Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sauna Part 39

Jon arrived at the Boutique about twenty-five minutes later and Eva and I were waiting outside. My pulse quickened as soon as I saw him pull up on the Harley. He was beaming as he walked over to the bench where we were sitting and hugged me tightly.

“I missed you!” I said, as I kissed him.

He kissed me hard, whispering “I missed you too” in a way that implied more and Eva laughed.

“You know it’s only been a few hours, you two! Stop it or I’ll need to go to confession just watching you!” she teased as Jon broke the kiss and turned to look at Eva.

“Are you suggesting your soul could be saved?” he shot back.

“I doubt that very much” she said sheepishly. It was obvious that Jon and Eva were as close as brother and sister and enjoyed sparring with each other.

“So, you had a good time at the spa?” he asked us both. Eva nodded and I said simply “Good as new!” and Jon understood my meaning completely and raised his eyebrows in a question. I nodded in assent.

“Show him what you got” Eva said, holding my hand up for him to inspect. He looked at the ring on my finger and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, shit, I should have known. Cats again!” he groaned, chuckling indulgently. Eva was simply gleeful.

“She has five waiting at home to meet you, Jon. Have you told her how much you love cats?” she snickered.

“She knows already, little miss troublemaker” he retorted.

“Superman and Catwoman, now that’s rich” she said pouting, as Jon turned to me.

“Eva and Tico have half a dozen of the furry little buggers and know first hand how much I adore them” he said sarcastically and she nodded.

“Yeah, he can’t resist a cat as long as it’s served with soy sauce, right Jon?” she said, poking him in the chest. He dropped his head and mumbled.

“I only said that once and she’s never let me forget it. I was only kidding” he said, looking up at me apologetically.

“Relax, babe, I read the article too! I’ll find a suitable punishment for that comment” I said, raising his chin and forcing him to look at me and Eva roared.

“Oooh, this is just too good. I love it! He could definitely use a spanking!” she suggested.

“This is definitely the last time I’m leaving the two of you alone for a whole day. The only one doing any spanking here is gonna be me!” he said, smacking my ass pointedly.

We said our goodbyes to Eva as we’d see her later tonight and climbed on the HOG.

“Wanna try some sushi tonight? There’s a great place not far and it’s on the way home” Jon asked.

“Sure, I am actually kinda curious since I’ve never had it before” I agreed.

“Great! Let’s roll.”

He started the engine and we headed off for dinner. It was five o’clock and the streets were crowded. It took us nearly twenty minutes to go about four blocks until we pulled up in front of a place called Tsunami. We pulled up a side alley and Jon parked the bike alongside a back door that opened into a kitchen. He pulled open the screen door and called inside. An oriental man appeared and greeted us with a smile and shook Jon’s hand.

“Mr. Bon Jovi! So good to see you? You will be eating dinner?” he grinned.

“If you can find us a table and we can leave the bike out back?” Jon asked politely.

“Yes, yes! Come this way” he said as he led us through the kitchen to the bar.

“No tables. Is bar okay?” he asked in broken English.

“Perfect” Jon answered as we seated ourselves at a long bar crowded with people and an even longer line waiting by the door.

“Sake?” the bartender asked.

“Two” Jon replied, holding up two fingers.

“Try it. If you don’t like it, they have regular cocktails or you might like plum wine. It’s too sweet for me, but you might like it” Jon told me. I took a sip of the sake and pursed my lips.

“No? Okay” he motioned back to the bartender. “Plum wine” I said, deciding to be adventurous and Jon grinned.

“Sake is an acquired taste, I think. I hated it the first time I tried it, but I’ve grown to like it sometimes, but mostly with sushi. It was easier to get in Japan than good wine” he explained. I tried the plum wine which was much more to my liking, tasting almost like a dessert.

“Wow. This is delicious! I always wondered what this was like” I said as I took another drink, trying to wash the taste of the sake away. The man who greeted us at the kitchen door reappeared with a tray of what I gathered was sushi and asked if we would like anything else.

“Thanks Thien. Not right away. This is her first time with sushi, so check back in case she doesn’t love it” he laughed.

“Trish, this is Thien, the owner and chef. Thien, this is my love, Trish” he said, introducing us. I blushed and nodded to Thien who bowed slightly.

“I pleased to meet you. Mr. Bon Jovi need beautiful woman with to eat” he said, grinning as he disappeared back into the kitchen and Jon smiled a huge smile at me.

“His English is not so good, but that was certainly well spoken” he said, squeezing my knee as the color in my cheeks deepened and he leaned closer.

“I’ll save you for dessert, babe” he whispered hotly. I wasn’t the only one who’d recovered, I thought.

“Here, try this” he said then, holding something with a dot of green stuff on it between two chopsticks.

“What is it?” I asked, looking suspicious.

“Just try it. If you don’t like it, we’ll try something else” he prompted.

I opened my mouth, thinking the rice I could identify looked harmless enough. I swallowed as Jon took a mouthful too. It was hot and spicy and not awful.

“That’s not bad. It’s hot. What’s in it?” I asked again.

“The hot stuff is the green wasabi. Sort of like horseradish. You like it?” he said, looking pleased.

“It’s pretty good, actually” I admitted, surprised.

We continued on in that fashion as he fed me one thing and then another. Some I liked and some was okay. There wasn’t anything I really hated. Thien checked on us and Jon asked for more rice and two bowls of soup and ordered something else. I ordered another plum wine and Jon drank my sake. The soup arrived I loved the rice which tasted like it was strongly flavored with ginger. It was the tastiest rice I’d ever had. The soup was unusual, but really flavorful and I asked what the crunchy green things in it were.

“Fiddlehead ferns” Thien told me when he returned with the other dish Jon had ordered.

“You like?” he asked, looking at me anxiously.

“Yes, it’s delicious” I complimented him.

Jon looked pleased as he dug into the next dish as I was finishing my soup. I was getting full and stuck my chopsticks into the next course to try a bite, but I couldn’t get anything to stay on them.

“Here, like this” Jon showed me. I tried again and still could only get a tiny bit to stick, but it was enough to try it.

“It takes some practice” he commented, taking a big mouthful.

“This isn’t bad at all. I really like the rice a lot and the soup is delicious. But I’m getting really full” I said.

“Are you sure? I can order something else if you don’t care for this” he offered.

“No, no. I’m just full. I don’t have nearly your appetite. For food, that is” I added with my own smirk. He looked up then and chuckled.

“So you wouldn’t mind if we skip dessert and go home?” he asked provocatively.

“Not at all” I replied without hesitation. Jon signaled to Thien who was immediately at his side.

“Next?” Thien asked.

“No, no more tonight. We have to head out for a party later and we’ve got to get home and change but everything was wonderful, as usual. Thank you for squeezing us in tonight” he said and he handed him a large bill.

“Everything was just wonderful. I wasn’t too sure at first, but I really enjoyed it all” I added. Thien nodded, looking pleased, and Jon left another bill on the bar for the bartender and stood up.

“Ready, darlin’?” he asked, helping me on with my jacket.

“Willing and able” I smiled.

The traffic was better now and we made it home by seven-thirty. Once we were home I asked again what all we had eaten. I was curious and Jon really hadn’t ever answered my question.

“Don’t be upset with me now. I wasn’t ignoring you before. I just know that if someone had told me the truth the first time I tried sushi, I’d never have gotten the first mouthful down. You had various kinds of raw fish, fresh ginger, seaweed, snails and eel” he answered, studying me.

“I ate eel?” I asked, feeling ill.

“And you liked it” he reminded me.

“I ate eel?” I said again, literally trying to digest this fact along with the eel in my belly.

“Yeah baby, you ate eel and you liked it” he said again, shaking his head yes.

“I really need a drink” I said finally. “If I get drunk enough I can forget you said that” I said, swallowing hard to keep down the eel.

“I know, I know. I couldn’t believe it the first time either. I appreciate that you trusted me enough to try it” he said soothingly, pouring me a drink at the same time and I took a big gulp.

“I’ll make it worthwhile, I promise” he said.

He led me to the bedroom after heading back to grab the bottle of wine as I had just about drank the whole glass. He sat down on the bed and pulled me onto his lap.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked seriously.

I wasn’t really angry, just a little stunned. I looked down at his face and he looked really concerned. I laughed then. How could I be angry with that face?

“If you’d tricked me into eating cowshit I’d be angry, but eel I can live with. And you were right. If I knew what it was, I never would have eaten it, I guarantee you” I said laughing and relaxing now.

“But, baby, you owe me” I said as I began unbuttoning his shirt and he looked at me, relieved.

“And I intend to reward your trust” he growled as he pushed me back against the pillows.

He unbuttoned my shirt slowly, kissing my throat first and moving his mouth lower with each button until there were none left and he pushed it open, exposing my breasts. He spread his hands across my chest, flicking the hardened nipples and watching my reaction. He went to work on my jeans and soon relieved me of them as well.

Jon stood and shrugged off his jeans and shirt. He knelt to kiss my belly ever so tenderly and I shivered as the feel of his soft lips grazed my skin. His hands wrapped around my calves and gently bent my knees, raising my legs as he looked at me. I stretched slightly, placing my legs over his shoulders as his fingers grabbed my ass, raising me slightly as he lowered his mouth to my waiting pussy.

“I’ve been thinking about this ever since dinner” he muttered as his tongue flicked my moist lips, teasing them apart.

A low moan escaped me as his tongue darted inside, taunting my sensitive center. He licked again, softly now, at each swollen lip, tickling as I wriggled beneath him. His hands slid from my ass to my thighs, stroking them lightly as he pushed my legs open wider. I raised my ass, trying to get closer, but he was in control. He looked at me from between my legs and I purred as he smiled at me. God, he loved to watch and that made me hotter.

His tongue stiffened now and he began to press me harder, holding my legs apart firmly as I began to squirm against the building pressure. He plunged two long, curled fingers into my depths, stroking my inner walls until I felt myself dripping onto the sheets. He sucked my hood between his lips, in and out, as his fingers slipped and back and forth, harder and harder. I let out a small sound which built to a moan as I fell over the edge again and again until I begged him for release and to take me then and there.

In one swift moment, he was inside me, his thick cock replacing his skillful fingers with it’s own magic. My legs now circled his hips as he drove his shaft into me. His fingers, still slippery from my juices, held my hands above my head, pinning me, as he took me, hard and fast, unable to pace his own excitement any longer.

“Oh baby, I’m exploding” he cried as he slammed against me, filling me with liquid fire.

As he collapsed, shuddering, my spasms wrung the last of his milk from him. We lay there, sweating and shaking, the sheets torn asunder and ripped from the mattress.

“You drive me wild” I murmured, awed that each time could possibly be better than the last.

“And you inspire me” he sighed.


Stephanie said...

Okay, I'm all caught up now. I just love this. They are so sweet together. That last chapter ma'am, freaking hot!!

Ready for more now.

Someday said...

You have captured what I have always wanted to believe he was like. I can't wait to read more. I'm hooked.

Opester said...

I have to tell you that my favorite part in this chapter was the eel story-I laugh everytime I read it as I really can picture that happening!

angael2000 said...
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angael2000 said...

You know you're hooked when the first thing you do when you get into work is start up the computer and look to see if you've posted.
LOVE this story!!!

Opester said...

Thanks angael2000,
I will try to keep posting every day!