Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sauna: Part 1

I woke slowly, savoring the memory of my afternoon dream. With my lips still curling into a smile at the memory, I didn’t want to wake up and so I lay there, basking in the moment, eyes closed.

Soon my dreamy state was permeated by the feeling that someone was watching me. I could sense the presence of another person in the room, gazing intently at me. I forced myself awake, slowly opening my eyes and realizing where I was, acutely aware of the piercing blue eyes across the room which met my blinking stare without wavering.

I was here in the sauna of the hotel, and realized that the heat and quiet had lulled me into an unexpected nap. I wanted to look away, but found I could not take my eyes away from the man across the room, who held my gaze like a magnet. Was I still dreaming?

As my pupils began to focus, realization began to dawn and my eyes widened in disbelief. I was staring into a face that hitherto I had only seen in my dreams-my most fantastic dreams. I was looking directly at Jon Bon Jovi, and, dear God, he was looking at me!

I shook my head to clear it, but there he was, smiling now. A broad smile which began to form the so familiar smirk that made me lose my composure, what little I had.

Unconsciously I shifted to sit up straighter, only then becoming aware that the towel I had wrapped around me had become undone and was only loosely covering me below the waist. I was immediately embarrassed and self-conscious as I tried to cover my breasts that were fully visible and my nipples stiffened uncontrollably. I caught my breath, which had suddenly come back to me as I realized I wasn’t breathing at all. He noticed my every move and my obvious distress and I saw his smile broaden and become fuller. He was so obviously enjoying this. I felt hot color rising to my cheeks, yet still I could not look away. His voice came to me as if from a million miles away.

“Must’ve been a good dream, huh, babe?”

My throat tightened and my mouth suddenly lost all moisture. I think I made a sound, but I wasn’t sure. I opened my lips, but no words came out. Then he laughed. A chuckle actually. I felt completely undone. I stopped breathing again. I could not speak. My eyes were locked and I was pleading silently for him to look away. As if reading my thoughts he moved his head, glanced around the room, and spread his hands in the air as he spoke.

“It’s okay, there’s no one else here, and we’re alone.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” I replied before I realized I’d spoken the words aloud. He was so smug, so calm, so in control.

“Would you feel more comfortable if I took off my towel too? At least we‘d be even” came his reply, teasing now.

Almost from outside myself, I heard my own voice.

“Yes please, that would be the polite thing to do.”

Holy shit. What did I just say? I was flirting with him. Who was I at that moment?

Always a gentleman and ready to please a fan, he stood up, letting the towel fall to the floor in a heap. I heard myself gasp.

“Better now?” he said as he stood there across the room smirking at me.

Again, another part of me took over as I heard myself speak.

“Much better. Thank you.” I replied, sounding as if I was perfectly accustomed to such a situation.

“Your turn” came the husky reply, his eyes twinkling now as he lifted his eyebrows, waiting.

Only then did I realize I was staring at his erect member and clutching the towel tightly to me. My fingers hurt from clenching so tightly, as I released the towel and met his gaze. I shifted my legs and leaned against the wall, the towel slipping away. His cocky attitude evaporated and his eyes darkened as I could sense his body stiffening. Now it was my turn to smile. I had disarmed him, finally.

“Are you just going to stand there?” I challenged and I wondered again who was that possessed me at that moment.

Surely some devil had taken control of my tongue as I couldn’t fathom where my words were coming from. He caught my eyes, looking almost vulnerable and I could see he was more at ease being in control, but I was really enjoying this.

“Come here” I uttered almost imperceptibly.

Time had ceased to exist now as he approached me. It seemed like minutes went by, but only a moment passed and he was there, standing in front of me. No words were needed as I reached for him and stood to meet his outstretched arms. He folded me to him and I noted the taut muscles in his arms as I put up my hands to avoid being crushed against his chest. I drank in his scent, intensified by the heat of the sauna. I could smell the faint and spicy odor of cologne, mingled with his own musky aroma. The throbbing hardness of his erection as it urgently prodded my belly just above my own heated center made it difficult to catch my breath. He gently grasped my chin in his hand, tilting my head up to look directly in his eyes.

“Who are you?” he asked.

Since my name escaped me, I replied in a husky voice the only thing I could think to say.

“Just a woman who wants you very much.”

He growled low in his throat as his hands slid down to my hips and gently, but firmly he pulled me tightly to him, burying his mouth in my throat. My head went back and I heard his muffled voice.

“And you shall have me.”

My legs suddenly became jelly and my knees buckled, and I heard a low chuckle as he tightened his grip on my ass to keep me from slipping away. He had me now and he knew it. He was in control again and he was visibly pleased.

He eased me onto the bench alongside my long forgotten towel. I was past the point of verbal sparring, my mind was putty now, and I was grateful for the bench beneath me. He was kneeling astride me, gazing at me the way a hungry cat considers a trapped mouse. His eyes were dark, no longer playful, but intent. With my arms around his neck, I drew his face to me and enveloped his lower lip between my own. My hands tangled in the damp curls clinging about his neck.

I was vaguely aware of the sound of a door, a cool breeze and a gasp as he mumbled something like a curse and pulled his head back. I heard a door slam and we both were jolted into the reality that there were other people in the world and perhaps we were not alone. His breath was ragged and he was breathing hard.

“Don’t move” He mumbled, as though I had any intention to flee.

He turned his head in the direction of the noise and turned back smiling. I lay there frozen where I was as he hovered above me.

“They’re gone” he said reassuringly as I heaved a sigh of relief. I began to speak, but he put his finger to my lips to stop me.

“Baby, let’s go to my room where we won’t be disturbed. I couldn’t take another interruption.”

I pouted. I actually pouted. This time he laughed and I started to giggle then too, realizing I must’ve looked like a child who just had her favorite toy taken away. He smiled gently, his voice soothing.

“It’s okay. It’ll only take a minute to get upstairs and I’m guessing security is on their way.”

My eyes widened, never having thought about the consequences if we continued where we were headed. He raised himself slowly, pulling me with him. I just stared blankly, too dazed to think of what to do next. He wrapped the towel around me tenderly, and went to grab his own.

“C’mon, we’ll hightail it up the stairs, there’s no time to get dressed. But grab your clothes and I’ll grab mine and we’ll meet in the stairwell. But hurry before anybody gets back here!”

Suddenly my mind returned and I ran to the locker room and grabbed my stuff, bolting down the short stretch of hallway to the stairwell. He was there already and caught me in the sweetest kiss, tender and yet fierce.

“Shit, I hear voices in the hall. C’mon, let’s go!”

He grabbed my hand and we tore up two flights of stairs, reaching the landing and slamming into the wall to stop. I slammed right into him, but he cushioned me from hitting the wall. We both laughed and stood there, catching our breath. He reached out and smoothed my hair from my face and pinned me against the wall in one smooth stroke.

“That was close” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath making me warm deep in my belly again.

I tried to concentrate on the cold cement wall behind me in order to ground myself, but nestled my head against the soft fur of his chest instead. I felt a warm moist sensation engulf my earlobe as I began to melt into him. With an effort he pushed himself away with his hands on the wall.

“Woman, you’ll be the death of me. I see the headlines already…”

I finished the thought for him.

“Yeah, rock star and unknown woman arrested for indecent exposure in hotel stairwell after narrowly escaping capture in sauna.”

He looked at me squarely then and observed me.

“You’re really quite enjoying this aren’t you?” he asked and I just grinned back at him.

“You seem all too familiar with this sort of thing” I observed.

“Wicked woman, I think you need a spanking” he threatened.

I turned my backside toward him and lifted the towel, revealing my tender ass.

“Punish me, I deserve it.” I said, egging him on.

“Oh, you do alright. But not until we’re safe in my room! Then you’ll get what you deserve” he hissed.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” I nodded and with that he peered out the door of the stairwell and turned to me.

“Coast is clear-let’s run for it” he suggested.

We dashed down the hall, stopping only in front of the door. I heard the elevator down the hall “ding” and urged “Hurry, hurry” as he opened the door and we tumbled into his room.


Starr said...

Okay you have me intrigued. Very nice writing Opester and the story line is interesting as well as sexy for sure. Please consider posting this at the forum, because I am sure you will have quite a few rabid readers! LOL! Well done and one of the best first chapters I've ever read from someone who hasn't written very much from what you've told me...
Tomorrow I will read more! :)

Opester said...

Thanks Starr-you've been an inspiration as well as my technical consultant! I will try and post it on the forum, tho I think some of your members have already seen it!

Starr said...

Good! I doubt though that most have. I know Denise my Global Mod hasn't read your stuff or she would have told me... If you need any further tech assistance when you start to post the first chapter over there just send me a pm. I will be off and on the forum today...

sweetjovi said...
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Peg said...
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Opester said...

Hi Peg! So glad to see you! Write me a comment with your email and I won't publish/post the comment-my computer crashed a long time ago and I lost everyone in my address book! I can't remember your email back then, so let's try this? I do need to delete your comment unfortunately because I can't' have my name in the posts-no other reason-but thanks for the compliments and hope you enjoy the story!

Daydreamer- said...

Whew! Just starting reading your story, and what a way to start. No wasting time here, LOL. I'm definitely intrigued and looking forward to reading more!

Opester said...

Daydreamer, glad ypu made it here-you'll have to bear with me-the first few chapters were written for a particular audience and actually I never intended to go beyoned the first one (and look what happened, LOL)! While we did cut to the chase pretty quick, you'll have to trust me when I tell you the story is really much more of a love story and exploration of relationships than it is anything else-it just didn't begin that way for Jon and Trish!

Anonymous said...


BubbleSheep said...

Holy hell! You're story caught my eye, and thought, why not, lets have a read - well, I can tell you, it took me a while to get to the actual story! Jesus, that picture.... any chance you can send me a copy of it?
Now, as for the fic itself, so far its a fantastic start! I can't wait to get my teeth into the rest.... if I ever get stop looking at the pic that is haha.

Thank you!


Opester said...

Just wondering if anyone is still reading the story...thinking about removing the Blog.

Anonymous said...

Please don't delete! I'm just starting.

Faith said...

Glad you didn't delete it! I've read it before but it's time for a re-read.

Johanne said...

Please do not delete this... too hot... just discovered it and have to share with my friends :D

adele said...

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Tihscha said...

Hey! I just discoverd your story and what can I say... The first part already caught me and I will surely spend most of my holidays for reading all of it :)