Monday, February 18, 2008

The Sauna Part 8

I woke to the sound of rain pounding the window outside and pelting the roof with tremendous force. I looked outside and it was so dark I couldn’t tell if it was daylight yet or still the middle of the night. I snuggled closer to Jon, taking comfort in his warm, hard body and the secure feel of his arms around me and closed my eyes. He stirred, pulling me tightly to him.

“Mornin’, darlin’” he purred.

I opened my eyes to see his shaggy head buried in my shoulder, while a stray hand began caressing my thigh. He lifted his head and cocked it slightly, eyeing me with a quizzical look. I sighed and laughed as I felt his rock hard cock tap my thigh.

“I see someone’s awake” I observed.

He laughed and swatted my leg harder with his cock.

“Yeah, we both are” he replied deeply.

“Are you trying to kill me before the weekend’s over?” I said, feigning weariness, as a finger slipped inside my slippery folds, testing my readiness.

“You feel pretty alive to me, baby. I can’t help it; I just want to make love to you every minute.”

I hooked my leg around his hip then, pulling him towards me and he shifted to glide his cock across my center, grinding against me. I started to purr then myself, slowly matching his slow, steady rhythm. He began licking the spot between my shoulder and my neck and I felt myself slipping into a wave as I ground against him harder and twisted my fingers in his tangled hair.

“Come for me, baby” he breathed into my ear, as I bucked against him, giving myself over to him as the sensations washed over me.

The morning stubble on his chin grazed the spot on my shoulder, still tender from last night’s attention, and I jerked suddenly, as the mixture of pleasure and pain sent me hurtling over the edge into a spasm of ecstasy. He slipped inside me then, as my nails dug into his shoulder and a crack of lightening lit the room.

“Ooohhhhh, Jon, yesssss” I moaned as he held me, rocking against me as thunder rippled in the background.

It was almost too much as I felt another warm rush building and I pulled him inside me, ever deeper. As my contractions gripped him, I rocked back against him and he met my movement with his thrusting, hard and fast, as his fingers dug into the soft flesh of my ass.

Desperately, hungrily, my mouth sought out his, connecting as our tongues met and he poured himself inside me. I was his, as he was mine, and we devoured each other like we were starving. Never had there been such intensity, such connection, like we melted into one being, together inseparable.

“I want you, I need you….Ooohhhh, baby….I …” he murmured, echoing my thoughts.

There were no words, just an overwhelming feeling of being one. Where he ended I began. It was as though I ceased to exist as separate from him. Tears trickled down my cheeks and I looked into his face and saw the longing in his eyes, wet with his own tears.

“You complete me” I sighed, smiling.

“I didn’t realize how lonely I was until now” Jon said as we lay there, basking in each other’s afterglow.

“I understand, I never felt whole until now” I replied.

It was true. I never felt so complete, so one with anyone. I had never grasped what it meant when I heard others describe it. Now I knew.

“I never imagined it could be like this. I’ve never needed anyone before like I need you” I admitted.

The rain had slowed to a steady patter now; it’s fury, like our passion, spent. I felt calm. Calm and peaceful, in a way I’d never known.

“It’s like coming home” Jon said simply. “It just feels so good”.

We laid there; listening to the slow, steady rain, quietly, for what I hoped would become an eternity.

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Lori said...

OK, I'm totally hooked. This is really good.