Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Sauna Part 51

We woke early the next morning, both with headaches after drinking too much in an attempt to obliterate the whole encounter with Denise and Richie. Jon squinted at the sunlight and shielded his eyes, groaning.

“Is it morning already?” he asked, knowing the answer. I looked at the clock. It was eight o’clock and we had to pack before leaving for the Soul game.

“It’s eight, and my head is killing me” I moaned back.

“I’ll get the aspirin. I’ve got a banger of a headache too” he said, rolling out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

I stretched and blinked my eyes. This was the first hangover I’d had in years and I felt rather foolish. I thought back to what had prompted it and actually smiled. We did handle Denise pretty well, I had to admit, and in retrospect it was rather funny.

Jon returned with a glass of water and a jar of aspirin and sat down on the bed beside me. He took three pills from the bottle and handed it to me.

“Why are you smiling this morning? My head is killing me!” he asked, looking at me as I dumped out the aspirin and took a handful.

“You mean besides being treated to watching you stroll around butt-naked?” I asked playfully. “I was thinking about last night. I was pretty pleased with how we handled the situation with that bitch. At least we won’t be running into her again anytime soon” I added.

“That’s true” Jon grinned as he stretched out on the bed in all his glory. “Richie was planning on being at the game today. I don’t think he’d bring her, but after last night I don’t know what to think. I’ll call him to make sure he uses his brain this time!” he said, reaching for the phone and dialing.

“I’ll go start the coffee, love. Be nice to Richie” I added, hoping he’d go easy on him.

I made the coffee, but I was in no state to attempt breakfast. The mere thought of food was nauseating. I waited until it was ready and poured us both a cup and headed for the bedroom. Jon was still on the phone and I handed him the mug.

“Morning, Richie!” I said into the receiver and Jon grinned.

“He’s pretty hung over himself” he whispered to me. “Okay, man. We’ll see ya later. We gotta pack and get ready. Dot’s dropping Steph off at about noon” he said and hung up.

“I’m guessing Denise won’t be joining us, judging from the smile on your face?” I ventured.

“No fucking way. He knows she pissed everybody off and he sounds fed up with her too. He sent her home in a cab last night!” he beamed at me.

“Whoa. Did they have a fight? Is it over?” I asked incredulously.

“I’d love to say yes, but I doubt it. They’ve had these fights before and then she always apologizes and he forgives her. He was pretty pissed, though, about the press showing up at the restaurant after she’d started shit with us earlier. I guess she was fuming after the comments you made to her. Way to go, lady!” he said gleefully.

“Good. I was pretty incensed myself at her remarks. I heard you say Steph will be here at noon. Shouldn’t we start packing?” I asked, changing the subject.

“We’ve got time yet. C’mon back to bed, babe” he leered at me, holding his stiffened cock like a weapon. It was an invitation I wasn’t about to refuse.

I climbed into the bed astride Jon and he tugged at the belt on my robe to loosen it. I shrugged my shoulders and it fell away as he guided me onto his rigid pole and I lowered myself down slowly. His left hand reached for my breast while the other held me firmly in place as he began to rock gently. He filled me so completely and deeply this way it was all I could do to stay still and let him set the pace.

“C’mere” he said gruffly with a look that sent ripples of pleasure through my body as I bent to kiss him. His tongue parted my lips and penetrated my mouth just as his shaft penetrated my inner recesses and I held steady while he bucked beneath me. My hair fell forward and he gently gathered it in his hands, holding it behind my neck as he withdrew his tongue long enough to look up at me. My nipples brushed his chest as I arched my back and raised my head, opening my eyes to look at his face.

“You’re so beautiful” he said, in a voice thick with desire.

I drank in the sight of him, his eyes dark, but wide with appreciation as his full lips curved into a smile that I matched with my own. He tugged slightly on my hair and I arched my neck, offering him my throat. His lips were soft and gentle on the tender flesh as he traced the trickle of sweat that ran down my neck with his tongue. I moaned softly as he held me tighter, his fingers kneading my hips as I ground back against him. His thrusts quickened and he seemed to penetrate me further as the friction from our movements hit the right spot and I gasped. His mouth became more urgent, and he sucked hard on my shoulder, bringing me over the edge. I bit my lip as I came and he tightened his grip, holding me in position.

He was panting and sweating now, his eyes a brilliant blue, as he flipped me over onto my back and I wrapped my legs about his hips urging him on. He drove into me so hard I could barely breathe until I felt the second explosion as I came again, this time nearly convulsing as I called out his name.

I placed my hands on his arms, feeling the muscles taught and hard as he hovered above me, still holding back. He nipped at my lips, and I sunk my fingers into his hair, damp now with the exertion of his efforts. I drew his head down and softly tugged on his earlobe with my lips and whispered his name. My nails dug into his shoulders as my fingers curled and released while the next orgasm began to build. He read me like a book and shifted slightly, changing the angle of his thrusts as he chuckled, letting me know who was in charge.

I arched my head back, acknowledging my submission and lost myself in the rush of feeling spreading from my loins to the hard tips of my nipples. As the peak approached, I stiffened and gripped his shaft, squeezing hard as he crushed me to him, now breathing hard in my ear. His rhythm quickened and I felt his own release as I sunk my fingers into the firm flesh of his ass. I was rewarded with a loud groan as he collapsed on top of me, burying his face in my neck, the morning stubble of his chin scraping the tender skin there. I shivered from the sensation as my own contractions milked the last of his fluids inside me. I raised my arms and circled his neck, as we lay there, panting and heaving and he moaned softly, his hot breath in my ear extending the pleasure still.

“Oh my God, baby” he purred, exhausted and contented as I shifted position slightly in order to breathe. I felt his limp penis beginning to slip out and I squeezed my legs in order to hold it there as long as I could, trying to savor the moment.

“Jesus, Jon, you’re spoiling me” I sighed, kissing his cheek as it rested against my face.

He raised his head with an effort, his eyes dreamy now and slightly glassy. “I can’t help it, babe. I just can’t get enough. I wanna drown inside you” he said thickly.

I hugged him tightly. “Me either. I love you so much” I replied as we lay there, too spent to move.

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Stephanie said...

I have to say I never liked that particular blonde bimbo. Don't know what Richie was thinking with that one. Glad he sent her packing in a cab and is not taking her to the game!