Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sauna Part 25

When I woke it was long past midnight and the temperature in the room had dropped substantially after the fire went out. I was cold even with Jon there beside me, lending me his warmth. I shivered and sat up. We’d fallen sound asleep on top of the covers and he must be cold too. I touched his perfectly exposed ass, and yep, ice cold. I hated to wake him, but neither of us needed to catch a cold.

“Jon? Baby?” I asked quietly.

“Hhhmmnn” came the sleepy reply.

“Sweetie, get up for a minute. It’s freezing in here. Let’s get under the blankets” I said as I kissed his shoulder, his face still buried in the pillow.

“What time is it? Is it morning already?” his sleepy voice mumbled into the pillow as he stirred slightly, turning towards me.

“No, Hon, it’s just past midnight, but you’ll catch cold” I said as I prodded his chest to rouse him.

My fingers felt the soft curly down on his chest and my stomach tightened. Even cold and shivering, he could still make me hot and damp down there.

“Damn. Yeah. You’re right. Even your hands are cold” he complained as he finally sat up and we got under the covers. The sheets were cold and I shivered again as he pulled me close.

“C’mere, I’ll warm you up” he said, snuggling closer.

I listened to the steady sound of his breathing and I felt safe and secure as he drifted back to sleep. Soon I was warm and happy and fast asleep again myself.

When I woke next it was with a start as I heard noises in the house. The sun was streaming in through the windows and I listened again carefully. The noise was definitely inside the house. My mind raced. Did we leave the front door open?

“Jon” I whispered, shaking his shoulder and he grumbled, but didn’t wake up.

“Jon!” I whispered louder.

“What? What is it?” he woke up.

“There’s somebody in the house” I said in hushed tones.

He cocked his head and listened. Just then the door burst open and in walked a heavy-set woman in her fifties looking as startled as I felt.

“Mr. Bon Jovi, I…I didn’t know you were here” she said, sounding alarmed and backing out. She closed the door so fast it slammed shut. My heart was pounding despite the fact that she hardly looked very threatening.

“That’s just Katie, my cleaning lady. It’s okay. Relax, babe” Jon soothed and I realized I had over-reacted, but I just couldn’t slow down my heart as my mind grappled with the fact that we were safe.

“I think we startled her as much as she startled you” he chuckled. “She didn’t see the car and probably figured I wasn’t here.”

As my heartbeat returned to normal, I began to relax.

“Have you got any more surprises waiting for me?” I inquired.

“Just this” he grinned as he slapped my thigh with a stiffened appendage.

“That’s hardly a surprise” I volleyed back.

“How’s this?” he demanded as he suddenly flipped me onto my back and perched on top of me, leering down at me and licking his lips.

“You’re so bad” I teased as I grabbed his shaft, bobbing just inches away.

He leaned over me, taking my lower lip between his teeth with a growl while his other hand pushed my legs apart rather forcefully. I raised my knees invitingly and he positioned himself between my legs, ready to teach me a lesson for being so saucy. I loved Jon’s lessons. But I was losing my nerve with Katie in the next room.

“Jon, uh, did you forget you’ve got, err …Katie’s still here!” I said more as a reminder than a question but he was not deterred, intent on his mission.

“No. But it’s this or a spanking. Your choice” he challenged me. I was startled, but not at all unhappy with the choices.

“You wouldn’t dare…” I said pretty confident he was playing chicken with me now as I heard noises from the next room.

I should have known better. The wicked grin on his face told me I’d definitely misread how serious he was, but before I could correct my error, he’d flipped me onto my stomach and delivered the first crack on my ass.

“Oh my God, you weren’t kidding” I bleated out as the next one came down harder than before, turning my pussy into a puddle.

“Wanna change your answer?” he purred as another slap connected with my flesh and I was embarrassed now, thinking what that must have sounded like from the other room. My face was now as red as I was sure the cheeks of my ass were.

“Yes, please” I said repenting, now that my pussy was dripping wet and aching for him.

He cackled, knowing he’d won, and slapped my ass once more to show me who was boss before hoisting my hips off the bed. I caught my breath as he plunged into my welcoming warmth, his balls slapping my ass with the thrust.

“Oh dear God, Jon!” I gasped, loving the sound it made as our flesh connected.

This was too much, too hot, as the picture of him screwing me like a bitch in heat played in my mind. As I was about to explode, I felt those long, exquisite fingers begin to work their magic. My legs were trembling, but fortunately locked as I shuddered with the first climax and he continued stroking my center for all he was worth. If this was punishment, I would be as evil as I knew how to be forever after.

Slap! Crack! Another smack across my ass as his balls slapped against me. I could not stop coming, over and over, as his fingers continued kneading my slippery bud. Holy Hell! His fingers dug into my skin and I knew he was at the end of his tether as I heard the load moan come from deep inside him.

“OOOhhhh!” he cried out sharply.

I felt it before he announced it and pushed my hips back to meet him as he released my throbbing clit from his grip and collapsed on top of me. We laid there then, a sweaty, shuddering, gasping mound of flesh, waiting for consciousness to return. And then I heard it. The low rasping chuckle that I guessed must be what a smirk sounded like.

“Guess I showed you, didn’t I?” he purred in my ear from behind and there was simply no denying it.

“Master, I am yours” I yielded.

Finally satisfied that I could be tamed after all, he indulgently nuzzled my neck and slipped his arms around my waist, rolling us onto our sides.

“Jon?” I asked.

“Yeah, babe?” he answered.

“You broke me. I’ll never walk again. I hope you’re satisfied” I conceded as he rubbed my ass affectionately.

“I didn’t hurt you, really, did I?” he asked, concerned.

“Hell, no. But I hope you realize that we are now trapped here in the bed until Katie leaves because there is no way in Hell I’m ever leaving this room until I’m sure she’s gone” I said as he turned me to face him.

“Yeah, I know. I couldn’t face her right now either. Think she’ll have forgotten by next week?” he asked, looking rather contrite.

“I doubt she’ll ever forget that. I know I won’t” I said smiling at him.

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Stephanie said...

OMG, they certainly gave Katie something to remember. Fantastic job ma'am.