Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sauna Part 163

The next few days flew by as we became accustomed to a routine of waking up and making love, cooking breakfast, exploring the area, going to dinner or making our own dinner, relaxing, watching movies and making love again before falling asleep. It was a wonderful way to unwind and shut out the world and concentrate on each other.

I recorded our activities in my journal and made sure to take plenty of pictures. I planned to put together a scrapbook for Jon that was all about us. It was impossible to work on it in secret with him close by, so I contented myself with the thought that it would be something to do while he was away and I could surprise him with it later when he came home to visit. One afternoon in particular as we were lazing around in the hot tub, Jon came up with an idea.

“I was thinking we should take a road trip tomorrow and go to Sedona for a few days. What do you think?” he asked.

I knew he was getting restless and as much as I enjoyed the downtime, too much of a good thing tended to make the days blur together. We had no schedule and we were in no hurry to do anything, but we were beginning to crave a little adventure. Sedona was a magikal place and the energy vortexes there were famous for kindling spiritual growth. Jon had never been to Sedona himself, whereas I had, and this was an opportunity for me to introduce him to something new.

“I think that’s a terrific idea! I would love to go back there and we could take our time and explore the vortexes. We could even take a detour on the way back and stop at Monument Valley in Utah. You’ve got to see that place too!” I said, getting excited.

Jon smiled and drew me to him, kissing me tenderly. The warmth of the hot tub made him mellow and the wine we’d been sipping enhanced the effect. His voice was rich and deep as he spoke.

“Anything you decide is fine with me, as long as I’m with you” he said agreeably.

“You’re so easy!” I teased and he didn’t dispute it.

“Isn’t that one of the things you love about me?” he quipped, cocking his head to one side.

Jon looked as though he was more ready for a nap than he was for a road trip, but my head was spinning now as I began to plan the next leg of our journey in my mind. I wanted to get online and begin mapping out the route as soon as possible and there was still plenty of time before dinner. We’d purchased a laptop on one of our trips to a nearby town and I was anxious to get it hooked up.

“Why don’t you take a nap and I’ll get the computer set up and do some research on the best route. And I’ll make sure that I get definite addresses!” I snickered, reminding him of our earlier encounter with the state police.

“I’ll never hear the end of that, will I?” he pouted and I nodded.

We stood up and dried off and Jon took my suggestion and went to bed while I got busy with the computer. I slipped on the shirt he’d been wearing that morning, enjoying the scent of him that remained on his clothes. We hadn’t thought to buy a printer, but as long as I had addresses we’d be okay. The trip to Sedona would be about seven hours driving and it would be just under five hours from there to Monument Valley. It would be a little out of our way on the return trip, but well worth the extra driving.

After a couple hours online I had a fair idea of the route and a couple of choices as to where we could stay. I went into the bedroom where Jon was sleeping soundly and I could hear him softly snoring. I decided to let him sleep while I fixed us some dinner and figured we could make the reservations later tonight or tomorrow. I made a large antipasto salad for us and took out the leftover lasagna and heated that up while I went in to wake him.

I sat down beside him on the bed and watched as he slept, his chest rising and falling with each breath. I reached out to stroke his hair and brushed the loose strands away from his cheek as I trailed my finger across the five o’clock shadow that was beginning to form. He opened his eyes and looked at me sleepily.

“What time is it? How long have I been asleep?” he wondered.

“You’ve been sawing wood for a couple hours, love, and dinner is almost ready” I smiled.

“I guess I really was tired” he yawned. “I’m sorry, babe” he added as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“No apologies needed, it just means you’ll have plenty of energy for later” I said seductively and he groaned.

“A husband’s job is never done” he said with a bit of drama, but he wasn’t complaining as he pulled me down into bed.

He noticed I was wearing his shirt still and commented that it did more for me than he thought it had done for him. I laughed and explained that it was comfortable and carried his scent, so I liked wearing it.

“So how’s our road trip shaping up?” he yawned.

I went over the tentative itinerary and some options for where we could stay in Sedona and Monument Valley. I figured we’d see things along the way where we could stop to break up the long drives, but there was nothing special I had planned besides the one detour. We both agreed that we wanted to stay somewhere with a fireplace as it was cold, even in Sedona.

Over dinner I told Jon about my trip there years ago and the first time I had experienced past life memories through a guided regression. I wondered if Victor was still there and suggested we could look him up as he seemed especially interested in pursuing that. I also explained that we would have to make some time to browse the shops as there were a couple of New Age places that had quite an assortment of things and Victor worked out of one of them.

After dinner, Jon cleaned up and made a pot of coffee while I pulled up the sites on the web with various guest accommodations. Sedona offered a number of options, but Monument Valley had only one Bed & Breakfast with a fireplace in the room and we called and were able to reserve it for four days from now, leaving us two nights in Sedona. There were a number of other National Parks to visit just a bit further in that direction and we talked about getting out that way again towards Spring or Fall when the weather would be nicer.

“We should get to bed early so that we can leave at a reasonable hour tomorrow” I suggested, thinking it would be a long drive.

“I slept too long this afternoon, babe. I’m wide awake now, but why don’t you go and get some sleep? I’ll only keep you up if I come to bed now” Jon lamented.

“I said we should get to bed, I didn’t say I was ready to sleep” I purred as I leaned down to kiss the back of his neck.

Jon turned away from the computer and pulled me into his lap. I draped my arms around his neck as he kissed me and I was glad he’d had a nap earlier. I was excited about going to Sedona tomorrow, but I was more excited about being with Jon tonight. He stood up and carried me to the bedroom, depositing me gently on the bed.

“C’mere” I said slyly.

Jon removed his shirt while I admired his sculpted frame and I longed to be in his arms tonight. His jeans followed shortly and then he turned his attention to me. He sat down beside me on the bed, his fingers catching in my hair as he drew my face towards him for another kiss. He began to unbutton his shirt I was wearing with his free hand and I felt my nipples stiffen into hardened points as his hand slipped inside to caress my breasts.

I ran my hands down the length of his arms, savoring the feel of the downy fur that lightly covered his forearms. His body intoxicated me; and I loved to feel the tension in his muscles with every lithe movement he made. I leaned back against the pillows, drawing him with me as he eased himself between my legs. He looked down and smiled at me as he slid inside my slippery folds.

Our love-making was gentle and tender, slow and luxurious as we lost ourselves in the timeless dance of intimacy. We knew each other’s bodies well and where to touch lightly and when to grind harder, extracting sighs and groans like notes in an eternal melody. Jon was an instinctual lover, and he played my body as though it was an instrument and he was releasing its song.

I stroked his hair as he nestled his head against my breast and sighed now that our song had ended and we were both ready to sleep. We drifted off together to the sound of our contented breathing, lulling us to sleep with its lullaby.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sauna Part 162

We got in the Lexus and drove into the town, looking for a grocery store. The navigational system wasn’t much help without an address though and we ended up stopping at a gas station to get directions.

“We’re not far. It’s just around that bend out yonder” he pointed as he got in the car and mimicked the instructions.

We got to the grocery store and I noticed they had a small selection of movies to rent, so I left Jon there to pick something out. He really wasn’t fussy about food, so he left that decision to me and I decided to surprise him and make lasagna. I just hoped he could deal with sauce from a jar as that’s all I’d ever used.

I picked up all the supplies I needed for the dinner as well as a number of other things I figured would be needed during our stay. There wasn’t much in the way of taper candles, but they did have plain white emergency candles and that would have to do. I’d found something for dessert and Jon caught up with me as I was finishing up. I shook my head when I saw he had managed to grab a box of doughnuts along the way.

“Just one box?” I teased and he made duck lips at me.

“I can get more” he pouted.

“What movie did you get?” I asked, disregarding the threat.

“I got two. I got ‘Troy’ with Brad Pitt and ‘A Death in California’ with your sweetheart, Sam Elliot” he announced snidely.

“The Sam Elliot one is excellent-I’ve watched it several times and it creeps me out even more every time-it’s based on a true story. And I’ve wanted to see ‘Troy’ actually. Brad’s such a hottie” I teased.

“Fine, we’ll get them both. I’ll be sure to get some action after you get through drooling over Brad and Sam” he smirked.

“Like you need to worry” I reassured him, running my hand across his ass to remove any lingering doubts.

We checked out and got out to the car with our groceries and loaded them in the back. Jon started the car and remembered he didn’t know the address where we lived and we both laughed.

“I think I can remember how to get home if we retrace our steps. I just need to get back to the main road” he said thoughtfully as we pulled out of the parking lot.

We drove around for about twenty minutes, but we still hadn’t hit the main road and realized we were lost. The fact that we didn’t know our own address would have been humorous if it wasn’t so frustrating. Finally Jon conceded defeat and we stopped again at a gas station and got directions to the main road.

I was completely disoriented by this time and wouldn’t have had a clue which way to turn onto it, but Jon trusted his gut and made a left and I said a prayer. He shot me a look and wouldn’t admit he wasn’t sure either. It was dark now too and that didn’t help as the driveway was off the main road but it wasn’t clearly marked. There was no one to call at this hour who even knew our address.

I started to giggle then as the ridiculousness of our situation really sank in. We’d driven longer than it should have taken and we knew it and Jon turned around in a driveway. He wasn’t seeing the humor at the moment and his male pride was threatened as we ended up back where we’d turned onto the main road.

“I’m glad you find this amusing, babe. Got any suggestions?” he said and he sounded exasperated.

“I’m sorry, really. It’s just that it is sort of humorous when you stop to think that we have this fancy navigation system, but the problem is that we don’t know where we live. Maybe we could call the nursing home and ask them what our address is” I replied, giggling even harder now that I’d said it.

Jon started to laugh then too as the humor finally struck him. The more he thought about it, the harder he laughed and the more it made me laugh. And so it went, each of us making the other laugh more until Jon finally pulled over and we laughed until the tears were rolling down our cheeks and we couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t wait to tell Richie about this one. You’ll never hear the end of it” I said, gasping for breath.

“He’ll love this-nothing pleases Richie more than when I screw up” he smirked. “Baby, I’m sorry I snapped earlier. I’m just frustrated” he apologized.

“And hungry, I know. It’s okay, it could be worse” I said soothingly.

“How? What could be worse than not knowing your own address at our age?” he wondered as he put his arm around me and I moved closer to him.

“We could be lost without doughnuts in the back seat” I replied as I reached in back to get the box out of the bag.

We sat there eating doughnuts while we tried to think of a plan. We were seriously considering going back to the spa and getting a room for the night when a car pulled up behind us.

“Shit. I can’t believe it just got worse. It’s a state trooper” Jon laughed.

It wasn’t a good time to get the giggles, but it couldn’t be helped. We felt like two guilty felons and no one would believe the truth, such as it was. Jon rolled down the window as the officer approached.

“Is there a problem? There’s no parking on this road” the officer informed us.

Jon tried to explain, but the more he explained, the crazier the story sounded and the fact that we couldn’t stop giggling and we were sitting there with a box of doughnuts didn’t improve our credibility. The trooper looked at us dubiously.

“Have you been drinking, sir?” he asked and I burst out laughing.

“No, officer. Really” Jon giggled.

“Step out of the car, sir” he said to Jon without the hint of a smile.

Thankfully Jon didn’t argue and unhooked his seatbelt and got out of the car. This new wrinkle did seem to sober our mood rather quickly and we both stopped laughing as we realized how suspicious our behavior had to appear. Jon passed the sobriety tests and now that we were calmer, we tried again to explain what had led us to the current predicament.

“Well, I’m not that familiar with the properties around here, but hold on. I’ll radio the local sheriff and see if he may know the house you described. You said it’s been a vacation rental property?” he offered.

“Yes. We did rent it originally and then liked it so much that we bought it. I know the driveway is right off this road heading south from Pagosa” Jon explained.

The trooper returned after about ten minutes and thankfully had gotten some information. We had been heading down the main road going north instead of south and the driveway should be about two miles up on the left side. We had come on the main road from the other side and had gotten turned around. The trooper handed us a piece of paper and chuckled.

“This is your address, or so the sheriff thinks from your description. It’s a rental property that belongs to his wife’s sister and she said she just sold it this morning to some guy from New Jersey when he called her. Would that be you?” he asked with a smile, having seen Jon’s license and beginning to believe us now.

“Yes, sir, that would be me” Jon said with a shit-eating grin.

“Well, program that into your fancy dancy computer and it should beep when you’re getting close so you don’t miss the driveway” he suggested before he shook his head and walked away.

“Thank you, officer” Jon said meekly and breathed a sigh of relief.

The tears were streaming down my face now as I finally let go the hysterical laughter that had been building since the trooper returned with the information. I had never seen Jon embarrassed before and this was a moment to remember. I was tempted to dial Richie’s number right then but I could barely breathe, let alone speak.

“Are you quite finished?” Jon asked with a look that only prompted another fit of laughter while he programmed the address into the computer.

Finally, I got control of myself and held my stomach. My ribs hurt from laughing that hard and we both knew it would become one of those memories that would make us giggle every time we thought about it. Once we were on our way, we were home in minutes. Jon pulled in the driveway and we carried the groceries into the house.

“I’ll start dinner, but it’s going to be a while” I announced.

“How about if we just make some popcorn, watch the movie and skip dinner tonight? We can cook tomorrow. Come to bed” Jon suggested in a husky voice, filled with promise.

“Are you sure? I wanted to make something special to please you tonight” I replied, a bit disappointed.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I ate too many doughnuts and you please me plenty in bed, babe” he purred in my ear.

“Well, seeing that you put it that way … I guess dinner can wait until tomorrow” I agreed.

Jon had a fire going in the bedroom and the movie was cued and ready to go when I came up with the popcorn. He had two glasses of wine poured and was already in bed, propped up against the pillows. He patted the bed and I needed no further invitation to join him and I shed my clothes and snuggled in beside him.

“Which movie are we watching tonight?” I asked.

“Troy” he replied, handing me a glass of wine.

We settled in to watch the movie, but I had to admit that the sight of Jon’s bare chest was a distraction. I kept reaching for a handful of popcorn to distract myself when I really wanted to rub my hands over the soft fur covering him. The movie was slow in the beginning and that didn’t help and he was engrossed in the battle scenes which I found somewhat tedious.

I was getting impatient in proportion to the growing wetness between my legs and I needed something else to do with my hands. I maneuvered myself into position behind him and coaxed him to lean back against me while I massaged his shoulders and his arms. I could still see the movie and I was content as long as I could touch him.

“Damn, that feels good. Can you see the screen okay?” he asked, still munching.

“Mhhhmmnnn, hhhmmnn” I purred like a contented cat and he turned to look at me and chuckled, recognizing that sound for what it was.

“Do you wanna skip the movie, darlin’?” he asked softly.

“No, no, I can wait” I lied, biting my own lip.

I continued to rub his shoulders and satisfied my hunger for more by occasionally allowing my hands to stray down his chest, disguising my growing desire as only a massage. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed the back of his neck and it was a wonder I wasn’t sitting in a puddle of my own juices.

Jon was stroking my legs which I’d spread out alongside him and I was trying unsuccessfully to concentrate on the movie until a particular scene caught my attention. Brad, who played Achilles, was seducing the temple priestess who had just considered cutting his throat. Jon heard my sharp intake of breath and paused the movie suddenly and turned to face me.

“Shit, wife, you’re killing me here” he said, quite beside himself now too.

He kissed me hard on the lips, almost mimicking the scene we were watching and I surrendered totally, no longer able to pretend that I was interested in the movie. I had Jon’s undivided attention and he handled me roughly which only fueled my desire. His hands plunged into my pussy, eliciting another utterance from him.

“Shit” he said again, surprised at the obvious sign of my need.

“Fuck me” was all I could say and he needed no further instruction.

He plunged into me like a battering ram and I moaned my appreciation. I was so hot for him at that moment I felt like exploding and he brought me over the edge in record time as I bit hard into his shoulder. My hands roamed over his body frantically, feeling every muscle and movement as he screwed me like the world was ending.

I latched onto his ass as an anchor and he literally howled as he came, his movements suddenly fast and furious. I sighed with a sense of deep satisfaction as his hot come poured inside me, drenching me with his juices. I felt my insides still throbbing as he slowed his pace and began to rock against me more gently.

“Shit” he stated finally for the third time, collapsing on top of me.

We were both sweaty and panting, but smiling, as he raised his head to look at me and he shook his hair from his eyes. He laid his head back on my chest while his fingers toyed with my nipple. I stroked his silky mane and sighed again, feeling contented at last.

“Can we watch the rest of the movie now in peace, wife?” he muttered into my breasts.

My chest shook as I chuckled and he looked up at me with a lazy grin. I nodded my willingness to return to the movie and actually found it quite absorbing now that my more immediate needs had been tended to. We snuggled under the sheets and I laid my head on his chest while we finished the DVD and when it was over we slept like the dead.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Sauna Part 161

Jon called the realtor and told her we would take the house and that he would have the money transferred from his account in Jersey. I had no idea what the place must have cost, but I didn’t ask and Jon didn’t mention it, so I trusted that we could afford it. I half wondered what Jon’s estate was really worth, but it was merely curiosity and I didn’t ask. I figured he’d tell me when and if I needed to know.

We took a shower finally and decided to head into Pagosa Springs and check out the spa. It was afternoon already and the day was getting away from us. We called a cab this time and decided we would need a vehicle to get around as we’d be staying here for the duration. We agreed that we should get an SUV since the terrain could be rough, especially in the winter.

We went first to a dealer in Pagosa and looked at a couple of different models. After a couple test drives, we settled on a Lexus SUV as Jon trusted the make and this one came with a GPS that provided a screen to display directions. It seemed like a good idea since neither of us knew the area and this would help us navigate our way around.

The dealer showed us how the system worked and gave us the address for the spa which wasn’t far, so we thought that would be a good test. Jon punched in the address and a map came up on the screen and gave us directions, turn by turn. It was pretty amazing how that worked and it reminded me of Mapquest. We arrived at the spa within minutes.

“The outdoor facilities are closed for the winter, but we have several indoor pools to choose from” the older woman at the desk informed us.

“Tell us about the options and what you’d recommend” Jon asked.

She reviewed the various features of each area and Jon’s eyes lit up when she explained that the one smaller pool was clothing optional. I looked a little alarmed and she assured us that it was only open to adults and that people were expected to be discrete. She added that it was empty right now and that we would likely have the pool to ourselves, at least until after dinner when it tended to get busier.

“C’mon, babe, remember our pact?” Jon prompted when I still seemed hesitant.

“Are you sure? What if someone recognizes you? You can’t wear a disguise in there” I whispered.

“So what? It’s not as though we’d be breaking any rules …” he replied with a devilish grin.

“Alrighty then” I relented, seeing his excitement growing already.

The woman at the desk had turned her attention to other things while she waited for us to decide. Jon flagged her back over and eagerly shared our decision and she didn’t bat an eye. He handed her his charge card and she placed a stack of towels on the counter and a sheet of paper that explained the rules of conduct. We read it over briefly, realizing we had no excuse now for not knowing how to behave.

The woman handed Jon’s card back and then gave us another sheet of paper which outlined the benefits of the water and listed the minerals it contained. I briefly scanned the list and noted that lithium was one of the ingredients and asked if the water was safe to drink.

She explained she had been drinking a small vial daily since she was eighteen and that many people did the same, believing it to be responsible for their good health. She pointed to a cooler where you could buy a bottle of the water, but cautioned not to drink a lot of it. It would keep and all you needed was about one shot glass each day.

We purchased a large bottle to take with us and followed her down a corridor as she led us on a tour. She pointed out the various pools, one of which was the one we had chosen and was the hottest of the three available. The large pool was not heated beyond the natural heat of the spring, but the temperature usually ran around seventy-eight degrees. She left us then and Jon tugged at my hand as we made our way back towards the smaller pool.

There was no place to change inside, but the pool area was lined with benches where you could leave your things and the air inside was moist and warm from the bubbling waters. Jon stripped off his clothes immediately and waited for me. Even though we were alone, I felt a bit self-conscious so Jon offered to assist me. I made duck lips at him and told him to be patient and that I was apparently not quite the exhibitionist that he was and he laughed.

Finally I was naked too and together we stepped into the steamy water. It wasn’t as hot as the hot tub, but it was very warm and we glided towards the center of the pool where it came bubbling up from the ground. Jon pulled me closer to him and kissed me, sliding his hand across my hip. The water was extremely soft and his touch felt like satin across my skin.

We splashed in the water and played, enjoying the fact that we had the entire pool to ourselves. It wasn’t really deep enough for diving, but that didn’t stop Jon from doing a cannonball into the water and sinking to the bottom like a stone. I laughed and swam over to where he landed and I felt his hands glide along my body as he surfaced. I twined my legs around his waist and kissed him as we bobbed up and down in the water.

I felt a cool breeze suddenly on the back of my neck and as I turned to see where it was coming from and I realized we were no longer alone. The door had opened and an attractive woman and a somewhat older man had come in.

“Jon…” I whispered in his ear.

“I know, babe. I see them” he replied.

We moved quietly to the far end of the pool, hoping to be somewhat less noticeable. The couple disrobed and walked into the pool by the shallow end and the man waved to us. Jon waved back and I clung to him, feeling a bit insecure. Men always seemed more at ease with nudity, I thought, than did women.

The man was swimming towards us now while the woman hung back a bit but followed. As he approached, I took a closer look and he seemed less threatening upon further inspection. He smiled and introduced himself and his wife.

“Hi! I’m Gord and this beautiful creature here is my wife, Carol. Today is our anniversary and we’re celebrating! We’ve been together for twelve years and married for five and we’ve always wanted to come here. Are you two local? Maybe you can tell us about the benefits of the mineral springs first hand?” he asked enthusiastically.

He seemed quite friendly and harmless and I was touched by the way he referred to his wife. I began to relax and feel more comfortable now that the conversation seemed so normal even though the four of us were virtual strangers as well as being naked as jaybirds.

“Congratulations and happy anniversary! I’m Jon and this is Trish and this is sort of a belated honeymoon for us. It’s our first time here, so we don’t have any miracle stories about the healing power of the water, but it sure feels good” Jon said ebulliently.

“So we’re all newbies!” Gord grinned and Carol laughed.

“I’ve been trying to drag his butt here for years. Congratulations to you on managing to get your husband here on a honeymoon!” Carol beamed.

“Actually, I can’t take the credit. It was Jon’s idea and he completely surprised me” I admitted.

“A surprise! Hear that Gord? Some men actually like to plan trips to surprise their wives” she hinted, elbowing Gord in the ribs.

They were clearly a perfect pair and well-suited to each other I thought. Their good-natured banter put me totally at ease as we chatted and got to know each other a bit more. They were from Canada and this was the first vacation they’d been on in some time. I suggested they try and take a trip to Sedona as it wasn’t too far from here and it was the spiritual Mecca of the southwest, not to mention incredibly gorgeous scenery.

We learned that they were staying right there at the spa and had just arrived this morning, so their trip was just beginning. Gord was a workaholic, according to Carol, and I could sympathize with her on that one. Jon always had multiple projects going on and I was still amazed that he had willingly put a moratorium on all work for two weeks. Carol was not quite so lucky and had managed to get Gord away for only a week, but they were determined to make the most of it. I had no doubt they would; they seemed like a fun couple.

The time flew by as we enjoyed their company, but we were starting to feel like wrinkled prunes and I guessed that Jon was getting hungry. We said goodbye and excused ourselves as we swam toward the area where we had left our clothes. We dried off and got dressed just as a small group of young people entered and began to undress. We finished getting ready and waved to Carol and Gord as we made our exit.

We stopped again by the front desk on our way out and asked about the hours of operation and Jon was curious about any other services they had on site. I wanted to know if there were any particular places we should check out while we were here and Jon asked about local restaurants. He also asked if they had any special guest packages and I was curious about what he was up to.

“We have a ‘romantic adventure’ package” she explained and went on to describe it in some detail as Jon listened attentively.

The package consisted of dinner reservations and a couple champagne breakfasts, massages and spa treatments and additional amenities like fresh flowers and a private evening by candlelight in the pool after it closed to regular guests for the night. The spa would also provide wine and cheese snacks in the evening and a complimentary spa package of sponges, oils, bath salts and the like.

“We’ll take it, but not for us” Jon grinned as the woman looked at him in surprise and so did I.

“There’s a couple we met earlier who are staying here for their anniversary. I didn’t catch their last name, but they came in after we did and their first names are Carol and Gord from Canada” he said as the woman nodded and smiled.

“Yes, I know who you mean. They were so excited to finally get here and try the spa. They just arrived this afternoon” she explained.

“Right, that’s them. Can we upgrade their stay here to the package for them? I’d like this to be a special vacation for them” Jon inquired and the woman looked surprised.

I squeezed Jon and kissed him for being so thoughtful and such a romantic. His generosity was another thing I loved about him and I was tickled he’d thought of the idea and I guessed that the couple we’d met would definitely remember this vacation. Maybe Carol would have better luck dragging Gord away again in the future.

“Well, of course we can do that for you, Mr. Bongiovi. That’s very thoughtful. Who should I tell them the gift is from?” she asked.

“Just tell them to enjoy their vacation and ‘Happy Anniversary’ from Jon and Trish” he said as he signed the charge receipt and we were on our way.

“Dinner, babe?” Jon smiled, turning his attention to more pressing matters and I laughed.

“I love you, you know. That was such a wonderful idea. Come here” I said as I motioned him to bring his face closer so I could kiss him.

“I’ve got an idea for dinner. What do you say we go and get some groceries and I’ll make us a fancy dinner at home? I’m feeling greedy and I want you all to myself tonight. We can lie around in bed and watch a movie or something” I suggested.

“Or something? I like the sound of that” he growled deliciously.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sauna Part 160

The morning came and we were greeted by the sun streaming in through the huge, two-story windows that opened onto the hillside. The fire had gone out and it was a bit cool as we sat up and the blanket fell away. Jon tucked it around me more tightly and reached for his shirt from last night. He threw it on loosely and stood up to stretch, stiff from spending the night on the floor.

“I’ll get the fire going” he offered, poking at it slightly as a few dying embers still glowed.

“I’ll make the coffee” I volunteered.

He gave me his hand and pulled me to my feet and into his arms as he kissed me good morning. It looked like a glorious day and I marveled at the color of the sky. It was a deeper blue than any skies back home and I guessed it must be the altitude.

I started the coffee and opened the refrigerator, wondering what other supplies the owner had left for us. I was delighted to see we had eggs and bacon, milk, cheese and bread and even orange juice. I pulled out the carton of OJ and poured us each a glass as I considered what to make for breakfast.

“How about French toast and bacon?” I called to Jon.

“Sounds great, babe. Is that coffee ready yet?” he called back.

“Not quite, but almost” I replied as I set out two cups and waited for it to finish.

I poured him a cup and brought it out to him along with a glass of juice which he drained immediately. The fire had finally begun to catch and I stood back and watched as Jon bent over to add another log. He hadn’t bothered to put on his pants and I was treated to a spectacular view.

“Now that’s a sight I wouldn’t mind getting used to” I giggled as he poked again at the logs.

“Wicked girl” Jon commented, but he was grinning.

He picked up the coffee mug and took a few sips, eyeing me over the rim.

“Come over here” he commanded and I could see he was sporting an erection already.

“And you call me wicked?” I teased, my eyes dropping to rest on his penis.

“I just thought you might like a little sausage before breakfast” he said with a glint in his eye.

He came towards me and I tried to back away, but he caught me and we tumbled onto the couch. He tickled me until I couldn’t breathe and I begged him for mercy. I loved it when Jon was playful and he was in rare form this morning.

“I’ll teach you what happens to wicked girls” he threatened, pinning my hands above my head.

He pulled at the blanket that I had wrapped myself in and exposed a rosy red nipple which he eyed like a starving man. I felt his breath on my flesh, tickling me further before he sucked it between his lips. I ceased all my struggling as my body yielded beneath him, my will power no match for his skillful tongue. He lifted his head and spoke softly.

“But not until after you make me breakfast” he smirked.

My eyes flew open and I began to struggle in earnest now, determined to force him to make good on his threat. He held me firmly and laughed as my eyes flashed at him, furious at being denied. This was pure torture and he was thoroughly enjoying himself now.

“You wouldn’t keep a lady waiting, would you?” I coaxed, raising my thigh to try and rub against his erection.

“What’s the matter? Are you hungry, sweetheart? Decided you want a little sausage for breakfast after all?” he asked sarcastically, stroking his cock with his free hand.

“Yeah, baby, feed me. I’m hungry” I begged.

He climbed up higher, still holding my wrists with one hand, as he rubbed the tip across my lips. I licked at the head, and tried to take him into my mouth, but he resisted and continued to tease me.

“Not until you act like a good wife and make me my breakfast first” he cackled again.

I groaned in despair and he knew he had won. I was so desperate now that I’d have promised him anything and I was grateful that all it would cost me was breakfast. I reluctantly agreed to go cook for him first and he released my hands and climbed off me. I pouted and shook my head as I stood up, ready to do my duty, but I let the blanket fall to the ground so he could see what he was missing.

“C’mere, baby, I’m not really that stubborn or that hungry” he chuckled, grabbing my hand.

I turned to face him and he pulled me onto his lap, guiding his swollen cock into my aching pussy. He’d wanted it just as bad as I did, but he wanted to tease me even more. His fingers stroked my slippery clit and I groaned with relief as I came, gripping him hard with my spasms. He wasn’t far behind as he reached for my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers.

“Oooohhhh…yeah” he growled as he released his load inside me.

We both giggled at the sound and collapsed on the couch in a fit of laughter, enjoying the shared relief we both felt. The games had been fun but there was no denying the fact that we both needed to get laid before we could concentrate on anything else. Jon rolled over and we both fell off the couch, resulting in another round of laughter as we lay sprawled on the floor. I finally stood up, as the giggles subsided, and Jon smacked me on the ass.

“Now will you finally make me some breakfast?” he said, trying to catch his breath.

“Yes, love, now I’d be happy to feed you” I grinned.

I wrapped the blanket around me and headed back to the kitchen and started to make the French toast. I put the bacon in the microwave to cook and poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and Jon came out for a refill. He slipped an arm around my waist and lifted my hair to one side, kissing the back of my neck.

“I love you, lady” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you too. Now go and sit down, this will be ready in a minute” I ordered, turning to kiss him.

There was nothing but tenderness in his eyes now as he looked at me and smiled. He sat down obediently and watched as I dished up the food and brought his plate over to him. He’d missed the normalcy of family life and it was deeply satisfying to him just to be here with me, having breakfast together. I could see that from the look of contentment on his face as he ate his breakfast. I had never really wanted to take care of someone the way I wanted to take care of Jon and I realized for the first time how happy it made me to do just that.

After breakfast we picked up our clothes that were scattered about the living room and began to unpack the suitcases some before taking a shower. Jon noticed that his cell phone was blinking and checked the number. It was Richie. I nodded and he played the message.

“Hey, I didn’t want to bother you guys on your vacation, honeymoon, whatever, but I just had to know how you both liked the house. Give me a call later when you’re both awake and not, uhm, busy enjoying the hot tub or each other or something” the message said and ended with a chuckle.

Jon laughed too and began to dial Richie’s number, but I stopped him. We hadn’t even gotten to see the rest of the house beyond the downstairs and I suggested we should take a tour first. I had no doubt that I would love the rest of the place and I was anxious to see the whole house. We went upstairs and found the master bedroom first.

“This is fabulous!” I exclaimed as we walked through the doorway.

The room was quite large with a king sized bed made from rough hewn pine logs. It sat squarely in the center of the room, facing the doorway, with a second stone fireplace off to the right. On the left was huge window overlooking the front of the house with a view of the pond clearly visible. There were matching pieces of furniture scattered about the room and an enormous wardrobe chest with a TV hidden behind the doors.

The master bathroom was off to the right of the fireplace and sported the prized hot tub we knew we would find. To the left of the fireplace was a door that opened onto a spacious walk-in closet with plenty of room for our sizeable wardrobes. A large chandelier made from elk antlers hung over the bed and there was an elk head mounted above the fireplace. The floor was solid knotty pine and had a plush tapestry carpet angled off center with two leather chairs beside the hearth.

“This is so perfect, I can’t believe it! There’s nothing I would change if I’d designed this myself” I said breathlessly.

As we continued our tour, I was amazed over and over again. The house was just as I imagined it would be and I began to wonder if all my fantasies weren’t somehow premonitions of what this house would look like. There were very few decorations besides the light fixtures and furniture and I began to make mental notes of things I could bring from both houses to add a more personal touch.

There were plenty of bedrooms and a third bathroom for guests and it made Jon’s house in New Jersey seem small in comparison. My house in New York would have been better described as a shoebox alongside such vastness. There would be ample room for the kids to come and stay and still room for a study or den. Jon had thought we could turn one of the rooms into a studio if I decided to paint again and I thought it would be ideal for a piano where he could write.

“Let’s call Richie now” I said excitedly after we’d explored the entire place.

Jon punched in the number and handed the phone to me. I was anxious to tell him how thrilled we both were and to thank him for helping Jon find this place. The phone picked up and I was greeted by Lainie’s voice as she answered.

“Elaine?” I asked as Jon rolled his eyes.

“Yes. Who is this?” she said, sounding startled.

“It’s me, it’s Trish. It’s good to hear your voice” I lied through gritted teeth.

I sat down wearily on the bed in the master bedroom while she went on to regale me with all of her news. Jon paced the floor as I listened to her brag about the diamond wedding ring Richie had bought her and how much she thought his parents had liked her.

“How did Ava take the news?” I asked and Jon smirked.

“She’s just a child, she’ll get used to the idea” Lainie said, sounding annoyed and quickly handing the phone to Richie who I could hear in the background.

“Hi Richie! Yes, we got in last night, but we never got beyond the first floor until this morning” I explained in response to his questions.

“Jon was dying to show you that house for months. I can’t believe he didn’t take you on a tour right away!” Richie said sounding a bit surprised.

“We got a bit, uhm, sidetracked by the fireplace” I giggled and Richie laughed, catching my drift.

“So how do you like the place now that you’ve seen it?” he wanted to know.

“Oh Richie, it’s gorgeous. It couldn’t be more perfect! It’s as though someone was in my head and had built it especially for me. I still can’t get over it” I said enthusiastically.

“Did Jon tell you about the option to buy it?” Richie asked, pleased that they’d chosen so well with only pictures to go on.

“He’s calling the realtor today after we hang up” I said as Jon grabbed the phone from my hand.

“Yeah, bro. You were right again. She loves it and I have to admit I owe you big for last night. It was the best thank you I’ve ever gotten” he grinned as he leaned down to kiss me.

“What about you, man? Is it what you’d hoped?” Richie asked him.

“It’s perfect really. I love the place and it’s private as hell. We could strut around here naked all day and no one would ever see us. We’ve got the whole side of the mountain to ourselves. Ya done good, man” Jon assured him.

“Excellent, excellent. I take it then Trish was surprised? You never even gave her a hint?” he asked finally.

“Hell, yeah. She had no idea. Hey, is everything okay with you? How’s Ava taking things? Did she get to meet Elaine before you told her the news?” Jon asked seriously.

“She and Lainie had met before we did the show in Florida, but she wasn’t too happy. She still wants me and her Mom to work it out. You know kids, but I’m hoping she’ll come around now that we’re married” he said, trying to sound more positive than he felt.

“I’m sorry, man. That’s rough. Give it time. Jakey had a hard time too” Jon said sympathetically, but he wasn’t surprised.

This stuff was toughest on kids, Jon thought to himself. And Richie hadn’t given Ava much time to get to know Elaine before springing the marriage on her. He should’ve expected that this would just make it more difficult.

“Look, let’s not talk about it now. Lainie gets upset and you guys are on vacation. Just do me a favor and enjoy yourselves and we’ll see ya in Jersey for the holidays” Richie said.

“Yeah, okay, I hear ya. Take care Rich” Jon finished and he hung up the phone.

He sat down heavily beside me on the bed and sighed. We both felt bad for Ava and for Richie too. I hoped Elaine could see past her own needs enough to try and help Ava feel comfortable. I doubted it though as everything I saw in her lately made me realize how badly I’d misjudged her in the beginning. But I wasn’t going to go down that road again. It was time to focus on me and Jon and the rest of the world would go on with or without my worrying about it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sauna Part 159

I looked out the window and realized we were climbing up a steep driveway toward an enormous log home that was perched on top of a mountain. It was a good five hundred yards away still, but I could make it out from the lights inside illuminating the huge windows. My mouth fell open and I was speechless.

Jon chuckled softly as I stared in wonder as we approached the vacation home he had rented for the duration of our stay. This had been my fantasy for years since I had visited Colorado and I could barely grasp the fact that he had made my dreams a reality.

“Pinch me-this can’t possibly be real” I said, more to myself than to him.

He chuckled again as the limo pulled into the parking area and came to a stop. The home was the most beautiful place I had ever seen and went far beyond anything I had ever imagined. It was a two-story log cabin embedded into the hillside, though cabin could hardly capture how enormous the place actually was. It was surrounded by a huge deck and had windows that reached towards the sky, framing the interior of the dwelling that was lit softly by a myriad of lights.

We stepped out of the limo onto the frozen ground and the packed snow crunched beneath our feet. Jon took my hand and led me past the frozen pond alongside the house and up the steps to the main entrance. The snow was falling lightly all around us and there was a hushed silence that blanketed the scene. I squeezed his hand as he turned the key in the lock, holding my breath as he opened the door.

I gasped as he lifted me in the air and carried me into the place that would become paradise for the next several weeks. I never even noticed the limo driver who had come in silently behind us, depositing our bags and leaving without a word. Jon carried me into the living room and set me down in front of the immense stone fireplace where a bottle of champagne and two glasses were waiting.

I stood there frozen as I drank in the surroundings and Jon removed my coat without a word. I was completely captivated by the house and he was thoroughly enjoying my reaction. I touched the stone wall of the fireplace, flanked by logs of knotty pine on all sides and the monstrous moose head that hung on the wall nearest to me. The lights that cast such a warm glow were all made from deer antlers and there was a huge fur rug spread in front of the hearth.

“Should I make us a fire?” Jon inquired, beaming at me as I nodded in awe.

He removed his own coat now and reached for the long lighter on the mantle. The wood had already been stacked and was ready, a starter log buried in the center to catch the flame. He uncorked the champagne and poured us each a glass and came to stand at my side.

“To us” he said reverently, handing a glass to me.

We toasted and then drank, and I turned to focus my attention on the man who had made my dreams come true in every possible way. I looked into his eyes, shining with love and happiness, and I knew that I would never forget this moment as long as I lived. The tears that had begun to form in my eyes were a mixture of love and adoration for the man standing before me and I was overwhelmed by the surge of emotion I felt.

“Jon, I love you more than I could ever have imagined was possible. I can’t believe you did all this for me, for us. I am in awe; you are the most amazing man I have ever known. I don’t know where to begin to thank you for all that you do for me every day. You make me feel more special than I have ever felt in my life. I just love you so much” I said as I threw my arms around his neck, knowing the words were totally inadequate to express the flood of emotion I felt for him.

He pulled me closer, hugging me tightly in his arms for a moment. Then he took a deep breath as he held my face between his hands and looked lovingly at me. His eyes sparkled with warmth and were as clear as the bluest sky on a summer day. His voice was serious now as he spoke from his heart.

“You are everything to me; you’re a part of my soul and without you I could not be. I would do anything for you as you make me whole. I’ve become the person I want to be through your love; you are my inspiration now and the very breath of life inside me. Baby, you’re all I ever needed or wanted. You complete me” he finished.

The tears were streaming down my cheeks as I looked into his eyes and this moment became etched in my soul. No one had ever come close to being what Jon had become and my life before him seemed pale in comparison. I had thought I had been happy, but I knew now what poets and bards had written about for centuries. Jon had awakened things inside me I never believed existed and I wept for the pure joy I had found in loving him.

We both fell to our knees and gave thanks to the God and Goddess for helping us to find each other yet again in this lifetime. It had been no accident and we were filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the incredible gifts that we had been given. There was no better way to show our appreciation than celebrating our love in their presence.

The fire was blazing now, mirroring the passion we felt rising inside us. I unbuttoned Jon’s shirt, my gaze lingering over his powerful muscles rippling with strength as he pulled my sweater over my head. We kicked off our shoes and I smiled at him as he stripped off his jeans and I slid mine over my hips, our eyes fastened on one another. Our lips met in a heated kiss as we succumbed to the sacred need to consecrate our union.

Jon covered me with his body as I lay back against the soft fur carpet beneath me, feeling the hardness in his loins as I spread my legs to receive him. He entered me easily as my hungry flesh enveloped his rigid shaft and I melted into him. I inhaled the musky scent of his cologne, intoxicated by the intensity with which my senses seemed to perceive everything.

His hot breath in my ear drove me wild as he plunged deeper, taking me fiercely as his need grew stronger. I circled his waist with my legs and raised my hips to meet each thrust, panting, as I felt my release approaching. Jon’s teeth sank into my shoulder as he struggled to hold back, and I came instantaneously as his seed spilled inside me like liquid flames.

My hands caught in his hair as he lifted his head and uttered a groan of pure pleasure. My lips curved into a smile as the waves of our climax rocked us together and filled us both with such a feeling of immense satisfaction. The mists of time descended and enveloped us in the ageless spiral of energy that our love created.

“Baby …” I cooed as I looked at him through heavy lidded eyes.

“I know …” was all he could say as he kissed me tenderly on my lips.

We collapsed in each other’s arms, our breathing less heavy as we became aware of our surroundings once more. The intensity of our love-making had drained us and I was content to lie in his arms for eternity but Jon raised himself up on his elbow and looked at me, softly stroking my skin as it glowed in the firelight.

“You are so beautiful …” he said reverently as he trailed his finger between my breasts, glistening now with sweat.

He bent his head and lightly took my nipple between his teeth and I shuddered, still raw from the force of his loving. I stretched out my hand and brushed away the dampened lock of hair that had fallen across his face. He was every bit the vision of the God to me too. I sat up and reached for our champagne glasses and raised a toast to him.

“You are my God” I said with conviction.

“And you will always be my Goddess” he swore, echoing my thoughts as we drained our glasses.

Jon pulled a blanket from the nearby sofa and wrapped it around us to keep warm. Neither of us had the energy to climb the stairs to the bedroom and falling asleep by the fire didn’t seem out of the question. He threw another log in the brazier and drew the blanket around us as we huddled together, feeling a slight chill.

“I guess the tour of the house can wait until tomorrow?” he grinned impishly.

“I’m guessing there is a hot tub hidden somewhere in this castle” I teased, feeling like a queen.

“In the master bedroom” he replied with a smirk.

“You really did think of everything, didn’t you?” I observed, shaking my head.

“Here’s the best part, babe. If you like this place, we can keep it. We have an option to buy it” he said proudly as he refilled our glasses.

“Oh my God and Goddess, are you kidding? Jon, do you mean it? Seriously? This could be ours?” I gasped, my eyes flying open.

“Yeah, baby, just say the word and I’ll call the realtor” he smiled.

“You mean we could actually live here? Oh my Gods, Jon, this is too much. I really need you to pinch me now” I said breathlessly.

“You have no idea how hard it’s been for me to keep this a secret all this time. The only one who knew was Richie. Remember when we were in California and you raved about Richie’s house? He knew about this place then and I’ve been waiting that long to bring you here. He actually helped me find it on the web and he was there when I made the decision” he explained.

I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely stunned. I couldn’t imagine keeping a secret like that from him for this long. I had no clue at all that he had even considered moving from New Jersey and I was completely undone. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him.

“I guess I’ll call the realtor tomorrow then?” he laughed.

“Wait until I see that Richie! And they say women keep secrets!” I laughed too.

We’d finished the champagne and we were both beginning to get sleepy. Jon yawned and lay back down, pulling me with him. I snuggled against him as we wrapped ourselves with the blanket and cuddled contentedly.

“We should get some sleep, wife. There are a lot of rooms in this place we still need to christen” he smiled lazily and I chuckled, thinking that was a task I was certainly looking forward to.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sauna Part 158

We boarded the plane after Jon made a stop at the newsstand and picked up a paper to read on the flight. He grimaced as he hauled the two suitcases up the stairs and I reminded him it was his idea to only bring two. Vicky smiled as she greeted us and I think she rather enjoyed seeing him struggle with them as she winked at my comment. We settled into our seats and prepared for take-off.

Once we were in the air, she came around and brought us coffee and I noticed immediately that it was Timmy’s. I thanked her for going to the trouble and she nodded at Jon who’d insisted. I smiled at him as she proceeded to ask about lunch and listed the choices.

“Is it going to be a long flight then?” I asked, thinking I could wheedle a little information, but Jon was too quick.

“Don’t tell her a thing! This whole trip is a secret from everyone but you and the crew” he grinned.

“I know, I remember. You only told me five or six times” Vicky said, shaking her head.

“Yeah, but she’s clever so you’ll have to be careful” he added, nodding towards me.

I swore I wouldn’t try to get her to spill the beans anymore and I chose the chicken salad on a croissant for lunch and Jon went for the Reuben. She disappeared off to the galley and began preparing the sandwiches as it was getting close to lunch anyway. Jon glanced at the paper while I tried to read my book, but I was too excited to concentrate, so I began writing in the travel journal I’d picked up at the bookstore.

“Whatcha got there?” Jon asked, looking over at what I was writing.

“It’s a travel journal so I can write all about our adventures and my thoughts along the way” I replied, still writing.

“So what are you writing already?” he demanded as he tried to wrestle the book away from me.

“I guess you’re the only one who’s allowed to keep a secret?” I teased, but I didn’t really mind.

“Is it about me? Did you write about me?” he asked as he stubbornly continued to tug on the book.

After a struggle, I handed it to him finally and he grinned like a little kid who got what he wanted. I imagined that even as a little kid, Jon usually got what he wanted. Who could resist him?

He opened the book and read:

December 5th, 2007

We left home this morning after Jon finally worked things out between him and Richie and I’m glad. It would have been harder to leave with things so unsettled. I still have no clue where we’re going, but as long as I’m with him it hardly matters. Two whole weeks with Jon all to myself… I can hardly wait! He just noticed I’m writing something and Mr. Curiosity has to know what it is

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll let you write in peace” he said sheepishly as he handed me back the book and I laughed.

Vicky brought in our lunch and we ate while I pondered where we might be heading. I tried to recall places we’d talked about and I couldn’t remember any place that Jon had mentioned wanting to go. I hadn’t traveled that much myself, but Jon had been all over the country; all over the world actually. I looked out the window, trying to imagine what he had planned that would require heavy clothes as well as a bathing suit.

I went back to trying to read my book while Jon returned to his paper. Vicky left us to our own devices for the most part, but we behaved like model passengers and appeared completely respectable when she returned to see if we needed anything. She brought us each a glass of champagne and Jon raised his glass for a toast.

“To us … and the closest thing to a honeymoon” he purred.

He looked quite satisfied with himself and I trusted his judgment, but I was getting anxious to know how long a flight it would be. It was mid afternoon and we’d been in the air for about four hours and I was feeling antsy. I raised my glass for the toast and kissed him.

“Jon, how much longer until we land?” I asked, hoping for just a small hint.

“Pretty soon. We should be there in about an hour” he said, checking his watch.

I was getting excited now that I knew we were close, but the time really gave me no clue as I had no sense of what direction we had headed. If we’d gone north, I assumed we were somewhere over Canada and east would have put us over the ocean, or so I thought. I doubted we were heading south as we had just left Florida only a week ago, so I tried to picture where we might be if we’d gone west.

“Trust me, baby” he smiled, pulling me closer.

I leaned my head on his chest and he stroked my hair while I wondered at my good fortune. I had never felt so special or so cherished in my whole life. I was amazed that Jon would devote so much time to me when he had a tour coming up and so many other responsibilities to consider. I didn’t know when he had even found the time to plan a trip and I marveled at his desire to do so. I truly felt blessed as I thought about all the small things Jon did for me in addition to such a grand gesture.

Vicky reappeared to take our glasses and informed us that we would be landing shortly and I felt the change in pressure as we started our descent. Jon squeezed my hand and I could tell that he was starting to get excited as well. I looked out the window, but I still had no idea where we were, but I did see snow. The plane landed smoothly and we got ready to disembark.

“Do you know where we are yet?” he asked, grinning.

“Well, it’s not Florida” I observed.

“We’re in Durango” he announced as we walked into the airport.

“Colorado? Oh Jon, I love Colorado! How did you know?” I breathed.

“You mentioned it once and I decided then that that’s where we’d go” he smiled.

Jon dropped the suitcases and stood for a moment while I hugged him. He had remembered. I could hardly believe he had picked up on something I barely recalled telling him about. He took my face in his hands, and tilted it up to look at him.

“Did I do good, babe?” he asked anxiously, again reminding me of a little boy.

“Are you kidding? Colorado is my favorite place in the world! Have you been here before too?” I gushed, wanting to show him all the places I loved.

“Yep, I’ve always loved this area as there’s a little bit of everything, all within driving distance. Let’s get a cart and get these bags out to the limo. We still have an hour ride or so” he prompted.

We found a cart and loaded the suitcases onto it and made our way to the pick up area. There was a limo waiting and the driver hailed Jon, recognizing him right away. We climbed in the limo and we were on our way. I realized we were headed toward Pagosa Springs and I told Jon how much I had wanted a chance to try the hot springs there when I had passed through on a previous trip.

“We can check out the hot springs later, but let’s grab dinner first. I’m starving!” he suggested, reading my mind.

We arrived at a wonderful restaurant which specialized in Indian food and I was tickled to see that Jon had a taste for that too as my ex would never even try it with me. We enjoyed a fabulous meal of spicy chicken dishes, some with curry and some with paprika, but my favorite thing was the tea. It was a heavy, aromatic tea brewed with spices and milk and I gave up my coffee, preferring that instead.

I had assumed we were staying in the resort at the hot springs, but as the limo drove past the turn off I began to wonder what other surprises Jon had in store for me. We were in the midst of the most inspiring scenery I could imagine and I was surprised that there weren’t more songs written in homage to the Rocky Mountains.

“Jon, this is the most beautiful area I have ever seen! I remember driving through here on a trip once a few years ago and wishing someday I could come back here. It just takes my breath away! I can hardly believe that I’m here with you. How could you possibly have known?” I breathed.

“As much as I’d like to let you think I’m psychic, the truth is that I saw some of the pictures on your computer one day while you were at work. I had a lot of free time and that’s when I started to plan this idea. I did a little research and found this place and it reminded me of the pictures I saw and well …” he explained, but I didn’t let him finish.

I covered his mouth with my own and climbed into his lap as I had no words that could express how happy he made me. My actions would have to speak for themselves. He slid his arms around my waist, drawing me tight against his chest, as he kissed me back fervently. I could feel his excitement rising as his hand crept under my shirt to fondle my breasts and he whispered hoarsely in my ear.

“We’ll be pulling in the driveway any minute, baby” he said in a strained voice.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sauna Part 157

After dinner we settled down in the bed to watch TV and snuggle with the cats. It was our last night at home and I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. The phone rang several times, but Jon didn’t answer and eventually he turned off the ringer all together. We heard Richie’s voice on the answering machine, sounding a bit anxious, but Jon still ignored it.

“Fuck ’em, let him see how it feels” he said when I started to get up to answer it.

Jon had a temper and I hoped I’d never be on the receiving end of his vengeance. He could be very cold when he felt wronged and I wasn’t so sure I liked that part of him, but I had learned not to argue with him when he gave me that look. I stayed where I was, feeling the tension in his arm as he laid it on mine to keep me from getting up.

“How about some popcorn?” I suggested, needing to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, okay” he agreed, relaxing a bit.

I got up and went to the kitchen and put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. I grabbed the bottle of wine we’d opened with dinner and refilled our glasses, thinking it couldn’t hurt. I brought the glasses into the bedroom and smiled to see Jon in the bed, surrounded by cats. There was a repeat of the Sopranos on TV and he looked quite content at the moment.

The microwave dinged and I returned to the kitchen and emptied the bag into a large bowl. I melted some butter and poured it on as an extra treat and grabbed a few napkins before joining him in the bed. He caught me up on the episode we were watching as he grabbed a handful of popcorn.

The phone had stopped ringing and the evening passed quietly enough. I was beginning to feel the wine and the show was over now, so Jon turned his attention to me. He set the empty bowl on the floor and climbed on top of me as I spread my legs to welcome him. We made love gently, without urgency, taking care not to disturb the cats that were sprinkled around us on the bed.

We both giggled as Zeke snuggled between us, sensing we were now finished shaking the bed. I leaned over the cat and kissed Jon goodnight and he seemed more relaxed. The cats were all purring contentedly and we were soon lulled to sleep by the sound.


I woke the next morning to the sun streaming in through the window. The weather had warmed up considerably and the world outside looked magical. The freezing rain yesterday had coated all the tree limbs with ice and everything sparkled now as it began to melt from the warmer temperatures and it looked like a good day to travel.

It was still early and we had time before Rick arrived to pick us up for the airport. I snuggled against Jon who was still asleep and he reached for me as he began to wake up. I nuzzled his neck and he opened his eyes and smiled.

“Today we leave the world behind and begin to indulge every fantasy, agreed?” Jon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Agreed” I replied.

We got up and Jon made the coffee while I fixed us some breakfast and we sat down to eat. Jon called Rick to make sure we were on schedule and he only half listened to the messages from last night, deciding to call Richie and get it over with before we left as he’d left several frantic messages.

“Hello?” Elaine answered and I saw Jon’s eyes narrow.

“It’s Jon. Is Richie there?” he said abruptly.

“Well, yes. I’m so glad you called. We’ve been trying to reach you since last night. We were upset by the news” she said in her lilting Scottish accent.

“Lemme talk to Richie. Now!” Jon demanded.

“Jon? Jesus, I’m glad you called. What’s going on? We heard all kinds of rumors” Richie said anxiously.

“Oh yeah? What did you hear?” Jon asked sarcastically.

My stomach began to twist and I was glad I had finished eating as I had no appetite for this. Eddie jumped up on my lap and purred softly, and I stroked his fur, trying to remain calm. I wanted to see them make up, but Jon was being antagonistic.

“We heard that you and Trish ran off and got married because of us and that you had shut down the Backstage Boards. There’s a rumor going around that this would be the last tour and that you were calling it quits” Richie said with a deep breath.

“Do you think I would do something like that without telling you?” Jon replied sardonically.

There was dead silence for a moment as Richie absorbed the impact of this statement. Jon was frowning and I could hear Lainie’s voice in the background, but I couldn’t make out what she said. Jon was being deliberately cruel and I gave him a sharp look. Richie didn’t deserve this. He’d hurt Jon, but he hadn’t done it on purpose.

“Jesus, Jon, I’m sorry. What are you saying?” Richie said finally, breaking the silence.

“I’m saying I wouldn’t announce news without sharing it first with all of you. You knew Trish and I were married; for God’s sake you were both there! You knew Trish was going to begin running the Board in January and that mom was retiring. I didn’t shut it down, but maybe it froze up with all the activity after I made the announcement. What’s the matter with you-has your wife addled your brain that much?” he spat.

Again there was silence. My heart went out to Richie, but also to Jon as I knew he was lashing out because he was deeply wounded and very unhappy with the whole affair. The one thing he’d counted on among the band members, and especially Richie, was loyalty. It was one thing for Richie to have made such a personal decision without so much as a phone call, but it was quite another matter entirely to allow his new wife to manipulate the media without consulting him. Jon needed to be sure that Richie knew who was boss when it came to the press.

“For Christ’s sake, man. I said I’m sorry. I didn’t plan any of it, really. It just happened and Elaine was so happy and wanted the world to know we were married. I don’t even know how it leaked to the press, but it wasn’t me. Once it got out, I couldn’t very well deny it, could I? And what damage did it cause, except to your pride? Was it really such a fucking crime, Jon? Do you have to control everything, even my personal life?” he demanded.

It was Jon’s turn to be quiet now. Richie had a valid point and deep down Jon knew it. Richie had no idea how our feelings about Elaine had changed as we’d never expressed our reservations directly. As far as he knew, we were happy about the engagement and while the marriage had been a shock, it wasn’t a betrayal. Richie hadn’t called the press in an attempt to defy Jon’s authority about how to handle publicity; he was just caught off guard. And clearly, he didn’t realize how Elaine had manipulated the situation.

“Okay Rich, I’m sorry too. I thought you called the press conference without even bothering to run it by me. When you didn’t call to tell me what happened, I assumed it was by design. Shit happens and you’re right, it hasn’t really caused any damage except between us. Are we okay, bro?” Jon asked, regretting that he’d assumed the worst.

“Yeah, we’re okay. I should have called you after the media found out and warned you it’d be in the papers. I never meant for you to find out like that and I am sorry. Blame it on love” he said apologetically.

“Look, man, we’re leaving for vacation for a couple weeks and Rick will be here in about an hour to pick us up. We’re good, right?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, we’re good. Tell Trish I’m sorry too, would ya? I’m sure you’ve been a prick to live with lately and that’s my fault for not calling. Have a good trip” he laughed, trying to lighten the tone.

“Okay, Rich, I’ll tell her. It’s been a miserable couple of days. See ya at the show” Jon said as he hung up.

“Shit. You heard everything, right?” Jon asked and I nodded.

“Three guesses who ‘leaked’ the news to the press” I replied.

“No shit. Richie’s a fool when it comes to women” he added, shaking his head.

“Jon, he’s not the only one Lainie fooled, at least at first. I still don’t want to believe she’s behind all this” I lamented.

“C’mon Trish. I know it sucks, but you can’t believe she’s really so shy and quiet now, can you? Did you see that picture in the tabloids? And most of the quotes came from her. She had this planned all along and we all played right into her hands” he said disgustedly.

I found it hard to believe that she could be this conniving, but the evidence was mounting. I hated to be wrong as much as Jon did, but there was no denying it anymore. I wasn’t as convinced that she had planned this all along, but there was no other explanation for how it got leaked to the press. She might have fooled us all in the beginning, but we weren’t likely to be blind-sided again.

Jon and I showered and got dressed and we were ready to go when Rick arrived. I had him come in and officially introduced him to the cats and told him a little about each one. I especially warned him not to touch Floyd’s butt and Jon elaborated on Zeke’s special needs.

“I thought there were five. Did I miscount?” Rick asked innocently and Jon explained that Beowulf had passed away in her sleep the night before last.

“I’m so sorry, guys. I’ll make sure everybody gets plenty of attention while you’re gone” Rick said sympathetically and Jon wiped the tear from my eye.

A vacation was really what we needed after the last few weeks and I was determined to put aside everything but Jon while we were away. He had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that this trip was special and that the memories we made would hold us while we were separated. We closed the door to the house and with it we closed the door on all the sadness and anger we’d shared since returning to Jersey. We would keep the pact that we had made this morning now that we had officially begun the adventure.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Sauna Part 156

The rain had stopped by the time we finished our shower and it looked as if the skies were beginning to clear. So too, was my head. The magik Jon and I made together was so much more potent than anything I had ever experienced alone and summoning the mists was no small feat. I felt tired and drained, but the empty hole that Beowulf’s death had left was no longer there.

We sat down and sipped our coffee, enjoying it more now that the tension had eased. The cats came and sat with us as we cuddled by the fire and recovered our strength. We were both hungry now and scarfed down the breakfast we’d had no appetite for earlier.

“We should probably start packing for the trip” Jon observed lazily.

“Yeah, we should” I agreed as I snuggled closer against him.

“How many suitcases will this cost me?” he teased.

“Only two large ones, and a garment bag-for me” I laughed.

Jon rolled his eyes and stood up with an effort. He went upstairs and returned with the suitcases and a carry-on bag which he laid on the bed. He headed back up the stairs and came back down with a garment bag and a gray suit he was hoping would fit in there along with whatever dress I decided to bring. I thought that the new gray one I had just bought would be a good choice and fished it out of the bag to show him.

“That looks great, babe. What else have you got in there?” he asked, peeking to see if his present was tucked in the bag.

I had already hidden it away as I shook my head and proceeded to show him the robe and the other two dresses and the book for Jesse. He nodded his approval and I asked if he thought the green dress would be too much for his Mom’s party.

“I’m sure you’ll capture all the attention no matter what you wear, doll” he surmised.

“Should I bring the black one too for the trip?” I wondered.

“You could, but remember there are stores where we’re going” he reminded me.

“Okay, we’ll save this for another occasion. Seriously, though, what do you think about the green one? I thought it would be nice around the holidays, but is it too much? Would the black one be better?” I persisted.

“Maybe, I don’t know. The green one would be great for the Christmas party, though” he said thoughtfully.

“What Christmas party?” I asked, trying to decide.

“We always throw a bash for the band and the record execs on Christmas Eve at Elements and the retirement party will likely be there too” he explained.

Jon’s brother owned Elements so there was no need to worry about reservations or the like. The Christmas party was already planned and he just needed to let Tony know the date for the retirement party and he could have the entire place available. He was thinking that New Year’s Eve would be the best as he’d be leaving in early January for the European leg of the tour.

I didn’t need to decide now, so I hung up the two dresses I wasn’t taking on the trip and we put the gray one and Jon’s suit in the garment bag. I browsed through the closet and tried to select the pieces I thought would be the most versatile for the trip. Jon packed a few pairs of jeans and slacks, shorts and shirts and I handed him the leather vest I loved to see him in.

“I love you in leather” I grinned.

He shook his head and packed it in the suitcase and grabbed the brown leather shirt I loved too. He tossed me my leather halter I’d worn for one of the gigs and the revealing costume we’d bought at Halloween with a big grin and I packed it along with my jeans and a couple tank tops. Pretty soon we were ready and Jon struggled to zip the suitcases shut. I added a few more items to the carry on bag, leaving room for the last minute stuff to toss in tomorrow morning. Rick would be here to pick us up and take us to the airport before returning to baby-sit his furry charges.

“What’s next?” I said, trying to think of what else we needed to do.

“We should go on the Boards and make the official announcement about mom’s retirement, but I’ll call my brother first and confirm the party for New Year’s” he decided.

I logged us in to the website using Jon’s password while he made the arrangements with his brother. He called his mother, but she was out shopping and he left the message with his dad, glad to avoid another confrontation. I was browsing the Board to see if there had been any mention of the retirement by his mom when he joined me.

“No notice yet, huh?” he asked.

I shook my head ‘no’ and changed places with him so that he could make the announcement via an open letter to the fans. He began with a general greeting to the membership, wishing them all a safe and happy holiday season and sharing that he’d be away on vacation with me for a few weeks. He talked about the upcoming show this month at Giants before the tour started up again and then went on to share the news that the Board would be changing in January.

He wrote a glowing tribute to his mom, thanking her for all her hard work over the years and giving her credit for making the Fan Club so successful, and thanking the fans for their loyalty. Then he announced that his mom would be retiring at the end of the year in order to relax and enjoy more time with her family. He went further then, explaining that his wife would be taking over the Boards starting in January.

“Jon, do you have any idea what a stir it will create referring to me as your wife? No one on there will understand” I cautioned.

“That’s okay. We’ll have plenty of time to answer any questions from the press after word gets out and we come back from our vacation. They can think we went on our honeymoon or something. Everyone knows that my private life is private and besides, why should Lainie and Richie get all the glory? After all, we were joined before they were anyhow” he smirked, pulling me into his lap.

He had thought it all out, and he was right. At some point that needed to be revealed and Jon liked to keep his private affairs shrouded in mystery anyway. We watched the sudden flurry of posting after he pressed submit and the letter became public.

“Wanna see what they’re saying?” he asked eagerly and I nodded, curious to see how the news would be received.

There were a number of posts titled ‘Congratulations’ and speculating that Richie’s sudden marriage had prompted us to do the same. There were also questions about whether the memberships would still be active on the new Board to which Jon replied with another post, explaining that nothing would change except the leadership on the Boards.

“I’ll bet you Elaine isn’t going to be happy about this at all” he grinned.

“Is this your way of teaching her a lesson, Jon?” I wondered, a little suspicious.

“Not entirely. I’d been thinking about this long before we heard about her and Richie and how I could make it clear that you weren’t just my ‘girlfriend’ and I’d decided this was a golden opportunity. But I won’t deny that it tickles me to be able to take the spotlight away from that bitch” he admitted.

I was surprised to hear him refer to Elaine that way, but it told me he had no doubts about her character anymore. I still wanted to believe she was acting out of insecurity, but I tended to agree with Jon’s assessment. He read people better than I did most of the time and I had a blind spot where people I cared about were concerned. And I had to admit that this was a well-conceived and strategic move on his part. He certainly did know how to work a crowd.

The Board was beginning to slow down and drag now as the word spread. Jon’s presence alone was enough to create a frenzy, but this statement had tongues wagging across the globe. His cell phone rang and he looked at the number before answering. It was his other brother Matt, who actually ran his management corporation.

“Jesus, Jon, what the hell is going on? First this shit with Richie and now you? Did you really get married? What the fuck?” Matt said excitedly.

“Chill out, bro. You know about Trish, so don’t act as if I never told you. We were handfasted a couple months ago and that’s marriage as far as I’m concerned. It just seemed like the right time to make it crystal clear to the world after this bullshit with Richie. You knew about mom’s retirement, right? I thought dad told you?” Jon asked hotly.

“Yeah, yeah. I knew about all that. I just hoped you’d have given me a head’s up before making it all public. And now you’re going away I hear and won’t be available for comment? Ya rat bastard” Matt said, sounding a bit calmer and resigned to dealing with the aftermath.

“Hey man, that’s what I pay you for, ya know” Jon laughed.

“Yeah, but you don’t pay me enough for dealing with your shit, ya prick” Matt laughed too.

I was relieved to see that they weren’t really fighting and I presumed that Jon’s brother was somewhat used to Jon maintaining control and handling things the way he saw fit. He might consult with his people on some matters, but once he made a decision, there was nothing more to discuss. And Jon was no dummy when it came to the business.

“There, all taken care of, babe” he smiled, satisfied now that his brother would handle any fall out and smugly enjoying the chaos he was able to create.

“You’re pretty pleased with yourself, aren’t you?” I teased.

“Yeah, actually, are you pleased with me?” he asked, making duck lips at me.

“I ’spose I’ll keep you” I smirked, kissing him on those silly duck lips.

“C’mon then, wife, let’s go make dinner. Wreaking havoc always works up my appetite” he chuckled.

How could I refuse? He could be irresistible and he knew it. I could completely understand why no one could ever stay mad at the man. He was just too adorable at times and it was one of the things I loved about him. He could charm the socks off an Eskimo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Sauna Part 155

The next morning we woke to a pelting hailstorm. The power had gone out during the night and the house was cold as evidenced by the cats that were snuggled in bed, two hidden beneath the blankets.

“Shit, it’s freezing in here” Jon observed as he sat up.

“I think the power is off” I added, noting it was still very dark and I couldn’t see the clock.

“I’ll make us a fire, but I’m afraid we won’t have any coffee” he grimaced.

He was right. Without power, there was no way we could make coffee and I couldn’t cook anything for breakfast. It was a good thing Jon had insisted on buying the baked goods or there’d have been little to eat this morning.

“I’ll get some candles and fix us something to eat. If I can’t have coffee, maybe a sugar rush will wake me up” I offered.

Jon built a fire and I was again thankful for the fireplace in the bedroom. It would have been hard to heat up a larger room like that, but the bedroom would warm up pretty quickly. I fixed us a tray of sweets and there was milk and juice in the frig, and I remembered we had bought some frappucino coolers too. It would have to do.

We settled down in front of the fire and grabbed a couple thick blankets off the bed to wrap ourselves in and uncovered Eddie and Zeke in the process. I went and got the kitty blanket from the cat bed in the next room and covered them up again, making sure to cover poor Beowulf as well.

She didn’t move and I placed my hand under her chin, waiting to feel her breath. Nothing. My heart began to race and I felt myself starting to panic as I called for Jon. He was at my side immediately, alarmed by the choking sound in my voice.

Her body was stiff and cold and I felt the hot tears stinging my face as I grasped what had happened. She had come to bed to be with us during her last moments on earth and she had passed quietly during the night. I was devastated and I started to shake uncontrollably and I wanted to scream.

Jon pulled me away from the bed where she laid and he held me tightly as I sobbed into his chest. My mind wrestled with the facts as I shook my head, still unable to believe she was gone. She was very old, but I’d seen no signs that anything was wrong and I wondered immediately if the stress of the move had just been too much for her.

“Baby, it’s okay. It was her time, that’s all and she was here with us where she belonged. It wasn’t your fault” he said soothingly, trying to comfort me.

Jon had begun to realize that I had a tendency to blame myself for anything bad that happened and he seemed to know instinctively where my mind had gone. He wouldn’t admit that it crossed his mind as well, but he was glad we hadn’t pursued our original plan to give her to Cherie. And it would have been so much worse if this had happened when we were away.

“Oh, Jon, why? Why did this have to happen now?” I cried violently.

“I don’t know, baby, I don’t know” he said softly, stroking my hair.

He hated to see me in such pain and he wished he knew what to say, but he knew that telling me that perhaps it was for the best wouldn’t be appropriate. The cat was quite old, almost eighteen, and he really believed it was just her time. He also found himself thinking that one less cat, particularly such an old one, might make traveling away a bit easier on us in the long run.

“She was my baby girl, my first cat!” I wailed, all the sorrow and grief spilling forth in a torrent of sobs.

“I know, darlin’, I know. She had a good life and she wasn’t in any pain, it was just her time and I think she wanted to say goodbye before we left again. She loved you and she knew how much you loved her” he said, his voice steady as he spoke.

“But I wasn’t ready…” I said through my tears. “I didn’t say goodbye” I sniffed as the sobbing began to subside.

“But she did and she was ready, honey. She was with you through so many difficult times and I think she knew you’d be okay without her now. She knows you’re not alone anymore” he said with conviction.

“I’ll miss her too” he added as he lifted my face to look at him and I saw the unshed tears in his eyes.

I threw my arms around his neck and I clung to him for comfort as much as in an attempt to soothe him too. He was right. I wasn’t alone and perhaps she had waited until she was sure I was in good hands. She had trusted Jon and I needed to do the same. And I needed to trust the God and Goddess that death was just another part of the cycle of life. Beowulf had left me, but she would be my kitty angel now, waiting for me to join her someday.

The power came back on suddenly and it jolted us both. We knew it was a sign, a good sign that Beowulf was safe in the arms of the Goddess. I tried to smile, but I couldn’t quite manage that just yet. With time I would come to make peace with her passing and not blame myself. But not today.

“Why don’t you make us some coffee and I’ll take her outside and find a spot for her in the garden, okay, babe?” he prompted softly.

I was so grateful to him for taking care of this as I didn’t think I could do it myself. I wanted to hold her one more time before we buried her, but the feel of her limp body in my arms made me nearly hysterical. Jon gently took her from me, her body light as a feather, and he wrapped her in the blanket I had used to try and warm her. He disappeared with his burden out the garage door and I sat down by the fire and cried again.

The other cats were all awake now and Eddie climbed into my lap and purred, trying his best to comfort me. They all came to me, one by one, and nuzzled against me, acutely aware of my distress. I held each one in their turn and told them how much they meant to me and explained that their sister was gone. Finally, I went to the kitchen and fed them and began making the coffee, feeling numb.

Jon came in from the garage and he was soaked. The hail had stopped, but it was still raining heavy and he had dug the hole in the garden where we would bury Beowulf. He had stopped short of laying her in the ground, thinking instead that I should be there and that there might be something I wanted to add. He had found a wooden crate in the garage and laid her body, still wrapped in the blanket, in the box until I was ready.

“You’re soaked, love. You need to get out of those wet clothes” I commanded, focusing on the here and now.

“I will, but first come and say goodbye before I finish” he said sadly, reaching for a cup of the coffee to warm up a bit.

I started to cry again, but I nodded. I guess I hadn’t even thought about that yet, not even really realizing he had already dug the hole and was waiting for me. I went to the living room and found what had been her favorite toy and Jon took a small handful of cat food from the bowl and we went outside in the pouring rain.

Jon lowered the box into the ground and I stooped to place her stuffed mouse alongside her. Jon emptied the handful of food in too and I reached for his hand. I told her how much I had loved her and I thanked her for always having been at my side through the years. I told her that I would miss her and I apologized for all the upheaval and moving her from her home. I thanked her for being so patient with the boys and for accepting all the changes that had come of late and for having welcomed Jon into our lives.

“Don’t worry, girl, I’ll take good care of your Momma until we see you again” Jon said finally and we stood up together.

He slipped his arm around my waist and we prayed to the Goddess and the God to keep her safe and make her whole. Jon reached for the shovel and began to cover her body with the earth as I watched silently, reminding myself that this was all part of a larger cycle. We walked back into the house, shivering now as our tears were washed away with the freezing rain.

“Come on, we’ll take a shower together and warm up” he said firmly as he began to help me out of my robe.

We were both soaked to the bone and the warm water felt like a balm as we stood under the steady stream. Jon washed my body gently as I stood there, too numb to move. He drew me against him and held me, caressing me with infinite tenderness and I felt myself responding to his touch. The numbness faded as I felt his love reaching through again to soothe me and I wound my fingers in his hair.

He tilted my chin up towards him and looked into my eyes, swollen now from grief. He kissed each eyelid softly before covering my mouth with his, determined to ease the pain of our loss. I met his kiss with a ferociousness borne out of my sorrow and I hungered for the magik that only he could summon.

I felt him stiffen against my thigh and he lifted me to him, entering me easily as I twined my legs about his hips. He moved towards the wall and took me slowly as I gave myself to him willingly and completely. Jon filled every empty space in my soul and I felt myself beginning to heal as I surrendered to his touch.

The mists surrounded us as the present faded and time stood still. Jon’s magik would make me whole again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sauna Part 154

The morning hadn’t started off well, but I hoped maybe I could salvage the day with something positive. Now that we had groceries, I decided to make us a late breakfast. Jon was hungry and I needed something concrete to do while he tended to some business affairs. I made us both omelettes with ham and cheese and bagels with cream cheese and we sat down to eat.

I didn’t have much appetite, but the coffee helped and I picked at the rest while Jon finished off what I didn’t want. We straightened up the house and Jon found places for my paintings we’d brought from my house. The storm had blown over and Jon wanted to call the kids and see if they’d be around for a visit. We decided we’d go out for dinner afterwards.

Stephanie wouldn’t be home and Jesse would be late as he had an after school practice, but Jakey and Romeo would be available. I was uncomfortable visiting with the kids in what was now Dot’s home and I doubted that the two younger boys would miss me, so Jon agreed to drop me off shopping while he went to see the kids.

We stopped at the same plaza where Rick and I had gone while we waited for Jon to talk to Dot and the kids about us, back in the very beginning. It had only been a few months ago, but it seemed like another lifetime. I decided I would try the store where I found my first evening dress as I still had a rather limited wardrobe in that area. I knew I’d need something for the retirement party for Jon’s mother at the end of the month and who knew what other events there were planned.

The same woman who’d assisted me earlier was there again and she smiled when I walked in, but she was busy helping another customer so I decided to browse by myself and see what caught my eye. I wanted something in dark green velvet that wouldn’t be too flashy and might do double duty around the holidays. Most of the cocktail dresses were relatively short and that just wasn’t my style.

I browsed through the selections, but I didn’t see anything like I had in mind. I did find a simple, sleeveless black cocktail dress that I thought I would likely have a use for, and an attractive gray dress that I thought would look rather nice with one of Jon’s suits and decided to try them on. Even if I didn’t wear them right away, it couldn’t hurt to have a few evening dresses.

The woman who’d waited on me previously was free now and she made her way over towards me. I handed her the two dresses I’d tried, deciding I might as well get them now, and described what I was looking for in green. She put her fingers to her lips and paused, trying to think what might fit the bill. She led me to an area I’d missed with holiday items and held up a very skimpy green dress with sequins and brocade, but I shook my head.

“Wait, I know just the thing!” she beamed as she led me towards a window at the side of the store.

The mannequin was wearing a deep green velvet dress with a longish skirt with a high slit at the side and the design was elegant, yet tasteful. One shoulder was bare, while the other was sculpted with a long sleeve and a slightly squared neckline. It was a beautiful dress, but I wondered if it wasn’t just a bit too much. The last thing I wanted was something that would upstage Jon’s mother.

“Try it on and see how it looks first and I’ll see if I can’t find a wrap or a shawl that might tone it down a bit” she encouraged.

She had it off the mannequin before I could object and I decided there was no harm in trying it. There was nothing else that I saw that came nearly as close and it looked like the size would fit, not to mention it was on sale and the last one they had left. I went in the dressing room and began to undress, wishing that Jon was there for me to model it. The dress fit like a glove and with the exception of the rather high slit on one side, it was fairly conservative.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it and the saleswoman nodded her approval. I stepped out of the dressing room and looked in the larger three-way mirror and I had to admit it was indeed flattering. She held up a soft, cashmere wrap in snow white for my inspection that was neither frumpy nor too showy and I loved it immediately. Even if I decided later to go with something more conservative, I had no doubt I’d find an opportunity to wear it.

I browsed around a bit more until I noticed there was a lingerie section. I wasn’t particularly interested in the bras or panties, having little use for those items, but what caught my attention was an aqua colored dressing gown with a floral design. It was made from a very light fabric imported from Japan and fashioned after the style of a full length kimono. It reminded me of something I’d owned once, years ago, and it took my breath away. I added it to my purchases without even trying it on, knowing it would fit perfectly.

I left my bags at the store as they were rather sizeable now and I had nowhere to put them while I continued to shop, killing time until Jon came to pick me up. I really didn’t need anything special, but I had seen a Barnes & Nobles in the plaza and I could always find plenty to look at in a bookstore. I hoped I might see something for Jon for Christmas. The time passed quickly and I was startled when the cell phone rang.

“Are you getting hungry yet?” Jon asked and I realized it was later than I’d thought.

“I’m not starving, but I could eat. I didn’t realize it was almost eight o’clock” I replied.

“I know. I’m sorry it’s so late, I just realized it myself when Dot reminded me it was time for Romeo to get ready for bed. I’m leaving now and I should be there in about twenty minutes” he apologized.

“Not a problem. I lose track of time in a bookstore. I’ll meet you right near where you dropped me off as I need to go and collect my bags at the dress shop. Do you think Jesse would like a leather sketchbook for Christmas?” I wondered, fingering the tooled cover.

“Yeah, I’m sure he’d like that. Go ahead and get it and I’ll be there shortly. I love you, wife” he said in a deeper voice.

“I love you too, husband” I smiled.

I took the sketchbook to the register to check out along with a leather journal I had picked out for Jon. I wasn’t sure if he’d use it or not, but I thought he might want to use it for writing songs instead or even just ideas for some in the future. It was small enough that he could tuck it into a carry on bag when he was traveling.

I picked up the dresses and waited nearby inside a little café to keep warm as the wind had picked up and it was getting colder. There was no snow, but I guessed there might be a storm on the way and the coffee I ordered hit the spot. Jon arrived just after eight and grinned when he saw me with an armful of shopping bags.

“So, you managed to find a few things?” he asked, trying to peek in the bags.

“I’ll show you when we get home. You never know, there might be something in there for you” I warned as I slapped his hand.

“You bought me a present?” he said excitedly.

“It’s for Christmas, though, so you’ll have to wait” I explained as I moved the bag out of his reach.

“Wait? I don’t like waiting” he pouted.

“Tough. Rock star or not, you’ll have to wait until Christmas Eve!” I teased back.

“Okay, okay. What are you in the mood to eat for dinner?” he asked, accepting my conditions.

“Mexican! My favorite” I announced, suddenly craving something spicy.

“Awwww, and I thought Italian was your favorite” he pouted again, making duck lips.

“Only when it comes to a certain sausage” I smirked.

“I know a decent place that’s on the way home” he agreed, satisfied that his sausage was still my favorite.

We talked about the visit with the kids and Jon seemed happy. Jesse came home early and Stephanie decided to stick around to see him too. He told them all about Richie and Elaine, but didn’t share any of his feelings about it.

“Dot knew I wasn’t pleased, though. She could read my face and I told her afterwards what you and I were worried about” he confided.

“What did she think?” I wondered, not entirely thrilled that he and Dot were quite so close.

“She thinks Richie is impulsive and never trusts his judgment, but I think we’d all agree that this was a bad decision” he explained.

We arrived at the restaurant and ordered our dinner while we munched on tortilla chips and salsa. The place wasn’t crowded and we had a fairly private table near the back. No one seemed to recognize Jon and I was glad for the anonymity.

“So, where are we going for our mini vacation?” I asked, curious since we were planning to leave in a day or two and Jon hadn’t breathed a word about the plans.

“It’s a surprise, darlin’, but I’ve got it all planned out. We’ll leave the day after tomorrow if you think the cats will be okay now. Rick agreed to come and stay at our place for a couple weeks so they won’t be all alone” he beamed.

“Oh, Jon, that’s perfect! How did you manage to talk him into that?” I wondered after seeing Rick’s reaction to the initial chaos.

“Rick likes animals and he didn’t have any special plans, so he was an easy sell. And he figured it would give him a break from me for a while before the holiday shows” he grinned.

“Can you give me a hint? I won’t even know what to pack” I asked, trying to get an idea of what he had planned.

“I know I’m gonna regret this, but bring a little of everything. Warm, cool, casual and fancy. Definitely bring jeans and a bathing suit. But let’s shoot for just a couple suitcases, okay, babe? Anything else we can buy as we go” he said, taking a deep breath.

“You really aren’t going to give me a clue, are you?” I smiled, thinking he’d actually rather trust me to pack whatever I wanted rather than divulge the secret.

“Nope, not a clue. You’ll just have to trust me. But I’ll tell you this much-it’ll just be you and me and no family, no press and no band-just us. That’s a promise” he said mysteriously.

I didn’t care where we went as long as I was with Jon and the thought of two weeks without having to share him with another soul sounded too good to be true. I could keep my packing to a minimum in exchange for such a treat.

“I wish we could leave tomorrow! The thought of having you all to myself for two weeks…” I replied, imagining the possibilities while I licked my lips.

“We could pretend we’re leaving tonight” Jon suggested as he flashed me that megawatt smile.

The waiter brought our food just as I felt Jon’s hand on my thigh. I blushed as I placed my hand over his and murmured a soft ‘thank you’ as he placed our meals in front of us. Jon continued grinning wickedly, but he was hungry for more than just me.

“Save room for dessert” he whispered before turning his attention to his dinner.

When we arrived home, the cats were mewing for their dinner and we realized that their bowls were empty. Jon had adapted quite well to our furry charges and immediately began filling their bowls while I got them fresh water. I smiled as I saw him sneak a handful of food to Beowulf so she wouldn’t have to try and jockey for position with the boys. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck.

“I love you” I whispered.

Jon turned and kissed me passionately as he scooped me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He laid me down gently on the bed and began to unbutton my jeans while I pulled his sweatshirt over his head. We were naked and entwined in each other’s arms before the cats had even finished their supper.

“Make love to me, Jon” I pleaded, suddenly needing to drown myself in his strength.

I’d been feeling blue all day after the news about Richie and Elaine and I needed to blot out the memory of the phone call this morning. I couldn’t seem to shake the sense of foreboding I felt and I needed to put it out of my mind. If anything could make me forget, it was the feel of Jon’s body next to mine.

I sought his lips desperately, needing to drink from his well. He seemed to sense how much I needed him tonight and he loved me with all he had to give. Perhaps he needed comfort too as there was an air of urgency about our lovemaking. We devoured each other as our bodies meshed, yielding rhythmically to each other.

“I need you, baby” he whispered hoarsely.

“I’m here, Jon, I’m here” I answered.

The tenseness gave way as our climax erupted; washing away all the heaviness we’d been carrying. The sadness and guilt left me as my tears streamed forth like a cleansing rain. I felt whole again, having renewed myself in his love and the strength it gave me. We both laughed then, like children discovering the joy to be found in a puddle after a thunderstorm.

“There is nothing I can’t face as long as you’re by my side” I concluded.

“I’ll always be here for you, my lady, my love. Always” he assured me, sealing his oath with a kiss.

“And I’ll be here whenever you need me” I promised as I held him close, cradling his head on my chest.

We both knew there were storm clouds in the offing. Neither of us knew what was coming, but we sensed that the future was about to grow dark. This vacation would be our last chance to enjoy the sun before we faced the challenges that lay ahead. But for now we took comfort in the knowledge that we’d face whatever the Gods had in store for us together.