Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sauna Part 16

It was after midnight by the time we reached the hotel. We were sound asleep when the limo driver opened the door. He shook Jon’s shoulder gently, rousing us both. Jon yawned sleepily as I rubbed my eyes and blinked. The driver waited patiently as we acclimated to our surroundings and realized where we were.

“I fell asleep” Jon observed.

“I saw that” I said back, repeating one of our more stupid conversations.

He laughed, remembering it too. We were both stiff as we untangled ourselves and made our way out of the limo. As I stood up, I noticed my leg was asleep and I nearly toppled over. Jon caught me before I crashed into the driver, who was still holding the door open.

“Baby, let’s get to bed before we end up crippled from the backseat. We’ll stop and get your stuff from your room while it’s quiet and there aren’t any crowds.”

I’d forgotten all about that, in fact. I stifled a yawn and leaned heavily on him for support. We walked into the lobby and thankfully there wasn’t a soul there. I glanced around a little nervously, half expecting to see one of the paparazzi jump out to catch a photo. Wearily, we made our way to the front desk and Jon checked to see if he had any messages. The desk clerk handed him a stack and he stuffed it in my purse which felt like a bag of rocks on my shoulder. I groaned and he lifted it off, holding it for a moment.

“What on earth is in here, woman?” he said slinging it over his shoulder. “This thing must weigh 10 pounds at least”.

“I know. Thank you. It looks good on you, too and it matches the outfit.” I parried back.

“You are a sassy one, but I’m too tired to spank you tonight. Tomorrow, I promise.” he said heavily.

“I won’t forget a promise, remember” as we got on the elevator.

We stopped at the fifth floor and shuffled down to my room. I grabbed my bag with all my work stuff in it and threw my suit inside, stuffing it in a pocket, not caring if it got wrinkled now. Jon grabbed my suitcase and groaned.

“Do you pack rocks when you travel? I’ve got to teach you how pack before the next trip.” He was right. I did pack way too much.

“Considering I spent more time out of my clothes rather than in them this weekend, I guess I could pare back the wardrobe, huh?” I agreed and his lips curved into that familiar smirk.

“My back, and Lil’ Jon, would be most grateful” he replied.

We trudged back down the hallway to the elevator and got in. As we rode up to the Penthouse, Jon laughed.

“What a sorry sight we are. The limo driver must think I’ve lost my marbles to find me sound asleep in the back seat with a hot red-headed wench on my lap, fully clothed. There goes my reputation” he complained, but I just smiled.

“We can give him something to talk about tomorrow, baby, never fear.”

The elevator dinged and we made the last trek down the hall to the Penthouse. Jon opened the door and we stumbled in, dropping the suitcase and bag in the entranceway. With one last surge of strength, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he carried me to the bed and set me down on the edge.

“I’m too exhausted to take a shower, do you mind?” he asked as I pulled off my boots.

“C’mere” was all I said as I pulled him into bed and he came willingly. I tugged off his boots and climbed in beside him and pulled up the covers, tucking us in.

“Good Night, darlin’” he said as he laid his head against me.

“Sweet dreams, my love” I murmured into his hair. And the room faded out despite the candles all around us.

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