Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sauna Part 32

I woke up early and Jon was still sleeping like a baby, curled up against me, with his head buried between my breasts. I stroked his blond mane and he made a little sound and cuddled up closer. I hated to get up, but I wanted to surprise him with breakfast this morning and I’d have to sneak out to get eggs and milk and some OJ. I wanted so much to do something for this man who’d made me feel like a Queen the last few days and I knew by now that he’d wake up hungry!

I slowly untangled myself from him and made my way to the shower and stepped in. The water warmed up quickly and I stood under it, letting it revive and refresh me. I toweled off and went to make coffee while my hair dried and picked up last night’s popcorn bowl on the way.

I considered what I should make for breakfast. I was thinking scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and maybe potato pancakes, my specialty. I checked to be sure we had at least a couple frying pans and found a small one and a large one that looked brand new. I guessed they had never been used and I wondered whether Jon could even cook if he had to.

I got dressed and poured a cup of coffee and made a quick list of what I would need after checking to see what we had. I left a note for Jon by the coffee pot in case he woke up before I returned and headed out the door, leaving it unlocked so I could return without waking him.

I walked the short distance to the little neighborhood market and the air was cool and crisp, but it smelled so fresh and clean. I wondered if it was just that my senses seemed so heightened lately, as everything seemed more intense the last few days. Feeling happy had that effect sometimes, and I just seemed to notice everything.

The market was open fortunately and I was able to get everything I needed. I bought eggs, milk, cheese, sour cream and potatoes, onions, flour and oil. I picked up a grater and a rubber spatula just in case and a couple potholders and paper towels. I also picked up some whipped cream and chocolate syrup for a treat later. I bought some tea bags, lemonade and OJ and a pitcher as I noticed there hadn’t been any in the cupboards and I wanted to make some iced tea for later if we stayed home.

I left the store with two big shopping bags and walked quickly back to the house, hoping Jon was still sleeping in while I prepared everything. It was almost nine o’clock.

I opened the door and placed the bags on the counter and went to check on him. My note was still by the coffee pot and he was still asleep, stretched out now in the bed. Good. I poured another cup of coffee and got to work on the potatoes as quietly as I could. Once the onions were chopped, I mixed up the batter and set it aside. I scrambled the eggs with the ham and cheese and started the iced tea brewing in the fridge. If I was going to make myself at home, the kitchen was the place to start. Once everything was ready, I poured a cup of coffee for Jon and padded back to the bedroom.

The sun was streaming in through the windows and the room was lit with an early morning light. I sat down lightly on the bed beside him and bent to kiss his forehead and he stirred a little, closing his eyes tighter, but still reaching for me. I let myself be pulled down against him as he muttered, eyes still closed.

“Is it morning already?”

He was so cute, like a tired little boy.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s almost ten o’clock and I’ve got breakfast ready to go, but it can wait if you want to sleep in a bit more” I replied.

“Ten o’clock? I can’t believe I slept that long. You tuckered me out, darlin’. How long have you been up?” he asked, waking up now. I sat up and handed him the coffee I’d brought in.

“I’ve been up for a couple hours or so. Do you want me to make you breakfast in bed, love? It won’t take too long” I smiled at him. He yawned and stretched.

“I should get up. What did you find to make in there?” he asked, curious about the menu.

“Actually, not much. I walked to the store a couple blocks away and got us some supplies” I explained.

“Already? Let me get up. Can I help?” he said sitting up.

“No need. Do you like potato pancakes and scrambled eggs with ham? Is that okay?” I asked, hoping he didn’t hate them.

“I’m not fussy, I’ll eat anything you make and that sounds good” he smiled at me.

“Okay, you stay right here and relax. I’ll be back as soon as it’s all ready” I said, standing and he caught my hand and I turned around.

“Thanks, Darlin’. Will you come back to bed after breakfast?” he asked wickedly.

“As my master commands me” I winked and hurried off.

I started the pancakes first as they took a little longer to cook and poured the OJ and brought in a glass for each of us.

“Do you need more coffee?” I inquired.

“I can get it. You don’t need to wait on me” he said, getting ready to get up again.

“No, no. Stay there, I want to.”

I pushed him back into the bed and disappeared with his cup. I didn’t want him leaving that bed. Not yet. The pancakes were ready to be flipped and I turned them over and started the eggs. I poured us each a fresh cup and brought them in and set them down.

“Just a few minutes” I said as I sauntered off again.

Everything was ready and I fixed us each a plate, adding a dollop of sour cream and some salt and pepper. I returned and handed him his plate and a paper towel and sat down beside him.

“This looks good and it smells even better. I thought you said you weren’t very good in the kitchen or something like that? I haven’t had breakfast in bed like this in years” he commented as he took a bite of the pancakes.

“I’m much better in bed than in the kitchen, really” I grinned. “I couldn’t bake chocolate chip cookies if my life depended on it, but I can handle breakfast and dinner.”

“Damn, woman, you’re spoiling me. I knew you had your talents, but I didn’t think cooking was among them. If you keep this up I’ll never have a reason to leave this bed” he said, eating another mouthful.

“That suits me just fine” I mumbled through a mouthful of eggs, wondering if he had read my mind.

“I can make crêpes for dessert, too, I think” considering an alternative use for the chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

“That sounds so good” he murmured between mouthfuls.

Jon ate with gusto and it did my heart good to see it. My ex had been a fussy eater and I had given up cooking as he was too hard to please. Not Jon. He seemed to appreciate everything I did for him and that just made me want to do more. He’d finished his plate before me and I stood up to take it and go make the crêpes.

“Sit. Finish your breakfast. I’ll go take a quick shower before the next course and before I take you back to bed” he grinned before I could object.

Not that I had any intention of objecting to that plan. I finished my breakfast while he showered and the crêpes were ready by the time he was.

“Back to bed” I ordered him.

“Yes, Ma’am” he complied, getting under the covers.

I made one plate as we were running out of dishes; those from the other night were still in the dishwasher. I brought two forks and the syrup and whipped cream and I drizzled the chocolate on and then the cream as Jon watched. I lifted a mouthful to him and he opened his mouth. I was reminded of a scene from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and laughed.

“What?” he said, his mouth still full and I told him about the scene and he recalled it.

“That was quite a movie” he commented.

“That’s another one of my favorites actually. I told you my taste wasn’t typical” I acknowledged.

“But it was so violent in parts” he continued.

“Yeah, but there was a point to the violence. It was all about the perils of aversive conditioning. That was a real method of therapy years ago and the movie showed why it wasn’t very humane” I explained.

“They actually did that stuff for real?” he asked stunned.

“Yep. With aberrant behaviors, particularly sexual ones” I went on. “But I loved Malcolm McDowell in that. He was just so good and so funny at the end when he triumphed, don’t you think?” I asked.

“He’s an amazing actor. He’s really versatile” Jon agreed. “To combine violence and humor the way he did, that was skill” he added thoughtfully.

We finished the last of the crêpes and Jon set the plate down on the nightstand.

“Now for your reward, but first …” he said as he pulled my shirt over my head and took my breasts in his hands, sucking a fat, swollen nipple between his lips.

I let my fingers twine themselves in his damp hair as he laid me back against the pillows. He continued to nibble on my breasts, delicately licking and nipping, as he stroked the sides, having learned another secret last night. My hands wandered from his hair to his shoulders, kneading his muscles, and then traveling down his arms, just as I had often fantasized. I loved the feel of his arms. I couldn’t get my fill of the strong biceps and firm triceps, flexing with every movement. I thrilled at the sensation I got from stroking the soft covering of downy hair on his forearms, the perfect amount to touch with velvety soft caresses.

Jon’s right hand skimmed across my belly while his teeth and lips tugged my nipple to a stiff peak. I felt him undo my button and zipper effortlessly, like a master who had had much practice. His warm hand slipped inside the rim of my panties, stroking my own furry mound, as I raised my hips to give him better access. He was taking his time, slowly arousing me with his gentle massage.

He tugged firmly at my pants, gradually lowering them until he had freed my legs. He reached for the chocolate sauce and held it above my mouth as my lips opened to receive it and he placed a few drops on my tongue which I held, waiting, until his lips met mine.

He consumed my mouth, our tongues curling about one another’s and twirling together as we fed off each other. Our tongues danced and struggled as savored the taste of one another and I could have spent a lifetime feasting on his kisses, and I pouted when eventually he pulled his mouth away.

His eyes were sparkling with amusement as he reached again for the chocolate syrup. His free hand crept down the length of my body, stopping at the triangle between my legs. Those long and steady fingers found their mark and slipped between my moistened lips, tenderly pulling them apart, as he drizzled chocolate on my erect hood, followed by the feel of his soft lips and tongue as he enveloped it with his warm mouth.

A shudder ran the length of me as he pulled me more deeply into his mouth, still gentle and light, building the wave of sensation until it crested and peaked in a shuddering moan. Two and then three fingers followed, plunging deep inside and stroking my inner walls, as I came for him.

He continued the soothing rhythm with his fingers, coupled with the delicate touch of his tongue until another climax washed over me and I longed to have him inside me fully. I reached for him, but he remained crouched between my legs, out of arms reach and I gripped his shoulders instead, shaking once more as another orgasm took hold of me.

“Jon, I need to feel you” I pleaded, and he relented, kissing his way up my belly and looking at me now from where he knelt over me.

I reached for his engorged cock with my hand, wrapping my fingers solidly around the shaft and feeling the blood pumping through it as I began to tug and stroke it lovingly. Gathering my strength, I struggled to sit up, pushing him back a little onto his knees as I knelt between his legs and drizzled him with chocolate. He leaned back on his arms, allowing me to take him into my mouth and he groaned as he watched his cock disappear down my throat. I sucked and swirled my tongue around the tip, enjoying every inch. I looked up then and saw his eyes were closed now and his head was back, his fingers kneading the sheets bunched up around us.

“Look at me, Jon, watch me” I commanded as I slid my mouth off his rod and licked the tip, running my tongue in circles around it.

With an effort, he raised his head and focused his eyes on me.

“Baby, I can’t hold on much longer and I wanna come inside you” he said hoarsely, still watching as I took him in again slowly, being careful not to push too far.

I sucked the tip then, ever so lightly, building his excitement until he lost it and pulled my treat away, pushing me back into the pillows. I wrapped my hands around his shaft, guiding it towards me until the tip slid across my slippery clit and I gasped.

“Now, baby, now” I panted as neither he nor I could wait much longer.

He buried himself inside me and I raised my hips to meet his thrusts as he fought to keep it slow, but lost, now pounding against me furiously as I clung to him. His fingers still knotted in my hair, he pulled my head back as his life force flowed into me and I cried with the sheer pleasure of having him so fully inside me.

He bit me hard on my shoulder which only intensified my squeals as I came with him. He rocked us, relaxing his jaw as the flooding warmth spread around us and we clung hard to each other, sweating and gasping, until we could move no more. My lips found his and we kissed, deep and hard, completing the connection of our bodies and our souls.

“Good morning, darlin’” he whispered.

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