Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sauna Part 30

The long, hot bath felt really good, but I was definitely feeling ready for some cuddling as I dried off. I towel dried my hair, having washed it anyways since it was pretty flat from the helmet on the bike and I snuggled into my comfy, familiar robe and padded downstairs, stopping for a java refill on the way. Jon was waiting, propped up on the bed, going through some mail.

“Are the kids all okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, everybody’s good. Steph got a ninety-six on her English test from last week. She must not take after me, I sucked in school. Hated it, just hated it. But she loves school and I’m glad” he replied, patting the bed for me to join him.

“That’s quite the robe, it’s so…uhm…”he said, struggling for the right words.

“Sexy?” I asked jokingly, knowing it was anything but that, but heck, it was comfortable.

“Not exactly the word I was looking for. I was thinking more like a kitten…sort of fluffy” he laughed.

“Wanna make me purr?” I teased back, curling up alongside of him with my hands on his chest and bumping his chin with my head.

“My dog Copper likes his belly rubbed and what would my pussycat like?” he said, playing along.

“Pet me” I replied smoothly, looking directly into his eyes.

I saw them flicker then as he wrapped his arms around me and began to stroke my thigh under my robe. I licked along his neck to his ear and did my best simulation of a purr to indicate my pleasure.

“Maybe cats aren’t all bad after all” he muttered, stroking higher inside my thigh.

I felt myself begin to moisten as he continued stroking, soft and teasing. He loosened the belt on my robe and his hand slipped inside, barely touching the side of my breast with his hand.

“Mmhhmm, somebody likes that. Did I find another spot?” he murmured as he continued the teasing strokes along my side and shivers ran down my spine and my nipple hardened to a rosy point.

“I see that’s a yes” he chuckled, rolling my nipple between his fingertips. “Are we going to watch the movie?” he crooned.

“What movie?” I said, completely lost in his caresses.

“Your favorite, remember? ‘Roadhouse’?” he was chuckling low in his throat again and his eyes were a smoldering blue.

I struggled to remember as he continued stroking my thigh, and holding my breast, now fully cupped in his hand. Slowly, it came back to me.

“The movie…Oh, the movie! You’re such a tease!” I exclaimed as I came back to earth, pulling back slightly. He gave me a broad smile, and pulled me tightly against his chest, kissing me hard.

“I’m not teasing” he growled.

And he proceeded to prove that by flipping me onto my back and spreading my robe apart, running his hands across my belly and up to my breasts and then back again, grazing my skin with his nails lightly as he traveled down to my pussy, gently parting my lips with his index finger. I reached for his zipper, after unfastening the button, and he pushed his pants over his hips, his stiffened cock pointing at me menacingly.

“Ohhhh” I moaned appreciatively, having wanted to feel him inside me since this afternoon at the beach.

He held his rod in his hand, waiting, teasing and taunting me. He continued to stroke my slippery bud with his free hand, as his eyes roamed over my exposed body, drinking in every inch with rapt concentration.

“My God, you’re beautiful like that” he said, looking almost mesmerized by my nakedness.

Seeing the raw lust on his face made me wild with needing him, and I was aching to feel him inside me. I raised my hips, enticing him further. He stroked his rock hard cock in front of me, still sliding his finger across my swollen center. He was determined to watch me come and I wasn’t going to fight it as the first shudder ran through me. I battled the urge to close my eyes and continued to watch him watching me. His fingers drove me further and further, faster and farther, as his voice urged me softly.

“That’s it, baby, that‘s it. Let me watch you come” he said, continuing his attention until I could stand no more and my eyes lost focus.

“Please, please…” I begged “I want you, I need you inside me” I pleaded, spreading my legs wider in invitation until finally, his control gave way and I felt his cock slide into me, filling me to my core.

“I want you so much right now…” he groaned in my ear as he thrust in again, deeper and harder, over and over, as my spasms massaged his muscle.

“Oh my God….” I heard as I felt him shudder and tense, a warm rush spreading inside me as he let go, flooding me with his own hot need.

I matched his rhythm as he continued to rock against me, clutching me for dear life. I smoothed his hair, stroking his back, soothing the fire inside, until his shudders subsided and he lay motionless and contented in my arms. I kissed his hair from his eyes, smiling, and he returned my kiss, devouring my mouth with his. I buried my face in his soft neck, nuzzling him tenderly, as we rolled on our sides, and he held me loosely in his arms.

“Don’t ever leave me, baby. I need you” he said fiercely, pulling me tighter.

“Never” I promised.


Sunstreaked said...

Opester - Just finished Part 31 of the Sauna - God, hope there is more to come. I have been reading a lot of JBJ fan fic lately and have to tell you that your story is so professional, so engaging, so amazing that I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of finding it and reading it. You are SO talented! Your character read like real life, the dialog is first rate, the situations are believable, the intimacy is so romantic (and hot!) and the building of the relationship is quite simply some of the best writing I have ever read. I will be checking back to see where this story goes as there are just so many possibilities and you are good enough to take this so much further. This is definitely a 15 on the 1-10 scale!

Opester said...

Thank you so much! That really makes me feel good! I really want the story to be realistic enough to be believable. Stay tuned-there is a lot more coming-I'm just editing it now!