Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sauna Part 17

Sunday morning arrived with the sun shining and the promise of a beautiful day. When I woke, Jon was still there in bed beside me, his arm wrapped around my waist and his face buried in my shoulder. We were still dressed, too tired last night to take off one another’s clothes. It was early yet and everything was still. I gently dislodged myself from Jon’s embrace, wanting to surprise him this morning, and also anxious to get out of my gig clothes. Jon stirred slightly, but, still asleep, I was able to creep out of bed and get in the shower without rousing him.

I relaxed under the hot water, letting it refresh and revive me, while I went over the events of the past few days. It barely seemed real, but I was reassured by the sight of Jon’s sleeping form sprawled out in the bed. He looked so sweet, sleeping there soundly, like a little boy and it was all I could do to resist kissing his sleepy, peaceful face. I slipped on one of the guest robes supplied by the hotel, feeling deliciously lazy and not ready to get dressed just yet.

I called room service and ordered a champagne breakfast to be delivered at eight-thirty, figuring Jon would be up by then and no doubt hungry. And of course coffee, which I had them bring right away. Once it arrived, I poured a steaming cup, and proceeded to the little balcony off the bedroom. What a beautiful day! The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky and a warm spring breeze was blowing off the river. New Jersey really was more beautiful than I had imagined and I could understand now why Jon loved it here. I could love it here, too, I thought to myself.

As I sat soaking up the glorious rays, letting my damp hair dry in the breeze, I fell to daydreaming. Mostly reliving the past couple days and certain moments in particular. It was here that Jon found me, just like the first time we met, almost dozing off, and with a satisfied smile on my face. I never even heard him approach until the sound of his voice interrupted my reverie.

“I hope that smile is because it’s me you’re dreaming about” he chortled as I opened my eyes to meet his gentle kiss good morning.

“What else would I possibly be thinking about?” I replied. Standing there, still in last night’s clothes, he looked amazing.

“How long have you been awake, babe?” he questioned.

“Not long, just enough to shower and order us some breakfast. It’ll be here in a little bit. I didn’t want to wake you, but I figured you’d be hungry” I laughed. As if in answer, his stomach growled.

“So I’m really pretty predictable, am I?” he pouted.

“Well, your appetite is” I teased back.

“Have I got time for a quick shower before breakfast arrives?” It was eight-fifteen, I’d timed it right.

“If you get your butt in there right now” I replied “and I don’t join you” I added as he grinned at me.

“Alright, but don’t make a habit of showering without me” he warned and went off to shower. He was finishing shaving when room service arrived with our breakfast.

“Food’s here” I called as I wheeled the cart into the bedroom and sat down on the balcony to wait. He joined me then, dressed in a matching hotel robe and poured himself some coffee after refilling mine.

“Coffee first, then champagne” he said, noticing the bottle alongside the single rose I’d requested. Like a little kid, he lifted the cover off the tray “So, what have we got?” he asked eagerly.

Everything they make for breakfast was there as I wasn’t sure just what to get.

“You aren’t going to make me eat all this alone, are you?” he said, helping himself to eggs, bacon, ham and home fries.

“Not entirely”, I laughed as I grabbed a melon filled with strawberries and a helping of eggs and a croissant.

I never usually ate breakfast, but I was hungry this morning. Basking in the warm sun, and eating our breakfast, I was struck by how familiar it all seemed. It was as though it was not unusual to wake up and have breakfast with the God of Rock. It felt oddly natural and Jon mentioned it too.

“This feels so right, like we’ve done this before. I’m so at ease with you, it’s almost eerie”.

“I was just thinking that myself” I answered, “I love waking up with you” I answered. I wanted to wake up every morning for the rest of my life with this man.

“Me too, but I like making love to you even more” he growled as he swallowed the last bite of ham.

I felt the familiar twitch between my legs, signaling my juices to start flowing. Jon patted his lap and I immediately responded by climbing into it and hanging my arms around his neck. His hair was still damp and he smelled fresh and clean from the shower. My nipples stiffened into hard buttons as he kissed my neck and slipped his hand inside my robe to caress the hungry flesh. He loosened my robe as he made his way down my throat with his tongue, stopping to nip at the engorged nipple.

“Still hungry?” I giggled.

“Starving” was the reply as a long finger slipped into my moistened center and his thumb flicked at my swelling clit. I groaned my response, as he massaged my pussy, looking at me wickedly.

“I still need to redeem myself for falling asleep last night” he whispered in my ear, scooping me up and walking to the bed with the champagne bottle in one hand.

He placed me on the bed and dropped his bathrobe onto the floor. There, waving at me, was a fully awake “little Jon”. I reached for him, but big Jon pulled back, holding the champagne bottle aloft.

“Not yet, baby” he teased.

My body ached for him and I found myself pleading “I want you”, but instead he poured champagne between my breasts and the cool, dancing bubbles tickled as they pooled between them. Kneeling above me, he bent and began to lick the champagne, tracing the trail it made as it ran down to my belly. I couldn’t speak and my eyes glittered as he raised the bottle again, drizzling a bit more between my legs, spread wide in anticipation. He lowered his head to my dripping pussy, licking and teasing me open with his tongue. I felt his warm, wet mouth close over my stiffened bud as two expertly trained fingers slid inside, stroking the spot that made my hips buck to meet him. I heard him cackle as he continued to glide his tongue around and across my clit, while driving yet another finger deeper inside.

“Jon, please…” I wailed as his other hand dug into the flesh of my ass, lifting me even closer.

“Come for me, baby. I wanna taste it when you come for me” he groaned into my pussy.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and as I surrendered to him my thoughts ran toward oblivion and I was lost in the rush of sensations and spasms wracking my body. He was relentless. Replacing his tongue with his thumb, he drove on harder and harder, peering up at me from between my legs with a delicious smirk.

“Take me now” I screamed as he replaced his fingers finally with his throbbing shaft and rammed into me, rising above me on his arms and smiling into my eyes.

I longed to feel every inch of his skin touching mine, and I pulled him down on top of me, connecting our bodies as I felt the shudder run down the length of him. I rocked us gently then, my contractions squeezing every last bit of hot come from his quaking shaft. He twitched and moaned as my spasms continued to grip him, holding him tightly inside. I couldn’t get enough. My hands stroked his back, gently caressing him, as he collapsed, exhausted on top of me.

“I love you, I love you, I love you” I repeated into his hair as the waves washed over us again and again, carrying us away to our happy place.

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