Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sauna Part 54

“So, Chickie & Pete’s?” Jon asked after we’d finished our happy dance.

“Yes!” Stephanie and I said in unison.

“Richie, are you coming, man?” Jon asked, turning to him.

“You kidding? Of course!” he replied.

We exited by way of the field so Jon had a chance to thank all the players and the coach. We found the limo waiting and headed off for an early dinner at Chickie & Pete’s.

When we arrived we were immediately taken to a table they must have been holding for us. The place was crowded, but no one made a fuss when we came in.

“The usual?” the waitress asked knowingly and Jon nodded, handing me a menu.

“We always get lobster pizza and crab fries” Steph explained. “But everything here is good.”

“That sounds good to me. I was just wondering if they had fried clams? I haven’t had them in ages” I said, looking at the menu and spying them. The waitress returned with drinks and Jon added fried clams to the menu.

“Anything else, babe?” he asked.

Steph added onion rings and I added a salad and the waitress scurried off to place our order.

The food arrived quickly and the conversation died as we dug in, each with our own order of crab fries and a pizza to share. Between the four of us there wasn’t a scrap of food left on the table.

“Oh my God, I’m stuffed, but that was awesome!” I said after I’d finished the last mouthful.

“Me too” Steph said.

“No ice cream on the way home?” Jon asked, catching Steph’s eye.

“I always have room for ice cream!” she responded enthusiastically.

“Hey man, could you drop me off at the airport on the way home?” Richie asked.

“No problem, you heading back to California?” Jon asked.

“Yep, but I’ll go for ice cream if you’re buying!” Richie teased back.

We all headed out together and Jon paid the bill. It was nice that the tensions had eased and everyone was relaxed after a belly full of good food. We chatted in the limo until we reached Barnacle Bob’s and piled out, ready for dessert. It was a warm evening and we all sat on the beach licking our cones and listening to the cry of the seagulls overhead. Stephanie asked me some questions about Buffalo and whether we had beaches there and I told her about Beaver Island and Canada and Jon told her my story about feeding the seagulls.

“Dad, can we get some fries? Please? I want to try that” she pleaded and Jon handed her some money to go and get some fries. She came back with a large order and looked at me expectantly.

“C’mon, let’s feed the birds” she said, excited.

We stood a little ways away from Jon and Richie and I showed her how to attract the gulls and coach them to take the fries from your hand. We were having a great time when all of a sudden I heard “Hey!” and turned to look and see what happened. Richie was laughing hysterically and we quickly realized why. One of the seagulls had deposited a present on Jon’s knee as it flew over his head and we broke into peals of laughter at the expression on Jon’s face. He looked up and pouted and I so wished for a camera at that moment. We quickly went through our supply of fries and ambled back to where the guys were waiting.

“Wow! Did you see it dad? They took them right out of my hand!” Steph said, and Jon ruffled her hair.

“Yeah, kiddo, I saw it. Spose we’ll never get outta here from now on without buying food for the gulls, huh?” he said, feigning a groan. Steph nodded as we made our way back to the limo where Rick and the driver were chatting outside.

“Ready, boss? Where to?” he asked and Jon gave instructions to drop Steph off first and then head to the airport. We piled in the limo and headed for the house. As we drove in the driveway, I took a long look at the place and thought how sad it must be for Jon to give up his home. It was beautiful, just like the pictures I’d seen, but more impressive up close. Steph said goodbye to me and Richie and hesitated before she turned to walk up to the house.

“I’m glad he chose you” she whispered hurriedly in my ear and ran off as Jon walked her up to the door. Richie and I waited in the car and watched them disappear through the door.

“I’m so relieved things turned out as well as they did” I breathed, sighing heavily.

“Yeah, I hear you. Jon can be so stubborn sometimes, but he usually does the right thing in the end” he smiled.

“Thanks for talking to him, Richie. Whatever you said got through” I said, grateful for Richie’s common sense and involvement.

Jon returned and we proceeded to head to the airport, talking about the change in Steph’s behavior, but avoiding discussion of the events precipitating it. We arrived at the airport and dropped Richie off at his terminal and drove out to where Jon’s plane was waiting in a private area. Rick unloaded our bags and followed us to the plane, carrying them up the stairs and stowing them away.

“Call me, man, when you’re back or if you need something. Have a good time” Rick said to Jon as they shook hands. Then Rick turned to me and gave me a hug. “Take good care of our boy” he whispered. “I know you will” he grinned. I nodded and grinned back.

We settled down in the plush leather seats and I was glad to be alone with Jon once more and glad to be headed home. Vicky, the stewardess, introduced herself and Jon introduced me and asked for a couple glasses of wine which she brought promptly and asked if we wanted a snack.

“Hell, no, we’re stuffed!” Jon laughed.

The plane started down the runway. As we settled back and relaxed it occurred to me that we had no way of getting from the airport to my house once the plane landed. I had no limo at my disposal and it was really too late to call anyone to pick us up at the last minute.

“Shit!” I said suddenly realizing the predicament.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Jon asked. “Did we forget something?”

“I have no way to get us from the airport to my house and it’s too late to call anyone for a ride” I explained. “I’m over an hour from the airport. I‘ll call my sister and see if she can pick us up.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I was planning to rent a car when we get there so I’ve got wheels if I need them while you’re working. Relax.” he said, placing his hand on my arm as I rummaged through my purse for the cell phone.

“Are you sure? I’ve never rented a car before. Is it that easy?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s no problem. We’ll see what they have available when we land” he replied, stroking my arm soothingly. The gesture had an arousing effect as his fingers ran up and down the underside of my forearm and he smiled a lazy smile at me.

“Uhmmm, Jon, I’m not sure I know how to get home from the airport” I said, staring at his fingers and feeling rather embarrassed.

“What? You’re kidding, right?” he asked in disbelief.

“I think I can figure it out, probably, hopefully, but I always get lost and so I get a ride” I admitted sheepishly. “I really suck at finding my way around.”

“You do know where you live, right?” he said, tilting my head to face him.

“You’re a real smartass. Yes, I know where I live. It’s just that the airport confuses me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if we end up lost somewhere.”

“Baby, we’ll figure it out. Just relax” he chuckled, pulling my face close for a kiss and still laughing.

“Hey, don’t stop. That feels so nice” I purred, missing the soft touch of his fingers on my arm.

“What? This?” he said, stroking me again. “You like that, huh?”

“Mmmhhhmmmnnn, uh-huh” I said, closing my eyes and leaning against him.

“I’ll remember that” he said, still chuckling, but lower in his throat now.

I could feel myself melting like butter under his feather like touches. The effect was hardly lost on Jon as he reached for my breast with his other hand, flicking the stiffened nipple with his thumb.

“You really do like that, don’t you” he observed and I moaned softly in acknowledgement. “There’s a couch in back, darlin’, let’s get comfortable” he suggested, kissing me again.

I opened my eyes and saw the desire in his eyes as they met mine. I nodded almost imperceptibly and he rose, taking my hand and leading me back to the couch. He pushed me down gently, covering my body with his own as his tongue thrust into my waiting mouth. I knew it was only a short flight, but I didn’t care.

“I want you now” I murmured into his ear and he responded by pushing my shirt up, exposing my breasts to his gaze, followed soon by the feel of his soft warm lips on my nipple. His fingers moved to the button on my jeans as he deftly opened them and pulled down the zipper, slipping his hand inside and stroking the soft triangle of fur between my legs.

“Ooohhhhh, Jon” I moaned as his index finger slipped into my warm, wet pussy. I reached for the button on his jeans and tugged until it gave way and I unzipped his pants. He removed his finger to hastily push his jeans over his hips and then tug mine off past my knees. I spread my legs as wide as I could with my feet trapped in the tangle of clothing and I arched my back, offering myself to him.

He slid his arms underneath my shoulders, raising my throat to his lips as the fat head of his cock poked at my creamy center, sliding across my engorged clit. I bucked against him, angling myself to take him inside me and he let out a groan as he entered me and stilled himself, allowing me to set the pace. I raised my hips, grinding against him and rolling them back and forth, my clit slipping and sliding against the hilt of his shaft, teasing us both.

Using his feet, still caught in his jeans, he kicked at my pants until I was able to free one foot and wrap my legs around his hips, pulling him in deeper. His teeth bit into my shoulder then as I stifled a cry, burying my lips in his hair. He met my thrusts with his own, his need now as urgent as mine, and we ground against each other as our release approached. He bit me harder now, squelching his own cry as he came, and my spasms gripped him in the throes of my own explosion.

I was stuck to the leather couch, the sweat acting like glue as I wriggled and writhed beneath him and he released his seed inside me. His jaw relaxed and he let go of my shoulder, his chin slipping deliciously across the sensitive wet skin as my body jerked beneath him.

“God, baby, that felt good” he whispered, trying to be discreet.

“Oh, yeah, and I really needed that” I agreed, feeling all the day’s tension evaporate as he grew soft inside me.

“I think we’ll be landing soon” he said as we heard a ding overhead.

“Welcome to Buffalo” I giggled with a wicked grin.

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