Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Sauna Part 22

We were waiting in the same spot when the limo pulled up. Jon stepped out lightly and I nearly knocked him over, rushing into his outstretched arms. He caught me, his hands in my hair, and kissed me deeply.

“I’m sorry it took so long, but I wanted to do it right. I see you were busy!” he exclaimed, looking over my shoulder at the shopping cart.

“I warned you. She doesn’t travel light. Thanks, man. I owe ya!” he turned to Rick, winking. Rick smiled as he loaded the packages into the trunk.

“When you see the dress she found you’re really gonna owe me” he said to Jon.

“Do I get a private preview later?” Jon said, turning to me.

“Nope, it’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait” I taunted him.

His eyes twinkled and he looked genuinely happy. I was relieved. It must have gone pretty well after all. Any doubts I had had about him and Dot were immediately dispelled as I slid into the car. There, on the seat beside me, was the hugest bouquet of red roses I’d ever seen. There must have been four dozen roses! I was at a loss.

“Oh, Jon…” I turned to him, tears in my eyes again.

“I would have been here sooner, but that was the stop I wanted to make. I wanted you to really know how I feel” he said, taking my hands in his. “It’s over between me and Dot. Really. For both of us. She even gave me her blessing”.

This was too much. I had been on pins and needles all day, trying to distract myself with shopping, and now all the tension eased out of my body and I felt like I would dissolve into a puddle on the spot.

“I love you more than I ever thought was possible” he said.

And before I could say a word his lips covered mine as he leaned into me, lying us down in the back seat. I wanted to feel him inside me, so I could give him the only thing I had left. My soul. Anything less would not have been enough. I slid my hands under his shirt, feeling the muscles rippling along his back. Tenderly, he unbuttoned my shirt and began covering me with kisses. It tickled and I laughed as he continued showering me with his loving. I pulled the t-shirt over his head, his hair spilling out as he smiled at me.

“There is no one else in the world for me but you” I purred. “You’re everything I ever needed and more.”

His eyes were dark with passion now, and the desire I saw was made more intense by the love I felt radiating from him. He warmed me to the center of my being. Without looking away, I undid the top button of his pants and pulled down the zipper.

Holding my gaze, he wriggled himself free of his jeans, completely naked before me. Yet neither of us could look away. His blue eyes, deeper blue than I’d ever seen them, held mine as he removed my pants and opened my trembling legs.

Poised on his arms above me, he gently lowered himself into me as our eyes remained locked on each other. Slowly, slowly, he continued his descent, drawing the moment out as if to make it last forever. All time ceased to exist and there was nothing but the sweetness of losing ourselves in each other.

I ached each time he withdrew, only to die again and again each time he entered me more deeply than the last. Finally, his desire overtook him and his rhythm quickened, matching my need with his own as he buried himself inside me deeper and deeper. I inhaled the scent of the roses, intoxicating my senses, as I gave myself over to the warmth of his body on mine. Melting, joining, heat rising until the final release swept over us like a warm ocean breeze. He exploded within me, possessing me completely, until there was no more him, no more me, only we.


Opester said...

I'm just wondering if folks thought this chapter got too mushy? I get these little romantic moments and they just seem to come out of the blue...

Lori said...

I'm just loving every minute of this!

Anonymous said...

No, it was great.
Loved the chapter!


Ana said...

It was very nice, very romantic.
I loved the roses thing and the final was great.