Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sauna Part 56

Jon’s tongue slid down my throat as his hand slid under my shirt and I felt Floyd jump off the bed in utter disgust. Just as well. He really didn’t need to see what was coming.

His fingers slipped over my breasts, sending shivers down my spine as he eased my tank top off over my head and lowered his mouth to my nipple. His soft lips were moist as he drew the taut flesh in, nipping gently at the tip with his teeth. I ran my hands under his shirt, needing to feel the bare skin and hard muscle of his chest and he indulged me further by dragging the t-shirt over his head. I reached for his chest, my palms resting lightly as I drank in the sight of him poised above me in my own bed. I caught my breath and murmured my appreciation.

Jon enjoyed my watching him and treated me to a more intimate view as he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them over his hips, freeing his stiffened shaft to dangle tantalizingly above me. I reached for him, but he pulled back, kicking off his clothes and freeing me of my jeans as well.

“Now I can make love to you properly” Jon whispered softly, easing himself back on top of me now that we were free of all the clothes that had been in the way.

We took our time, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin as our naked bodies rubbed against each other. Our legs tangled together as we kissed and I ran my palms along his sides, savoring the feel of his smooth skin while our tongues played leisurely, licking and twirling like dancers moving to an inner rhythm.

We shifted slightly, moving apart to lie side by side. He cupped my breast in his hand, feeling its fullness as his thumb flicked lightly across the tip. I took his penis in my hand, stroking it lovingly and caressing the engorged tip with my index finger as he rolled onto his back and I straddled his legs. I bent my head to taste him, swirling my tongue around the tip as I stroked the inside of his thighs. His fingers caught in my hair as I took in his shaft more fully, bathing it in the warm wetness of my throat. He groaned loudly, struggling not to succumb to my attentions.

“Come here, babe. I wanna make love to you until morning” he said heavily, his voice thick with passion.

I released him gently and crawled higher, replacing my mouth with my pussy, drenched now with desire as I lowered myself enough to slide across him. I rocked back and forth, teasing us both, but not allowing him to enter me. His fingers found the cheeks of my ass, clenching it tightly as he held me still, catching his breath.

Gripping my hips, he lifted me up and slid me onto his cock, slippery now from my teasing, and held me tightly to him as he rolled us onto our sides and began a gentle rocking motion that built the need for release. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth gently as he stroked my cheek with his finger before licking my neck along my jaw. I raised my leg to encircle his hips, and he penetrated deeper inside my center.

I felt his warm breath on my shoulder as he pulled me more tightly to him and my fingers traced the hardened muscles in his arm. I kissed the top of his head tenderly as our bodies fused in a slow, but steady rocking motion. He slipped his hand between us and tenderly stroked my clit, intensifying my pleasure. I arched my head back as he ran his tongue along my throat and I shuddered against him. I felt the orgasm begin to unfold, slow and delicious. My body stiffened until the final moment of release when I melted into him, clenching his cock inside me like a vice.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good” I moaned.

He continued the relentless motion of his hips and I felt the longest, most intense climax of my life. It had a beginning but seemingly no end and I bit my lip hard to keep from screaming. I was swimming in a sea of sensations, losing all sense of myself as he turned me onto my back, covering me with his body. I buried my face in his shoulder and dug my nails harder into his flesh, as the pace quickened and I felt him tensing, nearing his own release.

He raised his head to look at me and smile just before his eyes closed and he yielded to the force of his own explosive blast which I felt deep inside me. His body stiffened for a moment and he held himself above me as my thighs clenched tightly, pressing us as close as two people could be. He collapsed then and we rolled across the bed, landing on the opposite side in a tight, sweaty embrace.

“Holy shit, baby, that was amazing” he chuckled, smacking my ass for emphasis before he rolled onto his back.

“You’re not kidding. I never…” I began, but stopped, speechless. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both broke into giggles, surprised at ourselves after making love already only hours before.

“We should write a book” Jon mused.

“Yeah, but who’d believe us? Hell, I don’t even believe it and I was there!” I laughed harder now.

He drew me into his arms, and kissed me tenderly and I rested my head on his chest, snuggling in close against him.

“You really do amaze me, babe” he whispered into my hair.

“And you, my love, are a God” I sighed and he chuckled with satisfaction.

“You realize it’s only nine-thirty?” he asked, looking across at the clock. “It’s just barely dark, but I’m wiped out and I don’t wanna move. Should we hit the lights and call it a night?” he asked.

He laughed to himself quietly when my only reply was a soft snore. I had fallen sound asleep as we lay there, completely spent and utterly satisfied. Jon shifted a little to reach the chain on the only lamp and pulled the cord. The light dimmed and he pulled up the covers, cradling me in his arms, as he drifted off contentedly too.

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