Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sauna Part 34

I picked up my panties from the floor and was about to step into them, but Jon stopped me.

“No, don’t. Leave them off” he commanded. “Every time I look at you tonight I want to remember this” he said, his voice still husky.

I blushed, but obeyed him, making a mental note to get mirrors for the bedroom ceiling. I tucked my panties into the pocket of my jeans and folded the rest of my discarded clothes and scooped them up.

“Ready?” Jon asked, grinning from ear to ear.

I nodded and he unlocked the door and held it open for me as we walked out into the shop. On the door was a gorgeous shawl that Helga had placed there. It was steel grey, almost silver, colored satin with black stitched embroidery and it literally shimmered against the black velvet dress. Helga was good. The steel grey was the perfect compliment to Jon’s dark grey suit with his black shirt. We made quite the pair. Helga sauntered over from across the room, nodding at her own handiwork.

“You vill need a purse and shoes, though” she said frowning at my plain sandals and beat up leather purse.

Jon nodded and she led us to a small section of shoes and I spied a pair of black heels with satin espadrille laces, my favorite, and immediately held them up. She smiled, and then looked at my feet and asked my size.

“Tiny feet. I vill see if we have any that small” she said as I sat down clutching my prize even though they were a size 9. She returned with a size 6 1/2 and slipped off my sandals and slid my foot in and tied the laces.

“You do have tiny feet. I never noticed” Jon commented thoughtfully.

“I know, sometimes I’ve gotten away with large size children’s shoes” I admitted.

After donning both shoes, I stood and strutted in front of Jon. He smiled and stood up, wrapping his arms around me and pretended to dance.

“That’ll work, not too high” he said playfully as he suddenly dipped me back in his arms, taking my breath away.

“So you can dance!” I exclaimed, surprised.

“When I want to” he smirked at me.

“Come vith me” Helga said as she escorted me towards purses. Jon excused himself and pulled out his cell phone and began to dial.

“Are we late?” I asked.

“No, just checking on something. We’ve plenty of time. Go ahead” he replied as he walked off to make his call.

We found a pretty velvet clutch and I announced that I thought we were finally ready. We proceeded to the cash register and Helga removed the tags from my dress and the host of other pieces needed to complete my outfit. I felt Jon’s presence behind me and the musky scent of his cologne.

“Feeling better now that we found you something to wear?” he asked softly, nuzzling my neck.

I nodded as he placed his strong hands on my shoulders, rubbing them gently.

“There’s one more thing, though. Lift your hair” he said as Helga lifted a mirror for me to see.

Jon slipped a silver lariat necklace around my neck, the sparkling gem at the end slipping down just barely above my breasts. It was stunning.

“Diamonds are forever” he whispered in my ear as I turned to look at him, catching my breath as I saw the love shining on his face.

“Oh Jon, it’s exquisite” I said beaming. It was the perfect touch.

“I love it. And I love you so much” I said, throwing my arms about his neck and kissing him.

“Good. Because I love you too” he replied, handing Helga the price tag.

She rang up our purchases and Jon handed her his credit card without even looking at the total. I was afraid to look and I didn’t want to know. His arm about my waist, my old clothes in a shopping bag, we walked out to the waiting limo.

Once inside I relaxed against Jon’s chest, stroking his face with my hand as I looked up into his eyes, sparkling down at me.

“You spoil me. I’m not used to this kind of attention” I said, overwhelmed by everything.

“I’m still reeling from the fact that I actually really enjoyed shopping for clothes with a woman” he chuckled. “That was truly a first.”

I knew what he was referring to, but I also guessed there weren’t a lot of things Jon hadn’t done or tried before. I was glad there was something unique to us, just ours alone.

“I don’t think it was the first time for Helga, though. Did you see that smile she gave us when she left us to try on the dress?” I laughed.

“Yeah, I caught that, but I didn’t get it right away until we were in there” he laughed back.

“I think we both owe Eva a big thank you” I said, grinning.

“Those will be the first words out of my mouth when I see her tonight. You two can sit together during the show so you won’t be stuck with a boring bunch of record execs and industry big wigs that’ll be there tonight” Jon suggested.

“I’d like that” I answered as I laid my head on his shoulder.

We arrived just before four o’clock at Elements and were greeted by Richie and David who’d just arrived and were at the bar. Richie stood and gave me a kiss hello and David nodded as Richie whispered in my ear.

“You look delicious. Jon’s a lucky man.”

Jon heard that and smirked at Richie.

“You have no idea” he drawled and ordered champagne for both of us.

“Tico and Eva should be here any minute and we can get started. I’ve got a couple things to check first and I’ll be right back. You’ll keep my lady company?” he asked, turning to Richie.

“My pleasure, man” Richie nodded.

Jon went off to tend to business and Richie turned to me.

“So, has Jon showed you much of Jersey yet or has he been keeping you a prisoner in his bed?” he asked teasingly and I told him about our trip to the beach and the boardwalk, leaving out the intimate details.

“Where are you from?” he asked, seeming genuinely interested in knowing a little more about me.

So I told him about Buffalo and answered the unspoken question, explaining that I was on vacation for the week, but had to go back to work by the following week. As we chatted, a Jovi tune I loved, ‘Bed of Roses’, came on over the PA, and I began to rock and closed my eyes slightly.

“Want to dance?” Richie inquired.

“I’d love to” I replied as I was feeling particularly mellow after such amazing love-making and the second glass of champagne.

We stood and Richie put his arms around my waist as we began to dance slowly to the song. I closed my eyes and let myself sway to the music, relaxing, when I felt Richie let go and I opened my eyes to see Jon smiling at me as Richie handed me over. Jon held me close then and buried his face in my hair.

“You smell so good. I can’t keep my hands off you” he murmured against my neck.

“I’ve wanted to dance with you ever since we left the store, now that I know you can dance!” I murmured back.

“I promise you a dance after the show, but this will have to do for now” he said invitingly as he kissed me hard and held me close.

The song had ended and Tico and Eva had just arrived. Jon introduced me to our fashion consultant and we thanked her heartily for directing us to the shop. She nodded approvingly and asked if Helga had been helpful.

“She was wonderful! She couldn’t have found a better dress and all the right things to go with it. They had some amazing things in that shop, and everything we needed was right there!” I gushed and Eva seemed pleased.

“I knew Helga would take care of you. I’ve known her for years and she owns the shop. Many of those clothes are her original creations. Maybe we can go together sometime and spend a day in the city shopping and have lunch. How long will you be in Jersey?” Eva asked.

“Until the end of the week and then we’re going to Philly on Saturday for a Soul game and home to Buffalo on Sunday” I answered.

“Is there a day this week when you’ll be free or have you made plans already?” Eva inquired and I turned to Jon, unsure of the schedule and how he’d feel about this, but thinking it would be nice to have a girlfriend to share things with.

“We’ve all got the party tomorrow night and the shows Thursday and Friday, but the days are pretty clear. Go ahead, babe, I don’t want to be accused of completely monopolizing you” he replied.

“How about tomorrow? Maybe late morning and we can have lunch and do some shopping? Do you have a dress for the party? Maybe I can save Jon from another shopping adventure?” she suggested.

“Actually I rather enjoyed this shopping trip. There’s a first for everything!” Jon laughed and I blushed.

Eva looked surprised, glancing from Jon to me and back to Jon.

“I’ll explain later” I whispered to Eva.

“C’mon, guys. Let’s do the sound check so we can get outta here for dinner and back in time” Jon called and the guys went off to do their stuff while Eva and I remained at the bar.

“What have you done to that man? He hates shopping and he was positively beaming about it. And he’s in such a mood. I’ve rarely ever seen him dance like he was when we came in” Eva asked.

I told her the story of our dressing room interlude and that I guessed that made shopping a lot less unpleasant.

“I doubt tomorrow’s shopping and lunch will be nearly as exciting” she laughed and we continued to chat at the bar while the band did their sound check.

At about five o’clock Jon came and collected me and we hurried out to the limo and headed off for dinner.

“We don’t have a lot of time” he said looking at his watch. “There’s a great pizza place nearby and they’re pretty quick. Is that okay with you, darlin’?” he asked.

“Works for me” I smiled and he told the driver where to go and in a few minutes we were there.

“I’m starving” he said as he ordered pizza, antipasto and a carafe of red wine.

“So, I assume you told Eva about the dressing room? She knows how much I hate shopping for clothes” he asked, looking me in the eye.

“Well, yes, I had to explain. And she knows Helga very well, so I figured it was better she hear it from me” I admitted.

“It’s okay. I told Richie too. He demanded to know why I had such a shit-eating grin on my face all through the sound check when I’m usually such a prick” he laughed.

“You? You’re usually a prick?” I asked, incredulously.

“Well, I don’t usually think so myself, but they tell me I am. I just want everything to be perfect. Today I just couldn’t get worked up about it” he explained.

I felt a hand slide under my dress beneath the tablecloth and caught my breath.

“Jon, I feel like I’m seventeen again and excited all the time as it is. Must you continuously test my self-control?” I said teasingly.

He took my hand then and placed it on the bulge in his pants.

“You think you’re the only one with control issues? I almost wish I didn’t know you had no panties on. Ohhh” he said as I squeezed lightly.

Fortunately, the antipasto arrived and we were both hungry. There was fresh baked bread with butter and we ate with gusto, trying to slake our other appetites with the food before us. The pizza arrived and I had a slice, Jon had several. We finished our meal and hurried back to the limo, our bellies full.

“I ate too much” he said, patting his stomach.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll work it off later” I said, my hand slipping inside his fly I’d just unzipped.

“Oh God, babe, you’re killing me” he moaned as I bent down and slipped his growing erection into my greedy mouth.

“Want me to stop?” I mumbled.

“Nooooo” he responded as his hands tangled in my hair.

We only had a few minutes and I had no intention of wasting his cum on a quickie, so I licked and sucked and teased until I felt the limo stop.

“We’re here. You’re gonna make me get out of this damn limo with a hard on, aren’t you?” he groaned.

“You better believe it” I said wickedly as I tucked Lil’ Jon back in and zipped him up.

He kissed me hard, slipping his hand up my dress and giving me a taste of my own medicine.

“I’m not going to suffer alone” he said as he teased me back, pulling his fingers away and licking them with such a smirk I nearly changed my mind and considered hopping on his lap right then and there.

“C’mon, we better get in there” he said, opening the car door.

We stepped out of the limo amid exploding flashbulbs and a throng of paparazzi. Jon flashed that winning smile at all the reporters, and I smiled too, knowing the reason behind the smile.

We arrived at just six-thirty and made the rounds, greeting all the guests, recording execs and charity sponsors. Jon introduced me to numerous people whose names I promptly forgot in the face of so many. After the meet and greet, he planted me next to Eva at the bar and went to join the guys near the stage. There were a number of speeches and Jon said a few words to the guests, encouraging them to show their support for Habitat for Humanity with their checkbooks and the show commenced.

They opened with ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ in acoustic format and Jon walked through the audience, smiling and shaking hands with the crowd. I watched as he worked the assembled guests like a preacher working a throng of the faithful.

I felt a surge of pride and a rush of exhilaration as he made his way towards me and took my hand and kissed it, winking at me, amid an explosion of flashbulbs. His touch was like an electric current and the look in his eyes reduced me to a puddle of mush. He made his way back through the sea of people to the stage.

“He is positively smitten. It’s so good to see Jon really happy again. You’re good for him and that’s good for the band” Eva whispered and smiled approvingly.

The show lasted longer than Jon had anticipated and went until nine-fifteen with multiple encores. Performing was such a high for him and he sang every song with such raw passion that I had tears in my eyes at times. He was born to do what he did and it was as natural to him as breathing. He oozed charisma from every pore and his smile was infectious. You couldn’t look at him and not feel energized. I felt more alive than I ever had in my life.

I wanted to drink from his well until the day I died. People were drawn to him like a magnet and I fought the urge to go to him as the show ended, knowing now was a time I needed to share him. I could be selfish later. He mingled with the guests and by nine-thirty he was just almost close enough to touch.

I could literally feel his energy and turned to look and his eyes met mine. I saw him say something as he pulled away from the knot of people who had just had his attention and he made his way towards me. ‘Always’ came over the PA at that moment as he gave me his hand and I rose to meet his embrace.

“I promised you a dance” he breathed into my ear as we began to dance slowly, swaying to the rhythm.

He sang the chorus softly into my ear and I felt almost dizzy as he held me and gently rocked me to the music. I lost all sense of the crowd and barely noticed that an opening in the throng appeared around us as people gave us room. Even the flashbulbs had stopped exploding and in that space there was no one but me and the man I loved more than life itself. If I could have stopped time I would have picked that moment. As the song drew to a close, we stood there, looking at one another, lost in our love amid a roomful of people.

“I love you” I mouthed silently as he pulled me closer still and kissed me as a cheer and applause swelled around us, grounding us, and bringing us back to the present moment.

“I love you too, darlin’, and I think everyone in the world knows that right now” he said, drawing my attention to the sea of smiling faces turned in our direction.

“Ready to go home? I so want to be alone with you right now” Jon asked and I nodded, waving good-bye to Eva who was standing by Tico, smiling. She mouthed “I’ll call you tomorrow” as we made our way to the waiting limo.


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Thanks guys! I appreciate your comments-it gives me inspiration to keep going! Here are a few more chapters for you!

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