Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sauna Part 38

The sun was blazing overhead and it looked to be a hot day. The wind in my hair felt wonderful and holding onto Jon felt even better. We cruised along the river and the sun glinted off the water, almost blinding me. I would buy a pair of sunglasses today if Eva would take me to a dollar store.

I closed my eyes and rested my head against Jon and felt the warm sun on my back as we made our way towards the city. We arrived shortly after eleven and Jon saw Eva’s car parked outside. He parked and turned off the engine.

“I’ll go in with you just to make sure you meet up with Eva. This is the place she said to meet her” he explained.

He escorted me into the lingerie store and Eva waved to me from across a table spread with intimate apparel. She raised a red baby doll nightie.

“Jon?” she called to him.

He shook his head “no” to her and whispered to me.

“I like you best naked, babe” and I smiled.

“Maybe for Tico?” he called to her, but Eva made a face at him.

“Tico wouldn’t fit in it!” and we both burst out laughing after that visual. Eva hurried over and gave Jon a kiss and then me.

“She’ll be fine with me. Run along now and leave us to power shop” Eva scolded him. Jon gave me a long kiss and a pat on the butt as he left, warning me.

“Be careful. Eva is wicked” and with that he was gone.

Eva put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me over to another area of the store.

“I’m only a little wicked. But I love to get a rise out of him” she grinned. “So how are you this morning?” she asked.

“To tell you the truth, I’m pretty stiff. We got a little over zealous in the limo last night after the show and we’re both paying for it today” I said ruefully.

“I have just the solution. After lunch, we’ll go to the spa and you’ll feel like a new woman!” she said gleefully.

I’d never been to a spa. That sounded appealing. After all, a sauna was where it all began.

As we browsed a bit in the lingerie store, Eva asked about how Jon and I met. I told her the story of the sauna and she thought it was quite hilarious. Hers and Tico’s first meeting had been far less awkward, but she had an interesting way of weaving a tale. It turned out they had met at a party and Tico was drunk and she thought him quite a lout. The next day she received flowers which she ignored. She went on to describe how she continued to receive flowers daily for two weeks until she relented and called him, intending to tell him to save his money, but he was persistent and she finally agreed to meet him. In two months, they were married.

We chatted and gossiped as we tried on different things and Eva told me stories about the guys. She told me that Jon had been depressed since he and Dot ended their relationship and that for the year or so prior to the divorce he’d been an absolute prick to be around. He had been brutal on everyone around him, and no one could please him no matter what they did. She said that it was this last year following the divorce that had everyone concerned. Jon wasn’t hard to please at all, he simply didn’t care. And that just wasn’t Jon at all. When she saw the show at Elements she saw for herself what Tico had been saying.

“He’s Jon again” she said simply. “It’s as though he found meaning and purpose again. He was never meant to be alone. And everyone is relieved that he found you” she concluded and I smiled to myself.

“And I am so glad I found him. I think we needed each other” I admitted.

We left the lingerie store and headed out for lunch just a few yards away. Eva was loaded with bags and we stopped to unload them at the car. I hadn’t purchased anything, though I tried on a few robes, but there was nothing I liked as well as my Wal-Mart bathrobe. I was hopelessly middle class. We walked across the street towards a little bistro and sat at an outside table.

“So, are you looking for anything in particular today?” Eva inquired.

“A pair of sunglasses if there’s a dollar store around, but nothing special, really. I’d gone shopping on Sunday while Jon saw his kids and got most of what I needed to get through the week and the party tonight. But I’m open to suggestions. Jon gave me money and his credit card if I see something” I added and Eva’s eyes lit up.

“After the spa, let’s go look at jewelry. I know a great place where they design everything and maybe you’ll see something” she purred. She was a determined power shopper, I thought to myself.

After a light lunch, we took Eva’s car to another part of town where the spa was waiting. Eva knew everyone and it was obvious she was a regular. She introduced me and then asked what sort of treatment appealed to me most. I didn’t have a clue, but rather than looking foolish I figured a massage would be a safe bet.

“What kind?” the woman who was assisting us asked politely.

“I, uh, didn’t know there were different kinds” I said feeling rather like a peasant but Eva rescued me.

“Full body massage” she told the woman.

I looked at her with a silent thank you and followed our escort to a warm room with two tables and piles of towels and oils to choose from. I had no idea this would be so complicated. I followed Eva’s lead and she explained Turkish towels are best and the oils were simply different scents. I could do this. I sniffed a few and chose a woodsy smelling one with bergamot.

“Oooh, that’s nice. I’ll try that one too” Eva chirped.

Armed with my towel and oil choice, I turned to Eva.

“We can change in there” she pointed towards the a row of cubicles.

“Into what?” I asked stupidly and she laughed at me then.

“Into our birthday suits” she explained.

“Oh” I said dumbly and went into the changing room. I stripped off my clothes and then tried to figure out how I was going to cover myself with the tiny towel.

“Eva?” I called.

“Yeah, what’s taking so long? C’mon” she called back, already out in the center of the room.

I did my best to wrap the towel around as much of me as I could and I came out. She was stretched out naked on one of the tables and burst into laughter.

“The towel is to wrap around your head to keep the oil out of your hair, sweetie” she sputtered, still laughing.

“Oh” I said again, feeling dismayed. I unwrapped the towel and put my hair up under it and laid down on the other table rather quickly, wondering what a story this was going to make.

“I’ve never done this before, obviously. Is there anything else I need to know?” I said jokingly but Eva was still giggling.

“No, hon. Jeff and Fritz will take it from here. Just relax now” she reassured me.

“Jeff and Fritz? They’re men? Oh, shit” I said, rather startled.

“Of course. Just relax. Remember? That’s why we’re here” she grinned.

Two extremely attractive young men with arms like gorillas entered then and I groaned. I remembered what Jon had said before he left me.

“Eva, you are wicked” I said, turning my head to look at her.

“And you’ll be glad I am” she smirked at me.

I had Jeff, I later learned, as he introduced himself and began to massage my shoulders. Eva was rather quiet and Jeff chatted amiably, hoping to put me at ease. And as anxious as I was, his fingers kneading my sore body began to work their magic and I relaxed. I closed my eyes as Jeff worked his way down my arms, asking where I’d like him to concentrate. Eva piped in then.

“Her back and her legs. She’s stiff from too much fucking in cramped places” she said in a flat tone.

I opened my eyes and shot Eva a look of pure horror, but her eyes were closed and she was already lost in her own massage. She was quite a woman. She hadn’t been teasing me at all I realized then. She had just said it as a matter of fact.

Jeff was working the muscles in my back now, having taken Eva’s direction without so much as a snicker. And it wasn’t really erotic actually. Neither was it unpleasant. I began to relax again as he continued down my back and it kind of tickled when he got to the base of my spine. I began to wriggle a little as it was hard to stay still.

“I’m sorry, but it tickles” I murmured.

“That’s because you’re knotted up. It’ll stop in a minute” Jeff explained.

He worked the muscles between my back and my ass, back and forth, and to my surprise, he was right. It didn’t tickle anymore. I started to feel like jello and he moved on to my legs, working his way down and up and down again on my left leg, concentrating on certain tender spots. I yelped once and he apologized, but continued until my leg felt like jello as well. I was putty in his hands. He moved on to the right leg and followed the same pattern.

“Oh my God, I’ve never felt this good” I breathed.

“See. I told you. Trust me” I heard Eva mutter.

Jeff finished with my feet, rubbing and kneading the arches that were a little sore from last night’s heels. When he finished, he asked if we wanted anything more and I couldn’t imagine what more they could do to make me feel more relaxed. I nodded a “no thank you” and would have fallen asleep on the spot when I heard Eva ask me if we had time for a pedicure. It was only two-thirty and I could get used to this.

“Sure. I think we’ve got time” I responded.

“Oh good because I really need one” she bubbled and jumped up and grabbed a robe from a hook nearby and tossed it to me.

“Here. Put this on and come out here.”

I did as I was told and she told the attendant at the desk that we’d both like pedicures. A couple of women walked in, one young and the other older. The younger girl came over to me with a tray of polishes and tools and motioned me to sit down. I chose a clear polish and she began by rubbing each foot with pumice until the skin was smooth and soft and then she applied lotion. She filed and buffed my nails and applied the polish while Eva and I chatted.

“This was really fun today. I’ve never done this before. I ’spose that’s no surprise?” I kidded.

“No? I’d never have guessed you were a newbie” she teased back.

“It’s about three-thirty. We should get dressed and head to the jewelry store. Jon can meet us there when he’s ready, he knows the place” Eva suggested.

As we were ready to leave I asked if I could buy some of the massage oil as it smelled wonderful and felt almost warm when it went on. The woman who’d assisted us added it to my bill and handed me the total. I swallowed hard when I saw the total and Eva grabbed the bill out of my hand.

“My treat” she declared and handed the woman a charge card and both our bills.

“Oh Eva, I can’t. It’s too much” I protested.

“Nonsense. It was my idea and consider it a thank you for bringing Jon back to life for all of us” she said lightly. I felt tears in my eyes and blinked to keep them from falling.

“Do you feel better? Are you still stiff and sore?” she asked.

“I feel wonderful. That was a miracle. I’ve never felt that good” I exclaimed.

“Then it was worth it. And Jon will be thankful too” she said as she winked devilishly at me.

We went across the street to a boutique with some of the most beautiful pieces of hand-crafted jewelry I’d ever seen. I saw gemstones of all kinds twined in gold and silver that took my breath away. There were pieces of coral too, and huge pieces of green and gold amber.

“Do you see anything you like?” Eva called and I walked to the case of hand-fashioned rings she was peering into.

“I like everything I see!” I gushed.

“I thought you’d like this place. Something for everyone” she commented, asking to try on a piece with rubies.

I spied a silver ring, fashioned to look like cats running in a circle and caught my breath. Okay. It was silver. How bad could that be? I asked to see it and it fit beautifully on my middle finger.

“How much?” I asked, as nothing was marked.

“It’s very pretty. So you like cats?” Eva asked, curious.

“Yes. I have five of them” I answered.

The man showed me the price tag and I nearly fainted. Then it dawned on me as I stared at the tag. It wasn’t silver. It was white gold. My cell phone rang and I was grateful for the excuse to not have to comment as I handed the ring back to the clerk. It was Jon.

“Hi, babe, I miss you” I heard his voice over the phone and I felt like mush at just the sound.

“I miss you too. How’d it go with the kids?” I asked anxiously.

“I’m still here. Everybody’s great but I was about ready to head out unless you want more time? It’ll take me about thirty minutes or so to get there.” I was feeling really excited and could hardly wait to see him and thirty minutes seemed like forever after hearing his voice.

“We’re at a jewelry store now, and it was the last stop we’d planned, so anytime is good” I replied.

“How’d your day go? What did you get so far?” he asked.

“Um, I bought us a bottle of massage oil for later. We went to the spa and it was amazing. I feel completely wonderful and I’m anxious to see how you like it” I said provocatively.

“Mmhhmm, I‘ll be there in twenty minutes” he growled.

“I thought you said you were a half hour away?” I laughed.

“I am. I’ll speed. Put Eva on so she can tell me where exactly you are” he asked and I handed the phone to Eva.

“Yes? Jon? We’re at the Boutique across from the spa. No. Oh? Yes, I think so. I’ll try. Okay, see you shortly” she said, handing the phone back to me.

“I’ll be there ASAP. I love you” he said.

“I love you too” I said as I hung up, wondering what the conversation with Eva had been about.

“I have instructions” she said, pulling me back to the display of rings and pointing to the cat ring. The clerk removed it from the case and handed it to Eva. She handed it to me.

“He insisted that I make sure you buy something” she smiled. “And I know better than to argue with him.”

I nodded and handed the ring to the clerk. I knew better than to argue with Jon too.

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