Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sauna Part 4

The light in the room was dim when I opened my eyes. I could see particles of dust shimmering in the early evening light. I looked around the room and slowly began to realize where I was. No, it wasn’t a dream.

I stretched a little and the dampness between my legs assured me it wasn’t a dream. I was alone in the bed and I sat up wondering what I should do. I surveyed the room and smiled when I saw the lamp still on the floor with the shade half-way across the room. I could smell coffee and started to get up, drawn to the smell, hoping it would clear the haze from the afterglow. God bless that man. He left me coffee.

As I sat on the edge of the bed wondering if my legs would hold me, I became aware of a steady, continuous sound coming from another room. I poured a cup of the coffee and went to investigate. It was the shower. My breath caught as I realized Jon was still here. I took a few sips of coffee and walked into the spacious bathroom and saw his blurred image through the glass doors of the shower. I called his name.


“Yeah, babe, I’m in here. Wanna join me?”

God, that man was a sex machine. I studied my reflection in the steamy mirror and thought I’d better get in there, I’m a mess. I opened the door and stepped inside and he immediately drew me to him under the pulsing water. Not expecting quite that, I sputtered as the water hit my face.

“I’m sorry. Guess I got excited.”

I looked down and saw he wasn’t kidding as his cock was standing at attention, almost waiving at me and I groaned.

“Good Lord, are you trying to kill me?” I asked.

The grin on his face was positively evil. He flashed me that famous smile.

“Just happy to see you” he replied and I laughed at such an old line.

“I didn’t want to wake you, darlin’, you looked so peaceful. I had room service bring up some coffee.”

“Thank you, I found it right away. I thought you’d left until I heard the shower.”

“Are you kidding? And take the chance you might disappear?” came his reply.

I smiled then, thinking to myself that I would have been content with just these few hours we’d shared. But it looked as though he wasn’t planning to dismiss me, at least not yet. He kissed me then, fiercely, almost as if he read my mind.

He began soaping my back, tenderly working the liquid into a lather. For a moment it was as if I couldn’t remember a time before I’d met this man. I turned my face fully into the cascading water as I stood there, taking it all in and actually relaxing under the warm pulse of the water. He continued to soap up my back, moving down to my ass, and then tapping me with that rigid rod, until I couldn’t help but turn around and giggle. He slid his arms around me, and met my hungry mouth with his own.

“Baby, I want you, but it’s 6:00 and we gotta eat and get to the show. If I don’t get outta here now, I’m not likely to give you any peace. Can you finish up and I’ll order us some dinner and make a few calls. We gotta get to the venue by 7:00 and the guys will be here in 30 minutes if I don’t head them off.”

“Yes, yes” I replied “Go on, get ready.”

“Okay if I get us some burgers and fries?” he asked.

“Sure” I said, realizing I was famished but too nervous to eat.

The show. The show. I’d forgotten all about the show. The main reason I was here to begin with, in addition to the conference at the hotel which had given me the perfect excuse to rent a room and stay in the hotel. The conference. What was it again? It didn’t matter, I had to hurry up and get ready. I finished my shower and stepped outside where Jon was already waiting with a towel.

“Okay, room service is on the way. Help yourself to whatever you need-I gotta call Richie and tell him to have the guys wait downstairs since I’m running late.”

I wandered out to the other part of the suite and grabbed my purse which was lying in a heap with my clothes. Jon was on the phone and still in a towel, too. I heard the knock on the door and he opened it. A bellboy wheeled in a cart and I could smell the food before disappearing back into the bathroom to try and make myself presentable.

“Food’s here” I heard him call out.

I found a blow dryer, and whispered a silent “thank you” to the Goddess and God, and went to work. When I was finished, Jon was wolfing down the last of his food, but he was dressed. I eyed the food and he motioned me over. As I munched on a couple French fries, he looked at me, chewing his burger.

“You are amazing” he said between bites.

“How much time have we got?” I asked.

“Ten minutes” he answered. “Dammit, not enough time to mess you up again, but after the show…” his voice trailed off.

He looked like a mischievous kid, sitting there stuffing his face and staring at me.

“You are so bad” I said, picking at another fry.

“Lady, you better eat more than that, you’re gonna need your strength later, I promise.”

“It’s not food I’m wanting right now” I tossed back at him as I poured myself a glass of wine before settling next to him on the couch, placing my hand on his thigh and pointedly looking at his crotch and he looked at me, almost pleading.

“I can’t be late, really…”

“I’m a patient woman and you’re worth the wait.” I said, taking pity on him.

As I drained my wine glass, he smiled and pulled me to my feet and into his arms. One last deep kiss that foretold of what was yet to come and we were out the door. In the elevator, riding down to the lobby, I couldn’t resist making an observation.

“So you really do go commando, huh?”

He was about to reply when the elevator dinged and the door opened. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along into the lobby. The guys were all there, waiting impatiently, looking perturbed until they caught site of me coming up breathlessly behind. Suddenly the looks changed and smiles broke out on all their faces, Richie especially.

“So you’re the reason our boy is late?” Richie said as he stuck out his hand.

“I am” I confessed, looking proud rather than sheepish.

“Guess we can’t blame him” chimed in Dave Bryan and one by one they all came up and shook my hand.

I saw Jon start to say something, and stop himself, and realized he’d been about to introduce me until it occurred to him he didn’t know my name. Tico approached me and shook my hand as well, and turned to Jon.

“Guess we’re lucky you made it at all.” Tico said, nudging Jon knowingly.

“You have no idea.” Jon responded with a smirk.

I took it as a compliment since it was apparent Jon was rarely ever late. We dashed outside into a waiting limo and we were off to the venue. There I sat, between Jon and Richie, sipping champagne and thinking that I never wanted to wake up if this was all just a dream.

I suddenly realized I’d left my ticket back in my hotel room, never dreaming I’d need it when I headed for the sauna that morning.

“I forgot my ticket, I won’t have a seat.” I whispered to Jon and he laughed, slipped his arm around me, and pulled me close.

“Baby, you’re with me. You’re backstage.”

I suddenly realized I wasn’t just a fan anymore, I was with Jon. I nestled in against him, relaxing then, thinking how amazing it all was. I listened as the guys talked about the show, but only half paying attention, while scenes from our earlier escapades drifted in and out of my awareness. When I heard the word sauna, my ears pricked up, and I listened as Jon recounted how we met and our narrow escape from exposure.

“Damn, you’d have owed us big if we’d had to bail you out of jail, man.” David said.

“Yeah, that I would” replied Jon, “but it would have been worth it” he said grinning at me.

I felt the color rising in my face again for the second time today, as Richie nudged Tico and everybody laughed.

“Yep, that’s Jon. He gets the girl and I get to stare at his ass all night long. It’s not fucking fair.” Tico said with a perfectly straight face.

I laughed then and offered to trade places with him which was met by a round of laughter. And we were there.

It was 7:30 and the show started at 8:00pm. The opening band was already onstage and security whisked us backstage, never once acting as though I didn’t belong there. Jon excused himself, telling me he needed some time alone to prepare, and he gave me a hurried kiss good-bye.

The next time I saw him was off in the distance on a small stage in the middle of the venue. Richie winked from the stage and nodded toward the crowd or I’d never have seen him appear.

The nearly 3 hour show flew by as I danced in the wings to every number. Jon glanced at me from time to time and smiled, and once during a break before the encore came off to the side where I was standing. He was drenched in sweat, but his exhilaration was obvious.

“You are awesome. I am your slave” I said reverentially to the God of Rock. He grinned at me.

“I’ll be your slave in about 30 minutes. The next song is for you” he said as he gave me another deep kiss, melting me into a puddle on the spot.

Suddenly, I felt his lips ripped away and I saw Richie dragging him away onto the stage. They played “Let’s Make it Baby” next and the crowd went wild. Jon looked right at me several times, and I blushed for yet the third time. After “Wanted” and “Keep the Faith” (another gift to me as it was my favorite song and I’d said so in the limo) a very sweaty and happy leather clad figure bounded across the stage and scooped me up off the floor and swung me around in the air, laughing gleefully. We piled into the limo and chatted playfully for the short ride back to the hotel.

When we arrived, the guys all headed toward the bar, but Jon stopped.

“Hey, where are you going so quick?” David called, still walking toward the bar.

“Are you blind, man? Where do you think he’s going?” I heard Richie say as he smacked Dave in the head.

“I can get drunk with you guys anytime, but I’m not sharing my woman” Jon called back as he smacked me on the ass, reminding me of our earlier fun this afternoon.

I felt myself blush again, as the words “my woman” rang in my ears.

“Mister, that’s the fourth time today you’ve made me blush. You’re gonna pay for that”.

“I absolutely intend to” he replied as I felt his hand on the small of my back, firmly and possessively guiding me toward the elevator.


Starr said...

This is so good. I imagine Jon and the band to be just the way you've written them and that's to me the ultimate compliment for a writer IMO that a reader can give.

Lovin' this Opester!;)

Anonymous said...


I just started reading your fiction. I just wanted to say that it's great! I totally loved reading this chapter.


Opester said...

Thanks Guys! Glad you're enjoying it so far!

Anonymous said...

hi there!

I only just started reading your fiction and i have to say: it's so good. I saved it as a favorite ages ago but i never really had the time to start reading, until now. You know exactly how to describe the band, its fab! Can't wait to read it all!

Just wanted to let you know, haha!


Opester said...

Well, thanks, X! I'm glad you found time to read now and I hope you'll enjoy it all! Thanks for commenting too-it's nice to know someone is still reading it!