Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sauna Part 35

Once inside the limo, Jon immediately loosened his tie and removed it .

“Jesus, that feels better. I hate those damn things. Now, C’mere!” he said, reaching for me as I scooted over closer and he planted his lips on mine and held me locked in a kiss that sent shivers down my spine.

“I am so glad we’re finally alone. I’ve been rock hard all damn night now trying to control myself and then the show just pumped me up even more. I probably sounded like a babbling idiot talking to those donors when all I wanted to do was….” he finished with another deep kiss that left me breathless.

“You were incredible tonight. I cried twice and you had me squirming in my seat every time you looked at me. It was all I could do to keep sitting still. It’s a darn good thing you didn’t do ‘Let’s Make It Baby’ or I would have crawled in your lap in front of everyone!” I bantered back.

“Really? I’ll remember that next time!” he growled, pulling me onto his lap now and singing a few bars from the song.

“Is it hot in here?” I remarked, removing my shawl as my own heat was rising.

“Yeah, it’s hotter than hell” he agreed as he unzipped my dress and pushed it roughly over my shoulders, no longer holding back.

I reached up and opened the window in the ceiling and cool air rushed in to soothe my burning flesh. My entire being ached to feel his touch as I looked down at his face, seeing the raw need in his eyes. His hands roamed over my body, desire spreading like a wild fire. I felt his warm breath on my throat as his lips traced a trail to my breasts, taking a stiffened nipple between his teeth, and sucking hungrily.

I reached down and unzipped his pants, releasing his engorged cock, eager to be set free and inviting me to slide onto its length. I stroked his shaft admiringly, feeling the blood pulsing through it. His hand slid up my dress, slipping inside as his thumb rubbed against my swollen pearl.

“Jon, I can’t wait anymore. I want you inside me now” I demanded.

His breath caught in his throat as his fingers dug into my ass and he pulled me onto his shaft with a groan.

“You don’t need to wait, darlin’, cuz I’m way past ready and I wanna cum inside” he said as he yanked my head down and plunged his tongue down my throat.

I exploded almost immediately, drenching him with my release as I rocked him inside me slowly, building the rhythm.

“Ohhh, babe, damn, that feels so good. I want to feel you come again” he purred.

He proceeded to encourage me with his stroking and the climax began to build again. He was relentless, urging me on with his voice and his fingers persuading me further.

“Oh Jon, don’t stop, Ooohhhh, right there, harder” I begged and he obliged, taking me higher.

His breathing became deeper and I felt him nearing his own release. I held on, waiting, and begged him to “Cum with me” as I approached another peak. He let go simultaneously with a cry as my spasms milked him, but I was too gone to stop riding him and to my surprise he stayed with me.

“I just can’t get enough, I want more” he said hoarsely as he thrust back in again and again.

It was almost like an addiction and we needed another fix. After making love twice already today I would’ve expected us both to be quite satisfied, but the torturous teasing all night had driven us both past the point of reasonable appetites. It was as though we were starving and making love was the only way to quench the insatiable hunger.

His fingers plunged into my abyss and I came so hard again I couldn’t breathe. He bit into my shoulder, but it only seemed to feed the fire as I ground against him still. His hands tightened on my shoulders so hard it almost hurt as he drove into me faster and farther, his need to possess me growing more urgent with each passing moment.

We were out of control now, hurtling towards the point of no return as he pushed me onto the seat and pounded into me like a man possessed, my legs wrapped around his hips. I bucked wildly, gripping him hard as he brought me over the edge again and again and I was unable stop the flood. A low moan of pure pleasure escaped from deep within him as he came again, and he shuddered violently with the intensity. The look on his face at that moment was beyond description and his eyes were shining. Tears rolled down his face.

“Baby, baby” he whispered and I cradled his face in my hands.

“That was incredible. Fucking nirvana!” he sighed as we lay there, grinning like total idiots. I giggled at the double entendre and he laughed too.

“I can’t stop smiling” he added and I nuzzled his neck, unable to stop grinning myself.

“I know. It was just so … awesome. Oh baby, you make me so happy. It’ll be days before I can stop smiling, or be able to walk” I giggled, unable to help myself.

“People will think we’ve lost our minds completely” he said, still laughing. “I feel like I’m high. But there ain’t no drug that good! ” he said, still laughing.

It was the truth. We were drunk on love.

“Let’s just pray that the hangover doesn’t kill us tomorrow” I joked.