Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sauna Part 3

Jon didn’t need a second invitation. His rock hard cock was demanding attention and he wasn’t about to deny it. He eased himself onto the bed, balancing just above me as he nipped at my lips. I could feel my nipples stiffen as they grazed the soft fur of his chest. The hunger I saw in his eyes delighted me and I knew he was using all his self-control not to plunge inside me.

But, having “learned my lesson”, I was feeling naughty again and decided it was his turn. I needed to shift the balance here, to be in control. But how? I reached for his cock, which was poised above me and the groan that escaped him told me I had better seize the opportunity. I slid further beneath him in a flash, and guided him into my waiting mouth and out again as I cupped his balls with my other hand. I knew I had caught him off guard, and it was actually easy to persuade him to roll onto his back without a protest.

“Relax, baby, it’s your turn” I said, licking my lips.

He looked so completely helpless, I nearly laughed. Crouching above him, I began to stroke his inner thighs, while teasing his nipples with my tongue. I glanced at his face, and seeing him close his eyes, I knew he wasn’t going to fight me for control this time.

I moved into position, straddling him, and he reached for my breasts, taking one in each hand. I leaned forward and continued to bathe his chest with my tongue, circling the nipples and working my way down, following the trail of fur leading to his engorged penis. It was awesome. And I said so. His eyes remained closed and he smiled and murmured softly.

“I’m glad you like it.”

To show how much, I kissed the swollen head lightly while my fingers gently tugged at the curly hairs above it. I licked the tip, lightly and then more deeply, swirling my tongue in circles and murmuring just enough so that he had no doubt I was enjoying myself. I felt like a kid with a favorite flavor lollipop, wanting to devour it, but wanting to make it last.

I tasted the salty sweat and drank in the musky aroma of his excitement. Slowly, I took one ball in my mouth and then the other amid sounds of surprise, then pleasure coming from deep inside him. I stroked and tickled the triangle of fur above me as I then swallowed him deeply. As I was deciding how to finish and I came up for air, he surprised me.

He sat up and grasped my head with his hands, pulling me away from my target as he brought my mouth to his. His tongue lunged hungrily inside my mouth and I longed to have every inch of him inside me. His hands were tangled in my long red hair as he pulled my head back, kissing my throat. He reached for the drawer in the table next to the bed, toppling the lamp that sat there onto the floor. His hand came back with a small packet and he held it aloft. I grabbed it without thinking and tore it open, guiding the thin rubber over his proud, hot member.

“I always wanted to ride a cowboy” I said, grinning.

He grinned back and held his cock upright like a weapon and I eased myself onto its rigid length. I felt his fingers tighten on my hips, moving me slowly at first as we established a rhythm. He removed his right hand from my hip and slipped his finger inside my pussy, massaging the swollen bud that was aching for his attention. The wave began to envelope me as I felt his thighs go rigid and heard the “Aaaahhhhhh” escape his lips and my own contractions brought me over the edge.

His thrusts to meet me began to ebb away and I felt his release as his muscles softened, but I continued to rock him with each spasm of my own. He twitched and groaned, muttering imperceptibly.

“Had enough punishment yet?” I breathed.

His eyes flickered open as he looked at me long and hard, the blue irises glittering with intensity.

“You’re truly wicked, aren’t you?” he chuckled, sounding delighted.

“Bad to the bone” I laughed.

“Thank God for bad girls. Come here” he said in a whisper.

“And bad boys” I replied.

I climbed off and lay beside him, nestling my head on his chest. He stroked my hair lazily, and I heard his breathing become slow and regular.

“Stay” he murmured as he drifted off to sleep.

I removed the condom and pulled the sheets up over us and snuggled against him. He stirred slightly and pulled me closer, my head cradled on his shoulder as we both let exhaustion overtake us.


Starr said...

And a GREAT finish to that sexy interlude! Just perfect lady! Well done!

Opester said...

Thanks! I'm so glad someone else is enjoying it!