Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sauna Part 5

We were barely inside the elevator when he pinned me against the wall. I put out my hands to steady myself and he caught my wrists, raising them above my head and holding them there while he began to nip at my neck. He held my wrists together with one hand while the other began to pull the strap of my tank top over my shoulder, freeing my breast from the fabric. Hungrily, he took it in his mouth, like a man who was starving. I was caught completely off guard by his forcefulness and it disarmed me. I heard the elevator “ding” and the door opened and I caught a glimpse of a man and a woman standing there.

“Take the stairs” Jon said gruffly, barely turning his head to hit the close button.

The elevator began ascending and I realized we’d stopped unexpectedly on the first floor. His room was on the second floor, or so I thought from this afternoon. But then we passed the second floor.

“We missed our floor” I said anxiously between his kisses, now deep and intoxicatingly fierce. I wanted to get to the room before he took me there in the elevator.

“We’re in the penthouse tonight” he said, “don’t worry.”

I began to wonder if he was confusing where he was, but I wasn’t about to argue. I reached for the zipper on his pants and his shaft sprang out like it was spring-loaded. He fumbled with the button on my jeans, but the zipper went easily and he had them around my ankles in seconds. Next were the panties, but the material gave way willingly as he tore them out of the way. I could barely breathe between his kisses; such was the fierceness with which his tongue attacked mine. He released my hands, still held above my head, and I let them drop to hang around his neck as I kicked my way free of the jeans around my ankles. He cupped my ass and hoisted me off the floor and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he plunged his rod deep inside me. I yelped and bit my lip as I felt it slide across my clit. He stopped short and looked at me with alarm.

“Oh God, did I hurt you?” he said hoarsely.

“No baby, that wasn’t pain” I murmured as I buried my face in his neck and nipped his shoulder.

He thrust into me again harder and even deeper, and again and again and again. I lost all sense of time and space as the waves of warmth rolled over me. I heard the groan deep in his belly which only made me come harder and clench him more tightly. We rode the wave together, as I felt him explode inside me, flooding me with a burst of heat. I scraped my nails down his back and he growled louder, ramming me for a final time. Panting now, he leaned against me into the wall and lowered me back down so I was standing. My legs gave way and I started to slide down the wall of the elevator. He grabbed my waist and supported me.

“We’re almost there, babe, it’s okay” he whispered.

His eyes were soft now and moist, as he brushed tears from my cheeks. I hadn’t even realized I was crying. He was gentle and tender as he held me there, caressing my cheeks and kissing each eyelid.

“That was incredible” I breathed in his ear. “You’re incredible“ I corrected myself as he stood back a bit and looked intently at me.

“I never…” he started. “I have no words, I…”

I stopped him with my finger to his lips. As he kissed my finger, the elevator reached the penthouse floor and dinged. The door opened. He scooped up my clothes, or what was left of them, as I stood there trembling. He came to me and caught me in his arms, and lifted me into them, carrying me from the elevator to the penthouse suite. He leaned against the door and fumbled for his keycard, and finding it, slid it into the slot. Click. The door opened and he carried me into the room, not bothering to close the door.


Starr said...

Well I am just running out of superlatives to describe how much I love your writing! Your sex scenes are not only extremely hot, passionate and all consuming but they are romantic in a way I rarely read about. Damn girl but you have the gift of writing! Keep up the good work! :)

Joviswoman said...

How about just plain H.O.T!!!

Damn you're good!

Need to read the rest asap!!