Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sauna Part 13

The limo arrived at the venue at just seven-thirty. Again the opening act was already onstage and starting. We went in through the back and the big security dude from last night grinned to see me there again.

“You sure are putting our Jonny in a good mood lately. He’s smiling like an idiot again. I hope you stick around as he’d been such a sour puss lately” he confided.

I was so happy to hear that Jon seemed happy now. It was hard for me to imagine him being a sour puss, and I so wanted to make him as happy as I was. And I was on cloud nine. The vague thought that reality would have to intrude sooner or later hadn’t started nagging at me much and when it did, Jon’s smile made it evaporate almost immediately. I was far too happy to let anything dampen my spirits right now. Security seemed to be hovering around me, tho, and I noted it, but didn’t really think too much of it.

Jon disappeared to prepare for his entrance after making sure I was situated alongside the stage, outside the view from the crowd. He said something to the security dude after a hurried kiss goodbye, and I saw him look at me and nod. I suddenly felt a little nervous, but told myself it was just Jon being cautious and protective. I felt secure and taken care of for the first real time in my life and I wasn’t going to let anxiety creep into my happy place.

And then it dawned on me. Not everyone in the world would rejoice that Jon was in love. I’d seen some pretty jealous looks already at the conference. Whatever the potential danger, though, it didn’t matter. I was in love with my hero and he was in love with me. The risk, if there really was one, was worth any price. This was my life and I thanked the Lord and Lady above once again for the greatest gift they’d ever given me.

I started thinking about Jon then. What impact would his disclosure to the press have on him and the band? I remembered reading articles about how he’d had to try and keep his marriage a secret to protect his image. I loved him more for announcing our relationship, but I didn’t want to be the cause of any bad press. It would kill me if I was the source of any distress for Jon or if our relationship jeopardized the work he so loved. No, I was being foolish. His career not only survived his getting married, it made him what he is: a loving father and a family man.

I started to think about his kids. What would they say? What would they think? I was suddenly caught in a flood of questions I couldn’t answer. Stop it, stop it! Right now he loves me and that’s enough. There will be time to figure this all out as it unfolds. I wasn’t a worrier by nature, and I wasn’t about to start becoming one now, but I never loved someone like I loved Jon. And there was no way I could ever live with it if I caused him any pain.

The opening act had finished and left the stage while my mind had drifted away to these dark thoughts. I became aware of the lights going down and peered into the darkness. The lights came up on the band first and I heard the first notes. I never even noticed them walking onto the stage. I turned to look again at the crowd and as I saw the sea of faces, dimly lit in the lights from the stage, it took my breath away. No wonder Jon got such a rush being on stage.

And then I saw him appear towards the back of the crowd. My heart skipped as I watched the tiny figure emerge on the outer stage, captivating the audience. All heads turned, as if a ripple went through the crowd. The show had begun.

Jon was on fire. He sang every song from his soul and the crowd rewarded him with screams and fists pumping in the air. It was inspiring to see it all from his perspective. Last night my eyes never left him and I barely noticed the band. Tonight it was different. I noticed everything. And I felt the exhilaration in a deeper way than I had experienced at previous shows. He talked to the audience and he joked and scampered about the stage with a precision that floored me. The man was amazing. The security dude, Rick, I learned was his name, shouted in my ear.

“He’s having a blast! Look at him!” he observed.

And he was. He was larger than life at that moment and I felt so happy and proud. A warm glow enveloped me as I watched him just being himself.

I focused my attention on him then and even managed to laugh when the girl he’d pulled onstage to dance with nearly passed out when he kissed her. I know the feeling, honey, believe me, I thought. During a brief solo by David, Jon came over to me, sweating and smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary. I reached to hug him as he grabbed a wet towel to wipe his face.

“I’m soaked baby, you don’t wanna get too close” he warned.

“Wanna bet?” I teased, pulling him to me by his shirt.

His arm slid around my waist, drawing me closer as he slid his tongue in my mouth.

“I want you” he whispered in my ear, pushing me up against the wall.

I melted against him and would have dropped to my knees on the spot if he’d asked me.

“Soon” he whispered as he ran back on stage, leaving me to feel my own juices churning.
Goddess, but he was such a tease.

Rick was hovering nearby me again and he touched my shoulder. I turned to look at him and he was smiling.

“The rumors are true, aren’t they?” he said barely loud enough for me to hear above the music.

I looked at him and cocked my head, mystified.

“Jon’s in love” he said, mouthing the words.

My eyes widened. Did everyone know? This incredibly private man was somehow showing the world what I needed to hear him say in order to believe it. Rick looked at Jon and smiled and I followed his gaze. He was working the crowd into a frenzy with ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ when he spun around and met my eyes, singing the refrain right to me. No one else would have noticed, so perfectly timed was the movement. But I knew.

I motioned “Come here” to him as the song ended and the lights went down. And there he was, directly in front of me, crushing me against him. I couldn’t take much more of this as his tongue sought my ear and dropped to my neck. The crowd was screaming for more.

“What do you want to hear, baby? We’ve just got the encore left and then…” he punctuated the thought with a squeeze of my ass as he undid the bow of the lace-up halter I was wearing.

‘Let’s Make It Baby’ seemed appropriate again and the fans loved it last night. I made my request and he growled wickedly and pranced back on stage.

The applause thundered in my ears as I saw him huddle together with the band for a moment. Richie looked at me and smiled and then they ran through ‘Wanted’, ‘Keep the Faith’, ‘Hey God’ and finally, ‘Let’s Make It Baby’. The crowd screamed and Jon did not disappoint. It was the most sultry rendition of that song I think anyone had ever heard.

As the houselights went down, Jon arrived at my side, along with the guys and security whisked us off backstage before I could even catch my breath. Once we were in Jon’s dressing room and the door was closed, he pinned me against the door and held me there.

I fumbled to undo the laces of his pants and he plucked at the ties that held my top together. My breasts tumbled out and he buried his face between them as I freed his cock from the leather. His lips found my nipple, sucking until it was as hard and stiff as his dick was in my hand. One hand slipped under my skirt as the other hand began fondling my breast, pinching and stroking the nipple until it matched the one in his mouth.

I let go of his rod for one brief moment to unzip his shirt and push it off his shoulders. His hand left my pussy long enough to shake loose his shirt which fell to the floor beneath us. I lifted my skirt, exposing my pinking lips as he guided his rock hard shaft into my aching pussy with a groan.

He raised me up, sliding me along the length of him as my legs encircled his hips in an almost familiar embrace. We thumped against the door and I was dimly aware of voices in the hall outside. I threw back my head as the rhythm quickened, matching my own quickening inside. I thought I heard “Where’s Jon?” in the hall and bit back a cry as he continued to pound into my hungry pussy. We looked at each other then, and smiled, like only lovers do.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Jon ignored it and broke into a huge grin. I felt a giggle starting as I heard Richie’s voice again.

“Jon? Jon, the press is waiting” he sounded frantic.

“Coming!” Jon yelled past my ear and I begged him to hold on a moment longer and I would be joining him.

I started to giggle and so did he as the irony hit him. Jon exploded inside me as I heard Richie yell back again.

“Jesus Christ, Jon, are ya fucking eighteen or what?”

I was undone. My own orgasm washed over me like a ripple of small explosions and I gripped him tightly inside me, unable to hold back the tide.

“Fuck you, Richie, the lady isn’t done yet” he snarled back, winking at me.

“Oh, Jon!” I said as my eyes rolled back in my head and he chuckled low in his throat.

When I opened my eyes, I could breathe again and I took a long deep breath.

“I can’t believe you said that!” I scolded.

But he made that stupid face at me and the embarrassment drained away. I kissed those big duck lips as he slowly set me down. He smirked then as he began retying my top.

“I couldn’t wait a minute longer, but we’d better go meet the press.”

My brain was numb, but now I was ready to face anything. I finished lacing my top as Jon pulled up his pants and grabbed a leather vest to replace the shirt he’d worn which was lying in a heap at our feet. God, how I loved that man in a leather vest.


Stephanie said...

I just got all caught up. Opester, this is wonderful. I found you over at Starr's place (I'm Jon's Dirty Girl Goddess) and I can't wait to read more of this. Thanks for sharing.

Opester said...

Thanks Stephanie! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far! More to come shortly...

Hathor said...

I can totally picture Jon yelling that to Richie. That made me laugh. Onto the next chapter!