Monday, February 18, 2008

The Sauna Part 7

I opened my eyes dreamily when I heard the knock on the door. Damn, Jon wasn’t out of the shower yet and room service was here already. I stood up and let the water drain off me.

“Coming” I called as I reached for a towel.

At that moment, Jon appeared from the bathroom. He must have heard me as he sauntered by, hastily wrapping a towel about his hips, and winked at me

“Not without me you aren’t! Relax, I’ll get the door.”

The man had impeccable timing. And a sense of humor. He arrived back moments later, wheeling a cart towards the hot tub where I’d settled back down.

“You know this towel thing is becoming a habit I could grow accustomed to” I called out.

“Yeah, me too, except I like the no towel thing even better” he shot back as he yanked off the towel and climbed in beside me with a tray of goodies.

As tempting as the naked site of him was, the food got my attention first since I hadn’t eaten all day. This was not lost on Jon, who watched me grab a shrimp and suck all the flesh out of the shell that remained. I looked up to see him pouting a little.

“What?” I asked through a mouthful of shrimp.

“And I thought it was just Italian sausage that made you look that hungry” he replied, looking a little dejected.

I laughed so hard, I nearly choked. He started laughing too and popped a fat shrimp in his mouth.

“Later baby, the engine needs fuel to run at its peak!” I stammered before stuffing a piece of cheese in my mouth next.

I wasn’t the only one in need of nourishment. Jon ate voraciously, like it was his last meal. I thought about how hard he worked on stage that night and the energy that took. He should be exhausted, but the shower seemed to revive him. He grabbed another shrimp, dipped it in cocktail sauce, and dangled it above my mouth. I sucked the meat out eagerly. He grinned and held out another piece, dripping sauce into the hot tub, while I swallowed the last one.

“Mental note: keep cocktail sauce on the nightstand” I heard him say as I gulped down the next one.

I winked at him as he readied another piece and wolfed down a handful of grapes. He was thoroughly enjoying this.

“Two more pieces left and then it’s my turn” he cackled.

Like a little kid, he grabbed the next piece and eagerly waited for me to engulf it with my mouth. This time I just sucked the shrimp right up to his fingers and moaned. I nipped off a little chunk with my teeth and swallowed.

“Woman, you are wicked. You’re torturing me.”

Feeling really playful now, I came back to the remaining shrimp, and picked it up myself, licking it and swirling my tongue around the tip of it, then sucking in my cheeks in an exaggerated parody as I swallowed it and pulled it back out and sucked it back in again.

“Lucky fucking fish“, he grumbled.

I finished the poor shrimp, taking pity on Jon, now that my belly was full. I poured a steaming cup of coffee for each of us and moved closer. I took a deep sip and whispered in his ear.

“I love coffee, but especially with dessert.”

Before he got my meaning I dove under the water and took his penis in my mouth. It was one of the only times that day I’d seen it less than standing at attention. So superman had his limits. The hot water of the tub would have posed a challenge for any man and he was after all, 44. Nevertheless, I felt the twitch of life, and soon it was growing like Pinocchio’s nose. He pulled my head up, and I was in need of a breath. I looked up at his face and his eyes had grown dark with lust again despite the teasing smile.

“Perhaps we should go to bed? I don’t want you drowning before morning” he said thickly.

He stood up and gave me his hand, pulling me up from the swirling waters below. He smoothed my wet hair across my shoulders, and then wrung it out like a mop, and I knew he’d been around women his whole life. He stood there dripping himself and grabbed a towel, tousling my hair into damp cascading curls and wrapping the towel around me. I shivered still as the air was cold compared to the hot tub temperature, and he grabbed another towel and threw it over my shoulders. He shook his hair and grabbed the last towel and dried himself quickly, and I could see the goosebumps on his arms.

“Let’s get to bed and warm up” I said as I met his eyes.

We stepped out of the tub and raced to the bedroom. He won, of course, and got in before me, lifting the covers and patting the bed. As if I needed an invitation! I got in and snuggled up against him, his body already warming me.

Soon the chill was gone, and things were heating up again. Our tongues tangled together, and we stoked each other’s desire, teasing and nipping, until I felt the familiar prod from his stiffened cock yet again. It was becoming almost familiar. I giggled at the thought and reached for him, wrapping my hand gently around that wonder rod and stroking gently. He sighed heavily, and rolled onto his back.

“You don’t miss a thing. Am I that obvious?” he commented.

“No, you can be subtle, but ’Lil Jon is anything but subtle!” I replied, smirking at him.

He turned to me, raising up on one elbow, and cocked his eyebrows.

“ ’Lil Jon, huh? Am I little?” he pouted.

He reached out and lazily began to fondle my breast, and I felt my nipple stiffen under his touch. He knew he wasn’t little. But I wasn’t going to stroke his ego quite as readily as I was stroking his cock.

“Well, you said yourself once in an interview that you were hung like a second grader, didn’t you?” I teased back.

He looked wounded, and surprised, as he sputtered.

“But, I was only joking…” he retorted.

As much fun as it was, I couldn’t torture him this way.

“I know, Jon, I know. And you know you aren’t little, now, don’t you?” I said, poking a finger in his chest.

“Yeah, I know, but I just wanted to hear you say it” he grinned as he kissed my finger and rolled on top of me.

I opened instantly, and he slid that not so “little Jon” into my heated center.

“Not little at all” I groaned, indulging him then, as he nibbled on my ear.

It was different this time. Relaxed and slow, gentle and unhurried. So unlike earlier in the evening in the elevator. I settled into a slow, luxurious rhythm, matching his thrusts with my own and savoring it this time. I marveled at this man who could be gentle and tender as well as fierce and insistent. I loved the contrast, just as I loved the mutual trading of control that we both seemed to get off on.

His tongue trailed down my neck, to my shoulder blade, finding the magic spot for the first time. A low moan escaped me then, followed by “Oh, Jon” (not God this time as they were becoming one and the same in my mind now) and he took this in knowingly.

“You like that, Mmhhmm?” he asked rhetorically.

Another moan was my only reply as he sucked on my flesh and the tempo of his thrusts began to quicken. “More” I breathed as I felt his excitement at my need. Harder, deeper, stronger as I matched his rhythm again. I felt his teeth sink into my shoulder and I exploded with almost a scream.

He didn’t misread me and sunk his teeth even deeper, as his own passion took over. I felt like a bitch in heat and behaved like it and he loved it. I felt his explosion deep inside as he collapsed and we lay there twitching and shuddering. I had dug my nails into his back and released my grip as the goosebumps rose across my skin and I shuddered again, deeply satisfied.

I smoothed the damp hair from his forehead and kissed it as we lay there, spent and tangled, body and soul. Slowly, achingly, he rolled off me, turning and pulling me with him, his arms still around me. I don’t know who fell asleep first.

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Daydreamer- said...

I am TOTALLY enjoying this!

This was a great line:
"I wasn’t going to stroke his ego quite as readily as I was stroking his cock.

Nice play on words there. :)