Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sauna Part 24

The sun had gone down and it was beginning to get cool on the terrace and I shivered. Noticing, Jon rubbed my arms to take away the chill.

“Let’s go inside, Babe. It’s getting too cold out here and it feels like a storm is coming” he suggested.

We picked up the dishes and went inside. There weren’t many leftovers, so we had only a few dishes to do and we were finished cleaning up.

“So what should we do tonight?” he asked.

I was actually a little tired and I stifled a yawn in response.

“Me too, but it’s too early to go to sleep yet. My motor is still running, but I don‘t think I‘ve got enough gas left for a night out either” he answered as he poured another glass of wine.

“What about a movie? There’s a video store just around the block or we could see what’s on the tube” he said, thinking out loud.

I wasn’t in the mood to get dressed and I noticed earlier that there was a fireplace in the bedroom. Cuddling in bed and watching a movie with a roaring fire was just the ticket.

“Let’s check out the TV. I’m not sure I can stay awake for a movie. Do you think we could make a fire? Or isn’t it cold enough yet? I noticed that gorgeous fireplace in the bedroom” I suggested.

“Good idea. Let me see if I can get it started” he agreed.

We went to the bedroom and I settled down on the bed and watched as Jon bent down to build a fire. The TV was still on and I looked for the remote.

“Where’s the remote? I know you must have one” I asked as I looked around and placed the roses on the dresser.

“Should be next to the bed or in the drawer there” he said pointing.

I found it on the floor and started flicking through channels. It was around eight o’clock and most of the movies weren’t starting until nine. I ran across an old ‘Law & Order’ episode and stopped. Jon had the fire started and was fanning it to get it going a little more.

“The movies don’t start for another hour. Mind if we watch this until then?” I asked, wondering how our tastes in TV would match up.

“That’ll work. I never get tired of that show. I miss Lenny, though” he replied.

So, he was a fan. This is good, I thought, since it was one of the only shows on TV I ever watched. I explained that Lenny was the one who made the show for me.

“Me too. He was my favorite character” Jon said as he grabbed a blanket from the closet and tossed it to me.

“Want some more wine? Or would you rather have coffee? It’s been, what, over six hours? Don’t want you in withdrawal, now” he mocked and I made a face, duck lips actually, and he snorted a laugh.

“Okay, I deserved that” he smirked.

Actually, coffee sounded appealing and while I hated to admit it, he was right. I needed my fix, I thought, yawning again.

“Alright. I give. You know me too well already. Coffee would be really good.”

He went off to the kitchen and I heard him getting it started and soon I could smell it brewing. He returned with a steaming cup, just how I liked it, and smiled at me. If the way to a man’s heart was with food, the way to mine was with coffee.

“I’ll be right back. I’ve actually got a few calls to make. Okay, darlin’?” he said as he handed me the cup.

“Thank you, love” I nodded and he disappeared into another room.

I propped myself up comfortably on the big bed, scrunching the pillows until I was comfortable and wiggling under the covers as the fire hadn‘t warmed up the room yet. As I sat sipping my java, I reflected on the weekend. So much had happened. It was hard to believe we’d only just met Friday morning and here I was, watching TV in his house, in his bed.

I looked around the bedroom. It was large, but not huge. There was a definite masculine feel to the room, probably the dark, earthy colors. The walls were stucco and painted a terra cotta color and the room had a Tuscan theme. Paintings of villas and vineyards and wrought iron sconces with candles. As I lit a cigarette, I thought how warm and inviting this room was, with the rich burgundy comforter and deep green carpeting. The glow from the fireplace made it even more cozy.

I stroked the plush fur of the stuffed cat he had indulgently placed on the bed by the pillows and smiled. He really loved me. I got up to refill my cup and heard Jon on the phone, talking about the shows this week, checking details and set lists. I wondered idly if he was talking to Richie or a tour promoter. I overheard him say “Thanks, man. See ya Tuesday” and guessed it was Richie. I returned to the bed and repositioned myself against the pillows. Jon appeared in the doorway.

“Need anything?” he inquired with the phone still in his hand.

“Just you, baby” I answered and that was the truth.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes. One more quick call. Don’t want my Mom reading about us in the papers without having told her myself. I’ll catch hell” he grinned and disappeared again.

He was calling his Mom. Wow, I thought. This is serious. I felt guilty then, thinking I hadn’t even thought about my parents or calling them yet. Not that I was worried they’d read it in the papers. They wouldn’t even recognize Jon’s picture, though they’d know the name.

I roused myself and went to my purse and found my cell phone. I dialed the number and waved to Jon on my way back to the bedroom. I somewhat dreaded the call. They wouldn’t believe me. And I wasn’t sure how they’d take this news.

“Hello?” I heard my Dad’s voice.

“Hey, Dad. It’s me.” I started.

“How’d the big conference go? Are you home yet? You sound far away” he asked.

“I’m on the cell phone. I’m still in New Jersey” I stalled.

“Still in New Jersey? What happened? Did you miss your plane? What’s wrong?” he asked, sounding alarmed.

“Yes. No. Well, yes. I mean….the conference was great. Huge success. I missed my plane on purpose. Dad, I met someone and I’m in love with him” I blurted out.

My Dad was silent. He wasn’t often speechless. I found myself grinning despite the anxiety.

“You just met someone and you’re in love? What’s the matter with you? Are you crazy?” he stammered and I couldn’t blame him. I’d have asked the same questions in his position.

“Yeah, Dad. I’m in love and I may be crazy, but I’m definitely in love. And I’m staying here for the week.”

My poor Father. He was too old for this. I should have called my sister. She could have told him better.

“How did this happen? What’s his name? Who is he? Jesus Christ, do you know what you’re doing?” he asked in disbelief.

Shit. It was only going to sound more fantastic. Here goes.

“Um, it’s Jon Bon Jovi.” I said, wincing while I waited for the reaction.

Dead silence. Then finally he spoke.

“Who? You mean that band you went to see? You didn’t miss your plane because you’re following that band, did you? What are you doing? Stop this nonsense and get home right now” he insisted.

He didn’t comprehend. I really should have called my sister, I thought to myself. He thought I was just being a groupie.

“No, Dad. It’s not the band. I mean, I love the band, but I met Jon and we’ve been together for three days and we’re in love. Really. I’m totally serious. Please. I am honestly head over heels in love for the first time ever and he wants me to stay with him. He’s coming with me to Buffalo after the tour.”

I knew I sounded insane. He had every reason to think I was delusional. Hell, I didn’t even believe me when I heard myself say it.

“Awww, Trish. What have you gotten yourself into? He’s just using you. You’re gonna get hurt. You should know better. C’mon. You can’t be serious” he said, trying to talk some sense into me.

Jon walked in then and saw me on the phone and raised his eyebrows in question. I motioned that I needed a few minutes and he disappeared back into the other room.

“Dad, I know it sounds crazy. But it’s really true. I never planned this. You’ll just have to trust my judgment here” I pleaded.

“I thought you were so smart. I can’t believe you don’t see through this” he tried to convince me to be reasonable.

“Father. I’m sorry to upset you. I know the whole thing is far-fetched, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. If you don’t believe me, check out the papers or the magazines. Our picture was taken last night at a press conference and they interviewed us. You’ll be hearing about it soon enough. I wanted you to hear it from me first.” I said, followed by silence again.

“I’m calling your sister. Maybe she can talk some sense into you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow” he said with an edge of finality.

There was nothing left to say. He was dismissing me.

“Bye Dad. I love you” I said and I hung up. I took my cup and went in the kitchen where Jon was pouring another glass of wine.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he said, looking concerned, as he enveloped me in his arms. Those strong arms holding me tight against his hardened chest were so comforting. So safe.

“I hope your conversation with your Mom went better than mine did with my Dad” was all I could say.

“Look at me. What happened?” he asked gently, smoothing my hair and resting his hands on my shoulders.

“I told my Dad about us and he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m crazy. And you can bet my sister will be calling momentarily” I replied dejectedly.

“Oh. Uhmmm, my Mom reacted a little better. Actually a lot better” he said as my cell phone rang.

“It’s my sister” I explained and answered the phone.

“Linda?” I answered.

“Yeah. What’s this I hear that you’re in love and staying in New Jersey with Jon Bon Jovi? Daddy’s really upset. I think he misunderstood you. What’s going on?” she demanded and I rolled my eyes at Jon. He put his arms around my waist for moral support as I poured another cup of coffee.

“No Linda. He didn’t misunderstand. He just doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m crazy. And I’m sure, so will you” I said dejectedly.

I was feeling rather hopeless at this point. Jon kissed my forehead and stayed there, holding me.

“What is this all about?” she asked, “Start at the beginning” she commanded but I had no intention of recounting our meeting in the sauna and simply summarized.

“I met Jon, errr, accidentally on Friday morning at the hotel. We spent the day together and I went with him to the show. We spent the night together and he came with me all day to the conference and then we went to the second show together. There was a press conference afterward and they took our picture together and Jon told them we were in love. We’ve been together ever since except for this afternoon while he saw his kids and told them too. I just didn’t want you and Daddy to find out on Entertainment Tonight or something. I never dreamed this would happen and I’m sure Jon didn’t either. It did all happen really fast. But I assure you I’m perfectly sane and I’m sober and I’m more deeply in love than I’ve ever been in my life. And I’d like my family to be happy for me instead of thinking I need to be committed!” I finished.

Another dead silence. Jon was smiling proudly. I kissed him and was thankful he was there and letting me handle this.

“I don’t know what to say” came my sister’s reply after a long pause.

“Just say Congratulations. I’m glad you’re happy” I said in return.

“I am glad you’re happy. I just hope you know what you’re doing, that’s all” she said nervously.

“Trust me. I’ll talk to you later when I get a chance” I said and I hung up.

“Shit” Jon said. “I never saw that one coming. I knew my Mom would be thrilled, but I never thought about how your family might see it” he said, looking at me tenderly.

“It’ll be fine once they digest it and see it’s really true. They’re just worried that you’re using me, you know. Being a Rock God and the reputation that comes with that. I don’t blame them, really. I wouldn’t have believed it either. They’ll come around as soon as they meet you!” I smiled then.

“I can’t say I’m exactly looking forward to meeting your father after that conversation. At least you didn’t tell him we spent the last two nights together” he laughed.

“It’ll be okay. He’ll be fine with that once he sees the smile you put on my face. It’s just that he worries and he’s well, you know, he’s…”

“He’s your dad. And his job is to protect you from guys like me!” Jon interrupted. “If you were my daughter, I’d be on a plane for New Jersey looking for me!” he smiled ruefully.

“Yeah. My dad loves me, but he’s eighty and I’m forty-four. I think you’re safe at the moment” I teased back. “And he’s not here right now, so Mister Rock Star, wanna take advantage of me?”

I slipped my tongue between his lips, probing for a response. He held me tighter, locking our hips together, his penis answering the rising heat between my legs and his hands slipping under my loose shirt. His tongue found mine and they danced, teasing and thrusting alternately.

Jon lifted me up to him, his powerful arms supporting my ass, as my legs wound around him. He set me on the kitchen counter, leaning hard against me between my legs. He tugged gently on my hair, pulling my head back, as his mouth lightly kissed my throat and he unbuttoned my shirt. He cupped my full breasts in his hands, kissing each nipple, still bruised from last night’s passionate attentions. They stiffened obediently as I felt myself grow wetter and my breathing became deeper.

I reached for his zipper, but couldn’t quite get it and he unzipped it himself and dropped his jeans, his stiffened cock freeing itself, and bouncing towards me. Jon kicked off his pants and lowered his mouth to my waiting pussy, his tongue finding easy access as I spread my legs wider. He guided my feet and legs over his shoulders until I was leaning back, my head resting against the cupboards.

I felt so deliciously exposed and seeing his shaggy head between my legs made me beg for more. As he slipped a finger into my greedy pussy, my hands caught in his hair, pulling him harder against me. His tongue continued to circle my center, sending shock waves along my legs until my toes were actually curling. My back arched and my hips rose as two more fingers found their way inside and he replaced his tongue with his thumb, applying more pressure.

I looked down as he gazed up at me, desire showing fully in his dark eyes. His lips curved into a smile as he thrust in and out, urging me towards the first rush of release. He continued the pressure, as I caught my lower lip in my mouth to bite back the scream I felt building inside until I could no longer contain it.

“Oh, Jon, that feels so goood” I moaned as I came hard against him. I gripped the edge of the countertop to keep from slipping over the edge as my thighs struggled to stay apart.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it” he crooned as he slowed his motions and I rode out the aftershocks.

I caught my breath, ragged now, as he slowly withdrew his fingers and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me to him, though I needed no urging, and with his hands beneath my ass he lifted me off the counter, sliding me onto his rigid shaft.

“OOOhhhh! Yesssss!” I cried as he speared me with his sword.

Holding me thus, he carried me to the bed, sitting down on the edge and rolling onto it without disconnecting our melded loins. The room was warm now, the heat from the roaring fire casting a seductive glow as our shadows moved along the walls. The friction from our movement stimulated another wave of pleasure and I began to rhythmically rock on top of him as his finger again sought my swollen button.

The heat between us was so intense it nearly burned as I exploded again, unable to stem the tide of another climax. He pulled my head to his, plunging his tongue inside my waiting mouth as I devoured his rock hard cock. He rolled us over and then astride me, drove deeper and harder as I urged him on.

“Come for me. I want to feel you come inside me” I breathed in his ear as the last shred of his self-control gave way then and he thrust again, exploding deep in the core of my being.

“Oh baby, I’m coming! Oh, baby!” he moaned loudly and I felt him fill me with his essence.

The warm darkness enveloped us then, taking us both to a place before time began. It was so elemental. Magikal. Like the union of earth and sky. Like God and Goddess uniting. It was timeless. Our souls joined as one and I knew I could never fully be alive again without him by my side.

“I love you, Jon” I murmured and I heard him sigh deeply.

“I love you too, darlin’” he whispered as we both fell into a deep and rapturous slumber, inseparable and together, glowing like the embers of the dying fire.


Stephanie said...

Whew! The end of that chapter was hot! Could totally understand where dad was coming from but Linda, she could have been a little more forgiving and actually been happy for Trish. Can't wait for more.

Opester said...

Thanks Steph! I so appreciate your comments, really-makes it seem less like I'm writing just to entertain myself! "Linda" is based on a real person and you've gotta believe me when I say that's enthusiasm when it comes to her character! LOL!