anxious to leave Blanket Bay or the guys, but I missed my babies and I wanted plenty of time to plan a surprise for Jon’s birthday and get everything settled at home. Even though I’d attended to any urgent emails while we’d been away, I knew there was plenty of stuff that had piled up at home and I wanted time to catch up before Jon came home. I’d told Richie that I was planning a surprise and to make sure all the guys saved the date, but even I hadn’t decided how-or where-we’d be celebrating. And I had no idea how I was going to handle the question of Jon’s family.

“Why the frown, babe?” Jon asked, noticing my expression.

“Just thinking that tomorrow’s our last day together” I replied quietly, not wanting to give away any clues. “How should we spend it?”

“I have some thoughts” Jon winked, squeezing my knee with a lascivious grin.

“I’ll just bet you do” I smirked back.

“Hey, you two, let’s not be selfish now. Since it’s the last day together for all of us, let’s at least have a party. Anyone for shrimp on the barbee?” Richie suggested, having overheard our conversation.

“Sounds like a plan, bro. I guess I can share Trish for the evening” Jon relented, realizing that I wasn’t the only one leaving on Sunday.

“I’ll check it out with the folks here and see what we can arrange. Can everyone be back here by six tomorrow?” Richie asked and we all nodded in agreement.

It was getting late and we’d long ago finished our dinners and we’d lingered over dessert and our drinks. Tico and Eva were the first ones to take their leave tonight.

“Let’s go, my love. Let’s get that ankle elevated…” Tico announced with a twinkle in his eye and even Eva blushed at the implication.

“Goodnight all” she smiled sheepishly, waving goodbye as Tico carried her off to their suite.

“Shall we, my darling?” David joined in, raising his eyebrows at Elena who nodded indulgently.

Jon and I followed suit, leaving the three “bachelors” to carry on in our absence while we made the most of our time alone together. Later that night, as I slept peacefully in Jon’s arms, I dreamed I was flying, squeezing Jon’s hand, as we soared over the valleys and mountains of New Zealand.


We woke the next morning to the sound of rain falling softly outside. It was still early as the first light of dawn filtered in through the windows, weakly signaling the arrival of a new day.

“Looks like Jim and Richie might have their wings clipped today” Jon murmured lazily into my ear, snuggling me closer.

I turned to look out our window and sighed, watching the drizzle that accompanied the thick mist that had crept in from the mountains. I’d wanted to spend the day wandering along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, but at the moment I was perfectly content to stay wrapped in the comfort and warmth of Jon’s arms.

“It’s still early, love. It might clear up enough for them to still spread their wings” I smiled, smoothing a stray hair from his eyes.

Jon grinned at me invitingly as he gently tapped my thigh with his stiffening shaft. I chuckled quietly and reached my hand lower, stroking his rod in response. Without further discussion, I rolled onto my back while Jon climbed above me, positioning himself between my welcoming thighs. He eased himself in, gently guiding his now rigid pole towards my center. I was still tender from our previous frolics, but the sensations I felt from feeling him fill me soon overrode any lingering soreness and I lost myself in the rhythm of his movements.

We made love leisurely, taking our time, balancing passion with tenderness. Jon’s tongue sought my mouth, parting my lips with his provocative prods as I let my fingers trace circles over the firm mounds of his ass. Our movements were subtle but steady, gradually building our pleasure, as the waves of release approached closer and closer, finally drowning us in their depths as we shuddered and sighed.

“Morning, wife” he purred in my ear.

“Good morning, husband” I purred back.

When we woke up again, the sunshine had driven away all but the memory of the morning showers and the mist had lifted, leaving behind a glistening dew on the gardens surrounding the courtyard. Jim, Richie and Hugh were out on the terrace, sipping their coffees, when Jon and I made our appearance.

“Good Morning, sleepyheads!” Richie beamed, flashing a devilish smile.

“It is indeed” Jon replied with a twisted smile as we joined them.

“It looks like a beautiful day” I added, still blushing. “Are you two still planning on flying?” I asked, avoiding the twinkle in Richie’s eyes.

“You’d better believe it! We were just about to leave for the heliport” Jim answered excitedly.

“What are you two up to today?” Richie asked with a gleam.

“About eight inches this morning” Jon bantered back. “Right, babe?” he cackled as he gave me a peck on the cheek.

“We’re planning to go for a walk on the beach and to soak up some sun. Hadn’t you two better get going?” I answered, raising my eyebrows.

“Yeah, c’mon Rich! We should ge going; our ride is waiting” Jim agreed, swallowing the last of his coffee as he stood up, waiting for Richie.

“Have fun kids and watch out for low-flying planes” Hugh grinned as he winked over the rim of the paper he was reading.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming” Richie said hurriedly.

Jon opened his mouth to respond, but I pinched his arm and shot him a look and instead he just grinned.

“Have fun and be careful; don’t damage yourselves. Remember, we’ve still got a couple more shows” Jon laughed as they hurried off to the heliport.

“Coffee’s still hot” Hugh smiled as we sat down to join him.

“What’ve you got planned for today?” I inquired.

“Nothing exciting, really. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m actually worn out from golfing all day yesterday. I think I’ll just stay here and take it easy today” he explained.

“Yeah, I hear ya, buddy. I’m surprised you were even feeling up to that so soon after surgery” Jon remarked.

“We had a golf cart, so it wasn’t so bad, but I think I’m paying for it somewhat today. And lemme just say, surgery certainly didn’t improve my game whatsoever. Teek beat the pants off me” Hugh smirked.

“Trish, whaddya think about getting a couple of horses and heading down to the beach? We can still walk when we get there, but we can cover more ground and maybe do a bit of exploring” Jon suggested and I nodded in agreement.