Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sauna Part 45

“Hey, do you know what the deal was with all the tulips being thrown on stage?” Jon asked suddenly after we’d settled into the back seat.

I giggled then as I did know where that came from. He looked at me searchingly. “C’mon, tell me. What’s it mean?” he asked suspiciously.

“Honey, you need to read the Backstage Boards more” I started and then proceeded to explain how it came from Obie’s response to a question about the roses.

“Shit! No kidding? Obie really said that on there?” he asked, incredulous.

“He certainly did. He’s quite a character. I’d love to meet him someday” I laughed. “Although there are a few who post on that Board who don’t seem to appreciate his sense of humor. Are you aware that some people choose to see you as being pure as the driven snow? And they have no tolerance for those of us who know better” I said, curious about how much he really knew.

“Seriously? C’mon, you must be kidding” he replied, eyeing me in disbelief.

I proceeded to explain about the tensions on the site and the conflicting stories and perceptions.

“There are a few really nasty people there who pick on anyone who makes a provocative comment about you, comments that I actually think you‘d appreciate. They try and paint you as lily white and it becomes so obnoxious. The atmosphere became so stifling that I quit the Board myself. I never understood why a couple Holier than Thous were aloud to run ram shod over everyone else for doing nothing worse than making remarks that could have easily come out of your own mouth” I said hotly.

“Whoa. Explain. I rarely go in there and I don’t know about any of this. But if it’s such a sore spot with you, it must be with a lot of people. Tell me more” he reflected.

I was worked up now and wasn’t about to hold back. I told him the whole story of how the Gutter Dwellers were persecuted to the point where we couldn’t have any fun and that most of us finally quit the Board. “We couldn’t say anything without being attacked by the “moral minority” who acted as if they did so with your authority. And not only that! They’d get sarcastic and snotty to people who would ask innocent questions. It became so stressful and upsetting to see a couple people getting away with treating others that way that many of us just finally quit. And, you know, your own contradictory behavior does little to help resolve it” I added, getting annoyed as I thought about it.

“What do you mean? What have I done to make people think I’d approve of that kind of sniping? And I certainly don’t act like a prude, do I?” he said defensively.

“That’s just it. You flirt outrageously, but then complain when you get too much attention for your appearance. But what do you expect? It sends somewhat of a mixed message. It’s okay for you to flirt and make innuendos, but then we’d get our hands slapped for doing the same thing. And neither you or anyone else in charge ever responded to the complaints we all sent about the way people were being treated. No one ever told the miserable prudes on backstage to lighten up. So it seemed like you condoned it. Your Mom runs the Fan Club. We figured you knew” I finished, softening now as I realized he really didn’t know.

He looked out the window, avoiding my eyes. “I do love to tease and flirt, and I admit I play the sex card pretty often. But I still want to be taken seriously at the same time, and I just get annoyed when my appearance gets more attention than the music. I had no idea it created such a schism in my own backyard. I’ll have to find a way to set the record straight. Why didn‘t anyone ever tell me this before? I can’t even get on there without my Mom’s help. Hell… ” he said thoughtfully.

“You know it wouldn’t hurt to say just what you told me. I’d really love to see you tell off the prudes. It wasn’t pleasant to see everyone divided into two camps-the man or the music. It was an artificial division created by a few miserable bitches” I concluded finally. It was something that had always eaten at me and I was glad to finally have the opportunity to air it.

“I’ll take care of it tomorrow. I promise. Do I need to ask what camp you were in?” he asked with a mischievous look, changing the conversation.

“The correct one, of course. We know you’re a talented musician and song-writer. The music was what brought us all together. We just verbalized our appreciation for the fact that you’re one helluva hot man who’d probably enjoy a visit to the Gutter now and then” I said as I climbed into his lap and began to nuzzle his neck.

“Aaahhhhh, you do know me then” he purred, arching his neck as I ran my fingers through the damp locks of hair at the back of his neck.

“Yes, I do. And I’m glad you’re not Mr. Innocence either” I snarled.

I unbuttoned his shirt and dragged my nails across his shoulders as I pushed the shirt off. He wriggled free, and took my face in his hands as he stroked my cheek with his finger.

“I think I’m going to enjoy the Gutter” he said promisingly.

He chuckled then as he nipped my lower lip between his perfect white teeth. I raised my arms as he slid his hands beneath my shirt, pulling it over my head, brushing my breasts with his fingers. His tongue flicked each stiffened nipple as a shiver ran down my spine. He pulled my swollen tip into his warm mouth as he tugged roughly at my hair, tilting my head back. I felt the pinch as his teeth bit gently on my left nipple and a soft sigh escaped me. His hands gripped my shoulders, his fingers kneading my flesh as he buried his face between my breasts. My own hands tangled in his hair as I held him tightly against me, feeling his hot breath on my chest. His tongue traced the curve of my throat, stopping only to nuzzle behind my ear with his nose. It tickled, but I felt the itch between my legs as his hand slid along my thigh. His knuckles brushed the damp fabric of my panties and I silently cursed myself for wearing them.

No longer teasing, he lifted me up, tossing me onto the back seat as he yanked off what lay between him and his desired target. My breath caught at the sudden fierceness and I knew he was barely in control of his own need. And I liked it.

I spread my legs wide, inviting him to take me and he growled low in his throat. The look on his face was pure lust and I felt more wanton than ever as my eyes met his. I licked my lips suggestively and I was rewarded by the feel of his velvety tongue slipping deep inside me. He drew my swollen clit into his mouth, sucking hungrily, as two fingers drove deeper inside. He circled my center with his tongue, taking me higher and higher, until I began to shudder and thrust against him. He held on, his mouth devouring the flood of juices pouring out of me as his fingers dug into my thigh, holding me captive. I felt helpless and completely out of control.

His tongue darted back and forth, faster and faster, as he stroked my inner walls, coaxing me to come again. My legs were trembling and I ached to feel his skin against mine. “I wanna feel you inside me” I moaned as his tongue continued its assault. “Please, baby, I want you” I begged, almost whining.

He relented reluctantly, leaning back to look down at me and smiled at the quivering mass before him, like an artist, pleased with his work. He wiped my juices from his mouth with the back of his hand and I realized we were no longer moving and that the limo had come to a stop.

“Are we home? Oh my God, are we home already?” I blurted out, realizing that the driver was waiting for us to exit.

Jon laughed. “We’ve been sitting in the driveway for fifteen minutes or so. I didn’t have the heart to, uhm, interrupt you” he teased, tossing me my shirt and holding my panties over my head. I reached for them and he backed up. “Come and get them” he said as he pushed open the door on his side and escaped, holding my panties in his teeth and thoroughly enjoying the game now.

I pulled on my shirt, and tossed his out the door at him as I scrambled to pull down my skirt and get out of the car in a dignified way.

“You are so going to pay for that” I hissed as I caught up to him at the front door, grabbing the ripped panties out of his mouth as he fumbled for the keys.

“I’m counting on it” he said in between snorts of laughter.


angael2000 said...

Boy, do I know what you mean about the Backstage posts. Those girls bite your head off if you write something they don't like.
LOVE how you were able to incorporate it into the story.
REALLY enjoyed the rest of the chapter also!!!

Opester said...

I know-it used to bother me so much to see how they treated people and that the mods let them get away with it-I finally quit the fan club because it was more frustrating than enjoyable and just way too much drama there.

angael2000 said...

I joined the fan club about a year ago and have found that a lot of people in that time have voiced their disapproval with what is going on in the site (both by the management and the posts) and have decided not to renew their membership. My membership is coming up and I have mixed feelings about what I should do.