Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sauna Part 26

As we were lying there, waiting for Katie to leave so we could exit the bedroom, Jon’s cell phone rang in the other room.

“Dammit. Maybe I can sneak out and Katie won’t see me” he said, standing up.

“I’d suggest you put on a pair of pants first, unless you want to give her two memorable moments today” I smirked at him and he winked at me, pulling on his jeans.

“I’ll be right back. Want coffee?” he offered. I’d been thinking the same thing.

“Mmmhhhmmmnnn” I purred, nodding my head as Jon shook his head.

“And I thought you only made that sound for me” he said, pouting.

“Only for three things, babe. You, coffee and lobster.”

With his hands in his pockets, he shook his head again.

“Just as long as I’m not last on the list” he said as he opened the door and peered out.

A few moments later, Jon returned with the cell phone and I could smell coffee brewing.

“Katie’s making us coffee. And she’s almost done with cleaning. I told her to skip making the bed, obviously. You should have seen the smile she shot at me! You women will be the death of me” he said, looking at the phone which had stopped ringing.

“It was Richie. Hope there’s no problem” he frowned as he hit the number to redial.

“Richie? Yeah, it’s me. We just got up. What’s up?” he asked.

“No. I didn’t see it. Yeah? That’s good” he said, and turning to me, “Richie says Hi. Good picture of us in US magazine” he grinned before returning to talk to Richie.

“Nope. No plans, but I thought maybe seeing some sights. Trish’s never been to New Jersey before and so far she hasn’t seen much besides limos and bedrooms” he said with a laugh.

I motioned for him to tell Richie hello as he walked back out of the bedroom. He returned a few minutes later with two cups of coffee and sat beside me on the bed.

“So, where are you taking me? What’s the plan?” I inquired excitedly.

“I thought maybe we’d just drive around and I could show you some of the sights. I’ve got the bike here, or we could take the car. It looks like a nice day, though” he suggested.

I’ve died and gone to heaven, I thought. Tooling around town on the back of a Harley with Jon was the second biggest fantasy I’ve ever had, the first having come true many times thus far since meeting him.

“Sounds great! Let’s take the bike, pleeeaassse” I begged.

“Okay, bike it is. Shower?” he laughed as I caught him off guard, and grabbed his hand, dragging him along towards the shower.

“I’m way ahead of you” I said as I stepped in and turned on the water, leaving Jon to still get out of his jeans.

We showered quickly and were dressed and ready in no time. Jon lent me a leather jacket and had a spare helmet and we were ready. His chopper was inspiring, with red & white detailing, a leather seat and sparkling chrome. I caught my breath as I reached to caress it, running my hand along the cold, hard steel was almost as exciting as wrapping my fingers along his stiffened cock. Almost, but not quite.

“Awesome” I purred as he handed me the helmet and he climbed on.

I got on behind, wrapping my arms around him and settling into position, feeling my excitement mount as he started the engine. I nearly came when I heard the sound of the motor and I sighed deeply as I leaned into him and we sped off.

Our first stop was a nearby diner as Jon realized I’d bustled us out the door before he’d had any breakfast. I apologized when I heard his stomach growl as we walked in. I was surprised that no one paid a lot of attention to us, expecting a throng the minute we entered. There were whispered comments and a few heads turned but nothing more dramatic and I was glad. As we seated ourselves, Jon grabbed a menu and the waitress brought us coffee. I guessed Jon had been here before.

“Hey Jan, give me the #4. What d’ya want, babe?” he asked, looking at me and I looked quick, not wanting to deny his appetite any longer and ordered some eggs and toast with home fries.

“So you like the bike?” he said, studying me.

“Hell, yeah. I never had a boyfriend I could talk into getting one and I’m too uncoordinated to learn how to ride myself. But I can hold on! This is almost as exciting as sex!” I replied and he laughed then.

“But not quite, I hope?” he added wistfully and I nodded.

“I guess I better eat quick, then. You should see the look on your face. You haven’t taken your eyes off that bike” he said and I realized I was staring at it through the window.

“I’m sorry” I apologized, turning to look into his deep blue eyes staring into mine. “I’m just really excited.”

It was the truth. I felt like a little kid on Christmas, hardly able to wait. He reached out and took my hand.

“Good. I want to make you happy” he smiled.

“Oh, baby, you make me happier than I ever dreamed I’d ever feel. Don’t you know that?” I said and he looked at me for a long time.

“You haven’t been very happy for a long time, have you?” he said knowingly. Our food arrived and I stared at my plate, toying with the eggs.

“How did you know?” I asked, feeling a little uncertain whether I wanted to have this conversation.

“I wasn’t sure really, until now. It’s just that you seem to appreciate everything so much. Almost like a little kid. It seems like it takes so little to make you happy. Really happy” he said thoughtfully.

“Well, I’ve never been accused of being mature” I said, trying to lighten the conversation, but Jon wouldn’t be distracted.

“How come it seems like there is this sadness right behind you, like a shadow?” he probed.

How did he know? How could I explain it?

“I’m not sure” I answered truthfully. “I guess the real reason is because I’ve never paid much attention to my heart. I’ve always listened to my head. I always think too much and yet, as much energy as I put into thinking, it hasn’t ever paid off very well in the choices I’ve made, except for school. I was great academically, but I never seemed to have time or energy for relationships much. I guess they seemed secondary to trying to excel in what I did well. I’m really bright intellectually, but I’m pretty stupid emotionally, if that makes sense.”

He was quiet, taking in what I said.

“It’s funny. I’ve come at life from the opposite direction. Always following my passion and having to force my brain to come along. I’ve been fortunate to be successful in what I chose to do, but you’re obviously successful at what you do and passionate about your work, like me. But I think I understand what you mean. We’re sort of opposite in the way we attack our dreams” he observed.

I thought about it.

“Yeah, that’s true. I naturally think first and I have had to learn to feel my feelings. It’s a different skill. And it takes trusting your feelings and believing that they matter. I’ve had to learn that the hard way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but I learned pretty young that your feelings aren’t important. It’s taken a lifetime of bad choices to unlearn that” I said, surprised that I was sharing all this, but he seemed to really want to know me.

“Your dad?” he asked intuitively.

“How do you know that?” I asked, amazed.

“Just a hunch. It’s obvious that you love him and that his opinion matters, but it’s also obvious he isn’t easy to please. And falling in love wasn’t news he was glad to hear, babe.”

He was right. My dad, who I loved more than anyone in the world, was not going to rejoice at this development. I hung my head and pushed the potatoes around on the plate, uncomfortable now.

“I’m sorry, darlin’. I didn’t mean to bring up such a sensitive subject, really. I just want to know you better” he said softly.

I looked up at him as he reached for my hand again and noticed he’d stopped eating too. I had no appetite myself and I didn’t really want to go here, but he opened the door and I wanted him to understand.

“Jon, it’s okay. Don’t apologize for actually caring enough to ask. But I need you to know that no matter how much my dad has hurt me, especially lately, and really not intentionally on his part, I love him more deeply than anyone else in the world until now. I’ve never been in love before, honestly, and I’m terrified of screwing it up because I have no experience in this. I hate looking stupid more than anything in the world, but I’m willing to risk it and tread in unknown territory with you. Just know that I’m in very unfamiliar waters. So if I act stupid sometimes or like everything is new to me, well, it’s because it is” I confessed.

I hadn’t even thought about the enormity of all this until I said it. But it was the truth. My behavior the last few days was so outside my range of experience it was startling and for once, I hadn’t even stopped to think about it. Jon squeezed my hand tighter.

“Shit. I knew your love for me was a gift, but I had no idea just how much of a gift. Now I know. There’s nothing stupid about you and if I ever do anything to make you feel that way or cause you to regret trusting me, then I deserve to lose you. I don’t want to disappoint you” he said, genuinely touched.

Tears were running down my cheeks now. I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t think and so I didn’t. I just responded.

“Oh Jon. You, and your loving me, are the gifts. It’s more precious than any thing I’ve ever known. You complete me. Nothing could ever make me regret loving you.”

And that was so true. No matter what happened, nothing would ever make me regret this.

“I’ve been in love once, but I never imagined I’d ever have a second chance. You are my second chance and I’m gonna get it right this time” he shared. “I made mistakes, too, following my heart and not listening to my head. I did stupid things time and time again that drove a wedge between me and Dot and she did things in return that cemented our fate. I’m not going to make those same mistakes with you. I’m older and I really am wiser. And I know how precious and fragile love really is and I’m gonna use my head along with my heart this time around” he finished.

It suddenly occurred to me then that there was something at work here beyond us, bringing us together to enrich us both. We were opposites, in some ways, but we complemented each other.

“It seems we have much to learn and teach each other” I observed.

“And I’m looking forward to sharing that for a lifetime” he added.


Stephanie said...

This was a very sweet chapter. Love that they were able to share their experiences and feelings like that.

I also have to add that riding on the back of the Harley with him is a fantasy of mine too!

Opester said...

I think that's a fantasy shared by many, if I'm not mistaken! There is just nothing as hot as the thought of Jon on a Harley!

norwichliz said...

Good Lord...Trish could be me...father and all!

Joviswoman said...

Wonderful chapter!

Aw Lizzie don't say that!

I'm with Steph riding that Hog!

G xx

Opester said...
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Opester said...

Thanks guys-I'm glad you liked the chapter-I think dads can be some of the most difficult men in our lives as well as the dearest-glad I'm not alone here!

allina_90 said...
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Opester said...

Hi Alina! I sent you an email-let me know when you get it!